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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey.. nice story shummi :D
  2. :D I have always been told to keep away from poking fun.. not really good at it :S Paki men won't be watching the road if they see a women waving at them :)
  3. There is a reason why they choose men as traffic guides.. you see.. if women were controlling the traffic.. paki men will have more accidents :!!!:
  4. True.. the Prophet(saww) himself couldn't convince the christian scholars through his arguments.. but again.. if this debate went public.. maybe it will affect someone and have them dig a bit deeper into their own religion
  5. Learner.. please.. stop with the mutawatir stuff cuz noone's gonna buy it.. can I have some proof?.. see bro.. I have as much trust in your ahadith as you have in mine :)
  6. MUTAWATIR??? hahahahahah.. by whose standards???.. even if it was by the a chain of the sunni imams it won't be considered MUTAWATIR by the shi3as :D... thats no proof.. probably some jolly old mulla all drenched in the love of the first three wrote this and the sunnis went "WAAAOOOOW.. tell us mooore"... mutawatir :P :D.. sorry buddy.. you sound knowledgable.. but this won't lead to the 'crumbling of shi3ism' :)
  7. HARMONY :D And noone is theifin' this one :angry: :D
  8. Yea well.. after his conversion.. the muslims supposedly came out and prayed publicly but he (or his influence) couldn't do anything to stop muslims from being prosecuted and oppressed... some bravery :S So Ayesha wasn't a part of 'the family' since she wasn't with them :)Sorry bro.. not family.. the Quran only states 'our men, our women, and our children' He was so close to the Prophet(saww) but the Prophet(saww) still chose Hadrat Ali(as) to be his brother in islam after hijrah.. even though the Prophet(saww) and Hadrat Ali(as) were both mahajireen :) If you have any substantial proof to
  9. (salam) Wow.. so many ideas :D Know what the best thing to do is bobby is to go to the revert's section on the forum and discuss this with them :).. you can go to sunni forums as well and if they have a revert's section.. discuss it with them as well.. you know.. they can explain this to you better than us boring people :D.. wassalaamun alaikum
  10. What the heck??.. you drunk man?.. "open those people's eyes who have eyes" pfffttt :P Soooo.. all the qualities of a great leader is divided among the four.. how can you compare then if they all had different qualities??.. see.. I say pick one and then you can use a hadith.. this one doesn't work :) Order of leadership??.. Mercy before Allah's religion?.. step outside of the mindset learner.. judge your own post before you post it.. meaning preview it :) Heheh.. Learner.. brother.. you good man.. but Hadrat Khidr(as) himself said that he does what Allah(swt) tells him to do.. since you are
  11. (salam) Heheh.. loved it.. amazing story.. JazaakAllah :D.. wassalaamun alaikum
  12. :!!!: No lad.. like bro rahat said.. its singing for a large audience.. romantic/emotional songs.. wassalaamun alaikum
  13. Wa 3laikassalaam bobby Choose whichever man.. shiism makes more sense to me thats why I am still a shi3a.. but which ever you choose.. just don't despise the other.. the rest is common sense :D.. wassalaamun alaikum
  14. (salam) Awwright :!!!: .. now you are talkin bro EEman... I like unity :D.. wassalaamun alaikum
  15. Best in what exactly?.. Knowledge?.. I have only seen ONE sermon from each of the two kalifs.. and BOTH took Hadrat Ali(as) as their ADVISOR.. a knowledgable person doesn't need advisors.. especially not someone who is lesser in knowledge than them :) Secondly.. oh man.. I have used this argument so much that its not even worth discussing.. Bravery... I can show you examples of the first two running away from battle.. can you show me one example where Hadrat Ali(as) ran away? So best in what exactly?.. oh yea.. what do you call it.. umm.. whats the word I am looking for... I had it.. its there
  16. According to the 'Whoever angered fatima(as) angered me' hadith.. yup.. wassalaamun alaikukm
  17. (salam) Volume 4, Book 56, Number 664: Narrated 'Aisha: That she used to hate that one should keep his hands on his flanks while praying. She said that the Jew used to do so. What purpose does this hadith serve in a hadith book?.. this isn't 'sunnah'.. I mean.. why is her opinion listed in a hadith book??.. does it hold as much worth as a hadith.. are the muslims bond to follow it as they do the regular ahadith?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  18. (salam) During the year 10th A.H, Ali was sent once again on a propagation mission to Yaman and thence on an expedition against Amer-ibne-M'adee Kurb. He performed both the duties successfully. From the later expedition Kalid-ibne-Waleed sent a letter containing complaints of Hazrath Ali to the Holy Prophet(A.S). On receipt of this letter the apostle of God was annoyed and got angry and said "You are fabricating lies and fictitious complaints against Ali, he is from me and I am from him, he is your lord (Valee) after me. Whoever annoys him actually annoys me and whoever forsakes him forsakes
  19. No use.. but I can always say.. these people are devoid of original thought :squeez:
  20. Oh.. I am one of them :D... I was refering to the ahadith in 'sahih' bukhari.. you avoided my argument though.. if Hadrat Ali(as) loved the caliphs so much.. why didn't he give baya3 right away huh?.. wassalaamun alaikum
  21. I don't know if they have an agenda.. if there was.. they would have said something :D NO... no no no no no.. this is a hopeless case :dry: .. wassalaamun alaikum
  22. Huh???.. NOOO.. seriously :wacko: Hahah.. you make me laugh.. Bibi Fatima was higher in rank from Imam Hassan(as) and Imam Hussain(as).. who had a higher rank than SOME prophets.. whats so complex about this?? Her mother wasn't a masoom.. but it was she who saved islam from the likes of sufiyaan and his ilk.. so Bibi Khadijah(as) is pretty high up there but still not considered a masoom Yea.. cuz he was the one who guided so many due to his sacrifice.. his sacrifice has no equal in the history of humanity.. Hadrat Ibraheem(as) INTENDED to scarifice his son and that made Allah(swt) content
  23. Such love.. and still Hadrat Ali(as) didn't give baya3 for 6 months to Abu Bakr.. why?.. the fear of his wife??.. I doubt that.. wassalaamun alaikum
  24. Bibi Fatima(as).. the mother of the leaders of the youth of Jannah :).. wassalaamun alaikum
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