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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Sister Amnah.. if I may, with what little time I have :).. you see brother delight.. you just labeled the people 'rioters' who wanted Hadrat Ali (as) as caliph.. what would you call the people who rioted against Hadrat Ali (as) when he WAS the caliph... muawiah right?.. Hadrat Ali (as) did not draw his sword against the caliphs because of the same reason Ayatullah Seestani is not raising his voice against the suicide bombings. These people, who want(ed) the betterment of the muslim ummah, does not want a civil war on their hands. And picking up the sword is not the only option to get
  2. (salam) Brother mobeen I find nothing wrong with this.. IF God grants someone power over, lets say, Qom-e-Jin (Hint Hint), to perform their duties.. I can't say that that particular someone is a part of God.. where is the concept of Holy Trinity or any other christian belief coming in here?? The words 'Genetic Guardianship' is NOT used in the second point.. the second nullifies the first. :) And brother mobeen, I have heard very frequently, from many MANY members of this board, that sunniism is based on 'love' not hate.. I don't see it in your post when you are degrading the intellect of the
  3. (salam) Brother Abeer.. its not necessary that one remains ignorant in the 'age of ignorance'. For example.. I can choose the path that I believe to be the most correct and stick with it.. if I can prove that it is indeed correct. Its like research.. most scientists don't wait for an answer to their questions.. they do their own research and find out the most logical way of tackling their questions. When I read the last part of your statement.. it struck me as kinda odd because I didn't expect it to be coming from you.. a muslim. These are remarks made by people who cannot justify their beli
  4. (salam) Brothers and Sisters Brother Omar111.. if I was you.. I would refrain from praising the first three caliphs here.. rather try and find answers for doubts about the shia3 belief that you have in mind.. don't incite hate against yourself.. its useless :) Now to the issue that you raised Brother.. really.. just don't make fun of shia3 practices on a shia3 site :).. its pointless. My grandfather use to cry when he perform salat. Didn't even know why he use to do that until some time ago. :) Wassalaam (Peace be upon you)
  5. (salam) Brothers/Sisters All I can say is that one person's nomination is not acceptable anywhere (the prophets (as) are exceptions).. I don't know how it is justifiable.. I have heard people say it was important for 'unity'.. but wasn't it suppose to be a mandatory practice if it was meant to avoid divisions in islam.. I don't think sunnis have a leader now.. atleast that what my friends tell me.. so if they needed a leader for unity so badly.. why is it that they left this practice after Imam Ali (ra)?.. as they also accept Imam Ali (ra) as the rightful caliph. Should have continued to appoi
  6. (salam) Brother Mobeen First of all.. let me tell you something so that next time you won't repeat the same mistake again. When someone says salam to you.. it is obligatory for you to answer it. You raised a very nice point brother.. I always thought how can a muslim go into a mosque and blow it up when the Quran is also placed in a mosque. Do they have no respect? But now I know that they don't.. because they think that the Quran is changed. So it becomes easy to justify these actions because you can say the prayer is changed.. the Quran is changed.. and we cannot find them in large groups
  7. (salam) Brother shunni A piece of advice for you.. do NOT ever use your 'whim' when you are doing taqleed of an alim.. the whole point of taqleed is that you believe blindly in things that you don't understand. If you were to start acting on your 'whims'.. then you will be creating a sh-unni sect whose purpose could be 'following your WHIMS instead of following whats dictated by Allah(swt) in the Quran'. Whims are bound to change.. but Islam isn't. Hope you won't raise this issue again. Wassalaam (Peace be upon you)
  8. (salam) Brother omar.. you raise valid points.. but its no wonder I don't see the gurus of shia chat participating in answering to these points :) Shia3 donot love the enemies of the Ahlul Bait.. so we cannot say we love the enemies of because its unjustifiable :) (nothing to do with hating EVERYONE) Noone.. and I mean NOONE can raise himself/herself higher than the prophet.. Allah(swt) and the Malaika(ra) send their blessings on the Prophet(saw). Noone can be higher than that status and to degrade the Prophet(saw) is just not right. I don't know anything about Imams forgiving hunda.. pleas
