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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Nice post sister saba.. there is a problem though.. there are some iyahs in the Quran that are quite disturbing. For example.. I just came across an iyah in surah Aal-e-Imran.. iyah 32 where Allah (swt) states: "Say: 'Obey Allah and His Messenger': But if they turn back, then Allah Loveth not those who reject faith (Kafirs/unbelievers)" This is a very harsh and strong statement for Allah(swt) to use for people who do not follow the Messenger's (saw) commands. Does Allah(swt) really deem them Kafirs?? So if people are not following the correct teachings of the Prophet(saw), then are th
  2. (salam) So no decent characteristics in shias of Kerbala huh? Its like picking out all the negative aspects and holding them up for high for criticism. I am sure the author is some kind of an alim who is trying real hard right now to 'rectify' the actions of those shias.. otherwise.. the words are useless. Wassalaam (peace be upon all of you)
  3. (salam) http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48485 Wassalaam (peace be upon you)
  4. Sigh.. you didn't even read the site and you are judging my intentions?.. okay.. in the source that you presented about the Quran being at 'fault'.. they couldn't find any corruptions in the Quran.. thats why they say that "A book is not true just because it has not changed." (<- their excuse for not following it). Furthermore they are using the verses of Quran to conclude that "the words in the Qur'an are not the words we would expect from an all-knowing, all-compassionate God, regardless of how well they have been transmitted." No corruptions.. INTERPRETATIONS... I disagree with their int
  5. I thought we were only discussing the corruption of Bible here.. who said anything about the corruption of Quran
  6. I heard from my Philosophy of Religion prof that the original copies of Bible were destroyed and the present bible was written by two groups of people. Hence the changes. Secondly, the only reference I could find in the bible about Jesus being 'The Son' is as follows Mark 15:39 - Now when the army officer that was standing by with him in view saw he had expired under these circumstances, he said: "certainly this man was God's Son". Now if Jesus himself never said anything like that.. why would the whole christian community base their beliefs on a statement made by an army officer who didn't ev
  7. Nicely done dragonlady... love to argue don't you :) Okay.. here we go again.. when I said faith is rational.. I didn't mean that 'faith' is EQUAL to or SYNONYMOUS to the word 'rational'.. it is actually you who suggested that I should goto the thesaurus and find out if their meaning is the same and then try to relate them to each other.. but if you say that faith is not rational.. then it means that faith is 'blind belief in something'.. so why do people use the term 'blind faith'.. doesn't it make the term a bit redundant? Oh don't start again... I told you not to decipher the actions of a
  8. Umm... dragonlady.. if I say dragons do not existed.. doesn't mean that I have to go and look in the thesaurus and find the synonyms for 'dragons' and 'non-existance' and relate them together to prove that they do not exist.. they are two SEPERATE words... combine them and you have something logical.. if the english dictionaries were written by a Martian.. he/she/it would define faith as whatever his/her/its culture/religion have understood it as... Muslims are taught that faith is rational.. but I am giving you the right to believe whatever you want You are debating about something that you
  9. The pagans that were reluctant to fight the muslims behaved like so because most of the muslims were their kin. It was a fight between brothers, between fathers and sons.. therefore these pagans (pagans who had relatives in the muslim army) didn't want to fight their own kin.. but they were overcome by Abu Jahl's arguments as you mentioned. and Faith IS rational.. english dictionaries are written by christians or aethiests :) I'd also like to add that by the arguements put forth, you do not seem like a very religious person. Therefore, do not try to decipher the actions of a religious person w
  10. Huh?? Playing with words are we?.. okay.. fair enough.. If I say that I have faith that a person will not speak a lie.. then I can also say that I believe that to be true because the person has not spoken a lie previously.. my faith IS rational. Yes.. I know what your previous source was... the site is the same.. I didn't go on anyother site since I am assuming you trust this one (wouldn't know which source would you trust other than this one) Oh you stubborn one.. making me do research :).. here.. check it out "On the other side, when the emissary of Abu Sufian arrived in Mecca, and reporte
  11. Oh great... how can you people write so much :).. oh well.. less complaining more typing eh ^_^ WHOOPS :blush: I thought ALL three religions (Islam/Christianity/Judaism) have a RATIONAL faith... Guess they ALL don't.. My bad :).. However... that begs the question... why come up with evidences or sources at all then.. why not say 'have faith' all the time.. 'have faith' that I am right and you are wrong... 'have faith' that the pagans were right and the muslims were wrong.. Dragonlady.. really doubt that you meant that.. so do explain what you really meant Okay.. looked at YOUR own sour
  12. Hmmm.. :unsure: My apologies if you wanted Pocahonky to answer this but it is my assumption that he wrote it in haste not knowing if you were defending your faith (i.e. if indeed you are a Christian <-- would make sense since we are in fact in Islam/Christianity Dialogue). Isn't the whole point of these debates to prove whose doctorine and whose rationale is more correct? The only reason to give evidence for the statement made by Pocahonky would be if you were able to falsify his statement. IF you can say that islam DID NOT threaten pagan dominance of that time... then I guess it would
  13. I will gladly hand you a sword.. keep following the Ruzullis :)
