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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wa 3laikissalaam :).. thanks.. I thought of doing that but when I looked at the options myself.. I couldn't vote :).. so I don't know if the shi3as on this site would Sunnis only :Hijabi: If ppl are having hard time choosing.. think of this Abubakr (1st caliph.. close friend of the Prophet(saww))...titles given by surrounding muslims Ayesha (Mother of believers)... title given by AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì If the options are still vague.. try... which one would you follow if there was a conflict of opinions between the two about a hadith or an event... wassalaamun alaikum
  2. (salam) Please a reason for your choice as well.. wassalaamun alaikum
  3. wa 3laikassalaam I think his translators are very busy or maybe they thought you understood farsi.. happened to me as well but mine was just one line.. so I kinda got the jist of it :) As for the tahreef of the Quran... I already asked him... got a response back.. and posted it in the discussion about tahreef somewhere on shiachat.. i'll look for it and post it here for you as well... wassalaamun alaikum
  4. Think you meant '... not marry a woman who can't speak arabic...' :D
  5. (salam) I like syeds.. they are okay :).. but.. sometimes.. I don't feel that most are very.. umm.. united :Hijabi:.. they develop grudges very easily and are a bit judgemental.. but thats just me :).. wassalaamun alaikum
  6. EXACTLY.. the title should be.. 'PROUD TO BE A HINDUUUUU' :D :P
  7. (salam) I am thinking Harry will join his parents through some wicked magic trick.. not really dying.. but never to return again.. hahah.. loving it already :D
  8. Zafaryab


    Wa 3laikassalaam They are also in Iran.. along the iraq-iran border.. I know someone who is a chaldean.. the older generations don't like muslims too much.
  9. ^ And the Indians would know :P (salam) Originally: Pakistani Settled in: Canada :P
  10. (salam) How did anyone find out what vision usman had when he didn't get a chance to relate it?.. did he tell it to someone or was he shouting it out when the rebels came to kill him?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  11. Wa 3laikassalaam Noor was there alright.. but Noor cannot be corporeal... I guess it could be collected in a bodily form.. like the spirit.. I am speculating with my limited knowledge that only a Noor can travel with another Noor (Hadrat Jibrael [as])... wassalaamun alaikum
  12. Wa 3laikassalaam 033.064 YUSUFALI: Verily Allah has cursed the Unbelievers and prepared for them a Blazing Fire,- 033.065 YUSUFALI: To dwell therein for ever: no protector will they find, nor helper. 033.066 YUSUFALI: The Day that their faces will be turned upside down in the Fire, they will say: "Woe to us! Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger!" 033.067 YUSUFALI: And they would say: "Our Lord! We obeyed our chiefs and our great ones, and they misled us as to the (right) Path. 033.068 YUSUFALI: "Our Lord! Give them double Penalty and curse them with a very great C
  13. I hope Harry and Voldemort become friends.. I love happy endings :angel:
  14. (salam) Don't you think its weird that they didn't choose to be buried close to the ka3ba but close to the Prophet(saww)?.. what were they thinking.. they loved a representative of Allah(swt) more than they loved Allah(swt).. and then they say that don't go near the Prophet(saww)'s grave because of love for him.. talk about hypocrisy.. wassalaamun alaikum
  15. (salam) The most pious man would be loved by Allah(swt) and the Prophet(saww) and he would love them back.. recall the haidth of Khaiber.. the Prophet(saww) said this about Hadrat Ali(as) and chose him before Abu bakr/umar/usman... secondly.. its not only piousness.. but both knowledge and bravery as well which play a vital role in the choice of a leader.. wassalaamun alaikum
  16. Wa 3laikassalaam Yea.. can't blame them though :) Odd.. first time I heard a salafi say that the Prophets(as) were infallible.. its refreshing :) Briefly.. a prophet introduces religion to a group of people and an imam protects it by reminding the people of the right principles.. basically not letting the people deviate. Evil is an absence of good.. just like darkness is an absence of light. Injustice might prevail in this world.. but the punishment for it is waiting for the unjust in the next. It can be changed... I am not sure how common is the story of Hadrat Musa(as) and the begger wh
  17. ^ (salam) Thank you :).. this is what I was trying to point out as well.. and ofcourse.. its useless to blame someone without any proof.. but in case of wahabies.. there is sufficient proof.. therefore sunnis like bro Ilyaas should NOT be doubted or condemned if they say that they support shi3a in the manner they conduct their international affairs.. and sunnis like bro CatStevens should realize that the wahabi factor is a very ugly factor... therefore.. jumping to conclusions without proof can't validate anyones position... no offence intended... wassalaamun alaikum
  18. ^ (salam) You were very quick to blame the shi3as for the death of the 40 sunnis.. you didn't consider the other possibilities.. who is most knowned for beheadings?.. the shi3as or the sunnis/wahabies (whatever you call Zarqawi and his ilk)?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  19. (salam) Whats the difference? and which one is in the Quran?.. I know a couple of sunnis who say that everything that was revealed to the Prophet(saww) is in the Quran.. maybe they don't know.. or maybe this is one of the sunni belief as well... please clarify which one is ture.. wassalaamun alaikum
  20. (salam) For the sake of islam.. we can unite with the sunnis.. but we can't praise the oppressors.. thats being unjust.. Prophet(saww) was compassionate towards the people of Taif and Imam Hussain(as) was compassionate towards the army of yazeed when he tried to show them the right way.. but we have supplications from the Imams(as) where these oppressors are cursed.. whoever opressed.. he/she should be punished.. not praised... wassalaamun alaikum
  21. (salam) There is no 'ijma' required in the shi3a madhab.. we only have Ayatullahs.. no ijmas.. and ahadith hold more value than views of two scholars... what are the books called? Do you have the author's name as well?.. the one who wrote this piece.. the book has views of many scholars from different schools.. wassalaamun alaikum
  22. (salam) Anything??.. did anyone read or see anything of the sort?.. please post if you are aware of any such event... wassalaamun alaikum
  23. (salam) Hadrat Ammar ibn Yassir (as) was killed by the the army of muawiyah (la).. and the Prophet(saww) did say that he would be killed by a group of rebels.. mauwiyah(la) was pathetic when it came to hiding his misdeeds.. he waged a war against the ulul amr of his time.. I think most sunnis hold the belief that you can't go against an ulul amr.. even if he is corrupt.. but mauwiyah did... so.. give me a reason why I shouldn't hate this low life?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  24. (salam) Not understanding your question.. mind rephrasing it a bit? :).. wassalaamun alaikum
  25. I was disappointed by Aghamalang's post.. thats all.. I don't know what the book is all about.. and aside from the Quran.. arabic books and me don't get along very well :).. wassalaamun alaikum
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