  9. (salam) Brother mobeen So if it is bidah.. and it is true.. then why put (ra) after his name?? Yea.. well.. can you blame us :) I think he would use the dialect that is known to him.. why would he use some other dialect? plus if he did.. and the shia3 read it using that dialect.. don't you think their dialect will be different from the dialect of an arab?.. I pray behind sunni arabs sometimes.. I don't hear a difference in dialects. I guess the caliphate was dear to him.. but he wasn't very strong in his aqeeda now was he if he went along with the 'disobedience' that was done to the Prophe
  10. Degrading?? How much more do I have to increase the size for you to be able to see properly?? Translations can be tricky.. I can give you the arabic version and you can go on the live chat and ask someone who knows arabic.. without the reference to this debate if you want.. the iyah is "Wa mn yukrehunna fa inallaha min ba3de ikrahehinna ghafoor-ur-raheem"-- "If anyone forces them, then after they have been forced, Allah is ever forgiving, most merciful" <-- Another version of the translation Where are you getting this from?? Learn islam from the Quran first.. then go look at the actions o
  11. Firstly slavely is only allowed if there is a person who is able-bodied and is unable to work freely in a country (similar to illegal immigrants). Slaves are not degraded in Islam.. the owners of slaves are solely responsible for any ill doing caused to any of his/her slaves. Secondly.. Surah 24 iyah 33 "If any slave you own wants to make a contract to free themselves, write it for them if you know of good in them and give them some of the wealth Allah has given you. And do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, when they desire to marry, in order to seek the frail good of this worlds l
  12. (salam) Brothers and sisters Like your LOGIC... keep at it :) So you do have answers to both.. hmm.. did you ever consider that when the daughter of the Prophet (saw) asks you for something.. she does not do it for luxury.. see.. sometimes a comment or question is asked for others to take lesson from.. Bibi Fatima (as) meant to show the unjustice that had been done.. and she made it very clear indeed. Shirk Asghar?.. do you mean little shirk?.. I didn't know that shirk could be big or small.. No offence brother.. I really didn't know that... please elaborate Aye.. aqeeda in tawheed.. plea
  13. Hmm.. quite a convoluted discussion.. and very unimpressive.. there is nothing to be gained by slandering the religious personalities when you do not have sufficient proof to back your claim. Women are highly respect according to the teachings of islam.. those who do not respect pious women are not following the teachings of islam. I think you might be hinting at the law of 'temporary marriage'.. I am not well educated on the subject but you can search for it and later, perhaps, you will refrain from degrading the women who were associated with the Prophets(as) or the Imams(as). If you have tr
  14. (salam) brother axiom What comes around goes around eh brother :).. thanks for reminding me.. I know that all sunnis do not believe that Allah (swt) has the same attributes as humans.. like the christians and the wahabis do.. but I have never heard of what you speak of.. anyho.. I was mistaken and I do apologize :blush:.. @ sister saba.. its kinda late to be talking about the divisions of sects.. the only thing we can do right now is to say which of us is right.. otherwise.. as I told you before.. Allah (swt) does not like the ones who have deviated from the right path. Plus.. you can't deci
  15. (salam) Yes you are right.. 313.. rings a lot of bells :).. thanke Wassalaam (Peace be upon you)
  16. (salam) Brother meccawi and to all others First of all.. I would like to know from sister um ali what specific point made you a follower of Ali (as).. intersting to know these facts. Oh no.. Shia3 believe that Imam (as) know the future even when they are ALIVE. Procognitive abilities (only able to see uptil Allah(swt) desires them to see) :) Wow.. I didn't know followers of Ali(as) mutilated islam so badly brother.. which of the attributes are you talking about though?? Allah's "foot"... or Allah's "hands".. or is it Allah's "chin"?? Astaghfirullah brother.. how can these people live with
