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  1. You know, it's actually sad. Polemics is one thing & even strong/passionate polemics shouldn't allow you to laugh at victims of a terrorist attack. The irony too is that they accuse shias of taqiya, well here it appears to be the case that they are doing some extreme form of taqiya or have some extreme cognitive dissonance at play. 'Anti-Majos' still defends using that video, not only that. They still claim they weren't laughing at the victims. What were they laughing at then with all those laughing emojis posted on the video whilst it was playing? It's on one their recent videos in a reply to me: The second point is that removing the laughing emojis or making a point of shias doing shirk in a time of hardship doesn't make using that video in that way anymore justifiable. It's not morally justifiable to make a political or religious point of victims of a terrorist attack whilst it is happening & being recorded. Why? For starters, where is the actual human empathy? Not asking about, 1) Whether they survived. 2)Asking about their trauma. etc... Or to put it in anothe way, do you think they'd be ok if it was the other way around? If their relatives/family members were victims of a terrorist attack & some christian or athiest comes along and decries, "why are they praying to allah" or any action that is islamic that they are doing. I highly doubt they'd be ok with that or won't be upset by that.
  2. It's clear this isn't going anywhere, anyway Allah sa'adek.
  3. There were dozens of other figures that assad released who joined ISI at the time. Julani was allowed to freely moved back and forth from Syria during the Iraq war period. Believing assad wasn't implict is just naive.
  4. Now my solution isn't realistic, why not? Assad released SENIOR JIHADIS not just a few nobodies, so please don't downplay... I am affiliated with takfiris? Ok I am, now what?
  5. Kheti Beti again. It's clear you guys are simply interested in being Assadists because you completely again ignored the point and evidence given for the fact Assad assisted those very same jihadists you claim he fought against. You guys keep asking "who should rule Syria", I literally stated a decentralized libertarian confederation should exist there but again you ignore a point you cannot answer. Anyway may Allah guide you if you are sincere and may Allah destroy you if you are just a supporter of the taghuts.
  6. It's crazy I'm telling you Baathis killed my relatives aaah but "so what". Baathism is rooted in Nazism... aaah "so what". Baathis released the jihadis aaah "so what". Kheti Beti...
  7. Except this is found in numerous academic books and journal articles. Here is one by Dr.. Rajan and the publish is 'Routledge':
  8. I literally showed you and with a reference Assad released those same very Jihadists from his prisons. You should also know Baathism has its roots in Nazism, it imported the ultra-nationalist model of the fascists from Europe into own model of rule. Yes it also has Marxist-Leninist influences too. Reference: I would like a model of rule in Syria that is fundamentally Libertarian in nature. A decentralized confederation/federation of communes where Syrians without dictators or representatives can dictate their own lives. Sunnis, Shias, Alawis, Christians etc.. alike jointly. The Syrian state is a European construct and the structure of the Syrian state is also a European construct, namely the Westphalian state-system. Reference:
  9. You keep saying you won't respond if I don't answer your question and yet you keep responding lol... I've already answered your question however. You're employing a presupposition fallacy because it assumes I recognize the Syrian state, I don't. Furthermore it was the taghut Assad that released the Jihadists in the first place in 2011 when he realised his rule could be up. He released Jihadists like Zahran Alloush & Hasan Aboud. Reference: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/08/assad-victory-Syria/566522/
  10. I don't even believe Syria should exist as a political entity.
  11. It's relevant because it will demonstrate whether you have actually lived under Baathi rule or have had family under Baathi rule. Baathis killed many of my people and any justification of their rule is immoral.
  12. Assad is a taghut and should not be supported by Shias.
  13. You don't seem to have any issue with any of the other posts claiming it is a coup. Quit the bias please and look at the news articles. https://www.independent.co.United Kingdom/news/world/middle-east/Saudi-arabia-shooting-riyadh-gunfire-toy-drone-king-salman-a8316471.html https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/21/world/Saudi-drone-riyadh.html
  14. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/04/saudi-gunfire-police-shoot-toy-drone-royal-palace-180421201413596.html
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