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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) My dear astute Brother YaMola :) I really thought you were talking about going public with the acts of cursing... I mean.. not a 'public forum' but actually in public. No, there is no danger to your life so 'fire away' :). However.. make sure you donot abuse this right and portray the shia3 as people who have nothing better to do then come up with new form of curses. And this is why I called you 'astute'. I used the 'existance of shia3 as a curse-for-the-enemies' in a metaphorical context, just like the existance of Christians is a curse for the Jews or the existance of truth is a cu
  2. (salam) Brother 'YaMola', I donot completely disagree with your stance in the matter but I also donot completely agree with sister Abaleada's opinion (figure that huh :)). I will make my answer short and to the point. Cursing (in whatever sense it maybe) is UNACCEPTABLE IF it puts your LIFE IN DANGER. Now look at the shia3 minority in Pakistan. They curse from the pulpit when they know that they will be hunted down and killed by the sunni extremists. So who is suffering more due to cursing in these countries? To Abaleada, if you say that cursing is COMPLETELY forbidden, then we have a problem
  3. (salam) Subhan Allah, Brother HShams, your posts were really amazing and I was much impressed by your logic. However, I don't think you read the second post of Brother Syed Fahad. He wanted justification of matam itself (showing sorrow, grief, hitting ones chest, crying for the lost loved ones) from the Quran, not the justification of EXTREME emotional (and 'barbaric' if I may be so bold to say) acts of bleeding during matam (Atleast as far as I understood, he was only concerned with crying and beating of chest for the Martyrs (as) ). Absolutely agreeable fact. Islam teaches CONTROL of emo
  4. (salam) Please refer to Sura Yusuf (Chapter 12). The story of Hadrat Yaqub (as) and how he cried so much in sorrow and grief that he lost his sight. He 'harmed' himself because he lost someone who he dearly loved... his son Hadrat Yusuf (as). I am sure you will be able to find detailed proof in hadith if you look into this story. Wasslaam (peace be upon all of you)
  5. (salam) First of all.. Eid Mubarak to all.. To brother secret_muslim: I am pleased to see your last post and you are welcome to further comment. You must understand that people are not living in the same environment as you are. Maybe their society is more hostile towards their 'madhab' and hence the remarks. I am quite reluctant to answer the rest of your argument because of the fact that you wrote it in haste and you might have said something you did not entirely mean. As for the other sunni brothers in here for example 'bnms', I would like to 'narrate' a question that I came across in one
  6. (salam) I guess I am too anxious to write down my argument so I apologize if I am not giving you (Bro muslim) enough time to rebut to my answers. Now.. here comes the crunch.. you quoted this part of the sermon from Nahjul Balagha and you do admit that you follow the teaching of Imam Ali (as), therefore, it becomes mandatory on you to follow ALL his teachings. Taking this into consideration, I will quote another part of a sermon from Hadrat Ali (as): He, peace be upon him, said, in sermon 96 of Nahjul­Balagha, "Behold the Household of your Prophet; emulate their example and follow in their
  7. (salam) Brother muslim.. I needed some feedback because all I am doing is basing my replys on a logical trend of statements. However, if you didn't read them, I can understand and will proceed while "assuming" that you agree with my previous assertions. I am obligated to disagree with the fact that you call all of them shia3 because.. as far as I understand... the shia3 sect's full name is 'shia3n-e-Ali'. This sect originated in the battle of Jamal when there were two sides.. the warriors that fought under Hadrat Ali's (as) command and the fighters that fought under Ayesha, Talha and Zubayr'
  8. (salam) I had a similar question and I also thought that "wa hum rakae3un" means "AND they prostrate". I asked this from the Al-Seestani organization in london and this is what they replied: In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful "Assalamu Alaykum From what you say we can not translate it as "and those who give zakat AND those who bow", as this means everyone from the Muslims who pray is "Wali" of the other Muslims and that will lead to everyone is leading "wali" everybody which is not possible, therefore "wa" has to be translated as (while) indicating that it was meant Imam Ali
  9. (salam) It is not only the shia3 that include the 'facts' about christians and other majorities but one of my sunni friend also said that some christians will go to heaven because they DON'T believe that Eesa (as) was a son of God. And my philosophy of religion prof said it out explicitly. MOREOVER you can't deny the event of the christian hermit who said that Prophet (saw) is the prophet whose prediction Eesa (as) gave out in the bible. I am quite sure that, even though they are ALL called christians, they are not ALL kafirs. I was once reading a letter from Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi.. and thi
  10. (salam) Brother muslim.. there was a lot of stuff that wasn't necessary in your post so I took it out.. if you think this is all you want the reply for.. I can give you my versions... just awaiting your approval and peace be upon you all Wassalaam
  11. (salam) Marhaba... what a sentence.. if I was in front of the Prophet (SAW).. I wouldn't be able to utter a single word.. let alone curse anyone :) Wassalam