  17. (salam) I think bro Hassan means that if the Nabi or a rasool does all the things that an imam does.. then what is the point of an imam.. atleast I think thats what he means.. anyho.. not part of this thread. I read that there were more than 5 rasool.. more like 13 or 17 rasools in the 124000 prophets.. Nabi is indeed sent for a particular region.. but a rasool is sent for the whole world (Rahmatullih Aalameen was the title given to the Prophet (pbuh) ). Wassalaam (peace be upon you all)
  18. (salam) Brothers.. nice debate I thought these were the questions you posted.. I also thought Brother Nesimi answered them already.. seeee.. I do a lot of thinking :) There.. its like splicing. Relavent question taken out to prove that the hadith for naming the imams was indeed needed. ooh.. look what I found One question for you Brother Taha.. what makes you so confident about the sunni hadith system when most of their ahadith are quoted from Ayesha.. one woman's witness is not acceptable in islam is it now?.. Furthermore.. a question that has been buggin me is that I would love to know
  19. (salam) Got it.. patience.. but the Prophet(saw) did not curse her for crying over her son. He probably knew that not EVERYONE has as much patience as he himself does. Prophet Yaqoob?? and Don't forget the date palm tree in Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 784 I have heard this one before.. there is something missing though.. Oh right.. patience during calamity!! Shia3 do not cry IN calamity.. they mourn FOR the calamities on Hussain (as) and the followers (as). Dead??? Nay.. do not pronounce them dead.. they are alive and they get sustenance from your Lord. Yes.. it is better t
  20. (salam) Brother Taha.. Reading week eh.. same here :) Couldn't find the date but here is the references to the hadith Naming the Imams As for the confusion part, I would just like to say that some people want to think they are correct in what they follow. Its like saying, prayer was the most conspicuous act performed by the Prophet(saw), so why the confusion?? (Reference: Brother Hassanain Rajabali). If there can be confusion about the way to pray properly, then the naming of the imams was just words uttered by the Prophet(saw) to a couple of people. Lastly, the TWO major 'competitions' to
  21. (salam) Brother Tahasyed and good to see you again Very long post I might add.. I would love to answer the points made but I think Brother Nesimi is well capable to clarify the doubts. He might even be offended if I take over. I have one question though... what do you have against the safavids? I thought they were good people. Wassalaam (Peace be upon you)
  22. (salam) Shia3 of BOTH Iraq AND Iran are mostly Usuli. I read somewhere that Akbaris did not take part in political activites and therefore their numbers did not increase alot. Another reason that I read for this fact is that the Akbaris do 'taqleed' (follow teachings unquestionably) of late Alims which, as one can assume, makes it very difficult to clarify certain doubts that may arise. Wassalaam (Peace be upon you all)
  23. (salam) Sister saba.. I don't think you understood what I meant.. or maybe I didn't understand what you are trying to get at. The fault lies in my post so I will refrase my topic. My question was... if a person does not follow the commands of Allah (swt) and the commands of the Prophet (saw), then they are rejectors.. or as Brother Abeer pointed out... 'rafidis'. Prophet (saw) commanded about a lot of do's and don't's, accepting them or rejecting them are the root cause of the sects that are present now. For example, IF the Prophet (saw) told the people to follow Hadrat Ali (as) after him(sa
  24. ^Brother Abeer... your comment did not help your reputation at all (salam) I use to address the first 3 caliphs as Hazrat as well.. but when I found out what they did... I just couldn't respect them anymore. No, those shia are not in taqaiya, they just didn't read the history. Wassalaam (Peace be upon you all)
  25. (salam) Could be.. but she did put on her abba3.. whatever the case my be.. I didn't find one single characteristic mentioned in the article that portrays shia3 of Kerbala as good people. We don't want our own people condemning us when we are already despised by many non-shia3 communities. And 'wake' whom up?? The people whom this article is trying to 'wake' will delete it as soon as they will see the subject. No brother... those people will not be guided with such contemptuous views. They need to learn on their own or send them articles on the way Ayatullah Sistani spends his life. Show the
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