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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you were talking about the frowing ayah.. Zulfiqar posted a reply for that SM4L.. I can also phrase that bolded part as.. Whats ill about making a list of faults of ones parents and posting it online?.. and what ill is there for me to use it and say publicly that these parents are not the 'ideal parents'?.. Whats wrong with someone denying things to their parents when they are lying on their deathbed.. and saying that they have 'lost it'?.. can you really say that the person who does this to his parents have committed a 'mistake'?.. I hope I am not disrespecting you.. cuz like the way you conduct your dialogues :D.. wassalaamun alaikum
  2. ^I know eh.. tell me about it :S Oh.. its not me.. its Allah(swt) who critisizes some of these 'mothers of believers'.. so its possible to critisize THOSE 'mothers of believer' if they do wrong.. but Allah(swt) never critisized the Prophet(saww).. so why did people point out the 'faults' in him?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  3. (salam) So.. I was thinking (which I don't do often).. that would I EVER publicise imperfections in the character of my parents.. and I came to the conclusion that no matter what I think of what my parents do... I can never publicise my parent's mistakes.. I just can't.. that would just show my parents in a bad light.. now.. would any of you like to make a list of things that you think is wrong with your parent's personality and POST IT on this board?.. or any other public board?.. think about this for a second.. (thats it.. stop thinking :D).. if yes.. I mean you can make a list like this and post it online.. then I can't relate to your experience.. but if you can't make a list like that.. you are kinda like me.. now.. if you are in the second catagory.. explain to me the character of people who publicly narrated the 'imperfections' of the Prophet(saww) since all of us can agree that the Prophet(saww) deserves greater respect and love from us than our parents.. wassalaamun alaikum
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