  14. After the Conquest of Mecca.. the Holy Prophet (saw) forgave the people of Quraish.. the people who drove him and his companions out and the people because of whom his beloved uncle Hadrat Abu Talib (a.s.) and his wife Hadrat Katijah (SAA) died. Evidence enough?? Turn the other cheek you say... we say leave the oppressor when he has no power to oppress <- Rational? I think so. Unarmed caravaN of Abu SufiyaN :)... who are you kidding... do you really believe that Abu Sufiyan.. the leader of Mecca... one of the wealthiest man carrying the wealthiest caravan of his life would pass Madina (cit
  15. Whats avatar?? :blush: Same here.. carry on people.. and avoid insults even if they are the funny type Umm... did not harm one another when they raided???... So did the invaded hand out their wealth to robbers when the robbers came to invade?. Raiding ones caravan WILL bring vendetta upon the invader and the invaded regardless of bodily harm caused to any party. I thought raiding would still be considered an offence; clan or no clan :) (SAW) = Sallahlaho Alehay Wa Aalehe Wasalum = similitude to 'Peace be upon him' Nicely done Pocahonky... call me astute but the word that you used was 'ou
  16. (salam) I was under the impression that this thread was not for 'negative replies' :). It is not for the muslims to decide what they need from Islam and what they don't. Isn't the whole purpose of religion is to be submissive and accept the will of Allah (swt)? Plus, I think people like to get as much guidance as they can from whomever they can (cannot have enough of guidance). Moreover, Shia3s are relatively dormant right now. They need the Imam (as) to get 'activated' :) Wasslaam (May Allah (swt) bless you)
  17. (salam) Whoever Mullah Baqir was.. and for whatever reason Imam Khomeini supported him is (I don't think) anyones concern here. This is EXACTLY the reason why the shia3 majority (shia3 usuli) do the taqleed of a LIVING Aalim. We can't ask Imam Khomaeni if he read all the books of Mulla Baqir before exclaiming that the shia3 should read his books to avoid 'stupidity'. I think you should be asking these question (clarification/authentication of the above mentioned hadiths) from your marja-e-taqleed or find someone who has the books so that you can be sure that the hadiths are in there and under
  18. (salam) Precisely!! The leader of Iraq will not be making the constitution of Islam, he will be making the constitution of a country (don't think Ayatullah Sistani is going to go into being the Prime Minister :) ) Caliphs made the whole ummah follow them in spiritual (islamic) matters and other everyday affairs like passing judgement on who to appoint governers of different parts of the nation. They were sort of like the Popes of the muslims of that time carrying both religious and political power. A person who is to be given both authorities becomes way too powerful and therefore has to be a
  19. (salam) Very impressive indeed brothers. I must admit that brother abreer's arguments are very convincing and I marveled at their logic (especially the one about the rafidies having 72 sects). Brother shunni, I admit that there are members in the shia3 community that do lack proper understanding of their madhab and donot follow it strictly. However you did not do justice and hurried in pointing out their mistakes and their shortsightedness on issues regarding the Quran. I know what you mean though, even if you didn't want to, you did undermine the shia3 who are trying their level best to be a
  20. (salam) I won't be so brave to say that I know Allah's (swt) plans for us but it seems to me that every Prophet (peace be upon all of them) came on group whose members were all corrupt save a few. I guess it works the same way for the Imams (a.s.). What I am saying that maybe the last Imam (a.s.) will appear when the ummah is in grave danger (on the verge of being wiped out). The problem with humans is that some of us don't learn even after 124,000 Prophets (a.s.) were sent on us. Applying the same analogy to the Imams (a.s.), most of the muslim ummah right after the Holy Prophet (saw), didn'
  21. (salam) I will try to be as brief as possible because this is all in the many books which I didn't myself read but was conveyed to me verbally (basing it again on logic and what makes sense) Its a FACT - Major belief of the shia3 (also included in the Kalima) Another belief of the shia3 --> the ummah is never left without a guide who is appointed by Allah (swt). Therefore, every generation gets a guide and hence the Imams (as) Imams have to be the progeny of BOTH Imam Ali (as) and Bibi Fatima (as). There were many other sons of Imam Ali (as) such as Hadrat Abbas (as) who was not an Ima
  22. (salam) SubhanAllah Brother Abeer... your point makes sense.. truely a life saver :) Wassalaam (May Allah's blessings be upon you all)
  23. (salam) I don't have any references but I often point towards the 'qibla' (Makka, Madina, Iraq, basically in the eastward direction) when I am reading the ziarats which do include the salam. I guess its the same idea that the sunnis follow in the salaat when they say the salaam. Wassalaam (peace be upon you all)
  24. (salam) Saudi Arabia. If Imam Ali (as) can support Umer and Abu baker for the sake of the security of the ummah... then Shia3n-e-Ali (followers of Ali (as) ) will do the same. Can I ask you then brother bosnian.. since the threat of an attack on Iran by the US is imminent... who would you support... Iran or the US? Wassalaam (May Allah bless you all)
  25. (salam) The 73 sects hadith was why I joined shiachat :). I wanted to find which sect is correct. The article is an interpretation of the hadith when the author says that the sunni and shia are one and the hadith is only talking about people are have completely deviated from the Quran, the sunnah, and the Ahlul Bait. My view is that we have to do some research and find out which madhab is correct and follow that. We could be following our madhab perfectly and not be guarenteed an entry in heaven unless we struggle to find the right madhab. Wassalaam (may Allah's blessings be upon you all)
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