  12. Walikum salaam As I pointed out before in my post.. the Prophet (SAW) asked the mo3adin to say 'come to best of deeds' after the adan at the site of Ghadeer e Khum.. I know in the "taskarat ul Athhar" there is a mention about people saying 'what could be a better deed than a salat' and when they came back to the Prophet (SAW).. the Prophet (SAW) made the Khutba and asked everyone to do ba3yat to Hadrat Ali (as) I am sure you can find more references and peace be upon you Wassalaam
  13. (salam) Your argument makes sense and so does Smart01's and bro Hassoon's.. HOWEVER.. I really don't think anyone should be going around giving Ayesha titles like (as) or (ra). Or of you can prove that after the battle of Jamal.. Hadrat Ali (as) or any other Imams for that matter gave Ayesha any of those titles.. I will have no problem in giving her one of those myself.. after all.. we are the shia3 of the Imams (as) right? As for the "relationship having no merits".. Logic.. I really doubt that Allah (SWT) is going to forgive anyone for just being a syed.. there is no big deal about ones na
  14. (salam) Abaleada... I think I told you about the murajaats.. "http://www.al-islam.org/murajaat/0.htm"... if you go thru them.. you will find the answers to your questions.. you don't even have to read the all the pages to know what is written in them.. just read the headings and you will find what you are looking for InshaAllah... you will also find even the sunni ulema supporting the claims of the shia3 scholars InshaAllah Wassalaam
  15. (salam) Correct me if I am wrong but was it not Ayesha who ordered the attack on the funeral procession of Imam Hassan (as). She had her role in the battle of Jamal and I read this on a site so I am going to narate it: "Before leaving, she had asked Umme Salma to accompany her. Umme Salma had indignantly refused, reminding Ummul Momeneen Ayesha that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) had said that Imam Ali (A.S.) was his successor and whoever disobeyed him, disobeyed the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) himself. She also reminded her of the time when he had addressed all his wives saying that the dogs of Hawab w
  16. (salam) Shia don't ONLY ask the Prophet (SAW) and the Imams to intercede but they also ask Allah (SWT) directly for forgiveness. They take all possible ways to get forgiveness. I am sure every muslims, at some point or another, has asked their parents, their friends, their relatives, their maulanas or sheikhs to intercede and pray for them. Just the other day, I heard a Sunni muslim (Syrian, so maybe Hanbali or sha3fi) say that he asked his sheikh to pray he gets married twice :D Wassalaam and peace be upon all of you brothers and sisters
  17. (salam) Saying "Ashado anna 3aliyan wali Allah" is mustahab and not furd however, the scholars admit that it is an act that pleases Allah (SWT) because it is admitting the fact that Hadrat Ali (ra) was infact the 'wali' by Allah (SWT) on the ummah... I asked the same question from the Grand Ayatollah Al-Seestani because I was confused in the translation of the iyah that was revealed in the Quran in honor of Hadrat Ali (ra). The iyah is in Al-Maedah (5:55) where Allah (SWT) states in the Quran that: "Verily, your guardian (wali) is Allah, His messenger, and the believers - those who perform th
  18. (salam) Bro Jat... I follow the Prophet (SAW)'s sunna when I call "Ya Ali Madad" because even the Prophet (SAW) called Ali (ra) in the battle of Khaibar when none other would dare go in. Hadrat Ali (ra) had and still has been known for his care of the ummah so I ask for his help whenever I am in a difficult situation. Now, to call this worship?.. I don't think so.. If I did.. then I would be called a nusrani.. which is another sect as I think you are aware. Do not confuse the shia3 itna ashari with the nusrani and peace be upon you. Wassalaam
  19. (salam) If I am not mistaken 'Ummul Momineen' means 'Mother of all Momineen'. I guess at that time she didn't think women can be included in the 'Momineen' category. VEEEERY disturbing for a 'cunning' person to make such a silly mistake :!!!: Atleast we shias don't call the sunnis 'kafirs'.. CONTRADICTRY to what the 'sunni philosophy' is :)
  20. (bismillah) (salam) MARHABA... WHAT A PROOF.. DA BEST EVER... now I know where the talibans got their Warmongoring skills from.. no place for talibans in islam people :P I said that because I have heard stories from sunni afghans about how the talibans behave in afghanistan.. I guess there would be a time when the talibans will be called innocents and I quote "their name will also live on forever till Qiyamah" Wassalaam
  21. (bismillah) (salam) I don't know if its a true debate or a fabrication by shia... but can't everything be a fabrication now if you are truly a very clever person.. I didn't see anything that supports the idea that this is a fabrication and I have seen a mention to these murajaats in several websites.. anyho.. I guess people would just have to read it.. and if it is a fabrication.. then my sunni brethren will be able to extract a fault in Salim Bishri's questions (I think he was from the Sha3fi sect cuz he lived in Egypt so maybe there are some differences after all) Wassalaam
  22. (bismillah) (salam) Anyone who has time and is interested.. I kinda stumbled upon a website where two scholars from the sunni and the shia faith have debated for I THINK 8 years if I understand correctly.. (they debated thru letters so the number of years make sense)... there are 112 letters in total and the debate started in 1900 between Salim Al-Bishri.. a sunni scholar from the Al-azhar institute in Egypt and Sharafuddin Al­Musawi.. a shia scholar from Syria.. in the end.. letter 111.. Salim Al-Bishri claimed that "now I have found it to be a lantern that dispels the darkness, and I am
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