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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ Teh he :D Does anyone know how Ayesha ranked these people.. I mean.. which of the virtues of these people prompted Ayesha to rank them this way?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  2. I looked and looked but I couldn't find the right hadith.. I have one where the Prophet(saww) supposedly asked for Aisha's hand :wacko:.. I guess I made a mistake.. I was so sure that it was Abu bakr.. now I am :unsure: .. wassalaamun alaikum
  3. Akh.. Umar.. I am a bro :S.. heheh The book and the number is listed.. otherwise you can google it.. wassalaamun alaikum
  4. (salam) Book 031, Number 5877: Ibn Abu Mulaika reported: I heard A'isha as saying and she was asked as to whom Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) would have nominated his successor if he had to nominate one at all. She said: Abu Bakr. It was said to her: Then whom after Abu Bakr? She said: Umar. It was said to her. Then whom after 'Umar? She said: Abu Ubaida b. Jarrab, and then she kept quiet at this. Hmm.. why didn't this hadith reach umar/uthman??... weren't they suppose to 'respect' aisha's opinion?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  5. I thought Hadrat Ali(as) will be granted the permission to interceed for people he would like to.. so yea.. he will have some say in who will go and who won't.. but the final decision has to rest with the Allah(swt). As for the other comment about Hadrat Fatima(as).. you are taking them out of context.. if you report to us with the whole speech.. it would be easier for us to elaborate.. otherwise.. these arguments are futile for convincing us... wassalaamun alaikum
  6. So Abu Bakr was following the 'sunnah' of the wives of the Prophets(as).. and ofcourse there is no shame in seeking the best for ones daughter.. but to go around convincing people to marry his daughter would seem a bit odd by any standards.. even in today's arab society.. wassalaamun alaikum
  7. Hey.. Aisha is winning by one vote... its gonna be a nail bitting competition :).. wassalaamun alaikum
  8. Thank you.. yes people.. post stories about the sahaba.. otherwise I will think that they were dried up/inhospitable/non-socialable people.. wassalaamun alaikum
  9. Wasn't he the most wealthy amongst the 6 which were appointed in the caliphate committee by Umar?.. that could explain why so many went 'Uthmaan for caliph' during the meeting.. wassalaamun alaikum
  10. (salam) Its always interesting to note how people act after they attain power and wealth.. therefore.. I wanted to hear about events which can improve our understanding of the lifestyle of the caliphs during their caliphate... wassalaamun alaikum
  11. Yea.. but whats the fun in hurting people :)... wassalaamun alaikum
  12. Here is the one I mentioned about Hadrat Salmaan-e-Farsi(as) During the time of Uhad... the Prophet(saww) sent Hadrat Ali(as) to find Umar-ibn-Abdewd(la).. he also told all the sahaba that whoever will bring the news of Hadrat Ali(as)'s victory first will get janaah.. so everyone ran out of the tent and tensely watched the battle.. Hadrat Salmaan(as) didn't move from his place and stayed beside the Prophet(saww).. the Prophet(saww) asked.. Oh Salmaan.. why didn't you go.. and he replied... Ya RasuulAllah(saww).. how can I leave the most revered man of Jannah in the greed of Jannah.. so the Pro
  13. Okay.. good defination :).. so whose sunnah do the suicide bombers follow?.. if you have seen some videos or something where these people mention an even where a sahabi committed suicide 'in the way of Allah(swt)'.. or if the Prophet(saww) advocated this practice.. please let us know.. wassalaamun alaikum
  14. ^ Heheh.. good one.. but that was the Prophet(saww) once again.. I wanted to know about the sahaba.. wassalaamun alaikum
  15. (salam) Sunnis are known to follow the sunnah.. but whose sunnah do they follow when some among them conduct suicide bombing... I don't know if anyone here would know.. but if someone does.. please tell us about it... wassalaamun alaikum
  16. (salam) I was just thinking why is it that Abubakr went around asking people to marry Ayesha when the sunnah of the Prophet(saww) was that the guy has to come to the parents of the girl to ask for her hand.. I just thought that it was very odd.. wassalaamun alaikum
  17. (salam) A story about the Prophet(saww) and Hadrat Ali(as) goes something like this. Once the Prophet(saww) was eating dates and he use to take the pits out and put them in front of Hadrat Ali(as).. when there were lots of pits in front of Hadrat Ali(as).. the Prophet(saw).. Oh Ali.. you ate so many dates?.. and Hadrat Ali(as) replied.. yes Oh RasuulAllah(saww).. but I only ate the dates.. you ate the pits as well :) There are many occassions where both the Prophet(saww) and Hadrat Ali(as) are shown to be 'jolly'.. there was one with Hadrat Salmaan-e-Farsi (as) as well.. My question is.. whic
  18. Hey.. no worries man.. I thought of that myself when I came up with the Abubakr-Ayesha thread.. but answered it the same way I did here :D.. wassalaamun alaikum
  19. Oh no.. nothing like that.. I could be wrong.. but I have never heard of something like that.. wassalaamun alaikum
  20. Really.. guyz.. who is superior?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  21. I don't think anyone will deny that.. try it :) I don't know about revelations.. but I know that the Imams(as) could and can converse with angels.. wassalaamun alaikum
  22. Yes.. because.. he was the imam of the time :).. wassalaamun alaikum
  23. (salam) 3 votes and one explaination from a shi3a.. kinda disappointed here.. it was actually a sincere question.. wassalaamun alaikum
  24. (salam) (Peace be upon you) I would tell them how much respect the muslims have for Mary(as) and Jesus(as).. I don't think that 'devils' would respect a pious person.. wassalaamun alaikum (and peace be upon you)
  25. (salam) She is.. only because she was the wife of the Prophet(saww)... sunnis say that the title entails respect for Ayesha but the shi3a say that its there as to tell others that they cannot marry a wife of the Prophet(saww) after him I hope sunnis voted for Ayesha in the poll... i'd be so crossed if shi3as did :Hijabi: If its possible for those who voted to provide a reason for their choice.. that'd be fantastic :).. wassalaamun alaikum
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