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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother My concern is about halal rizq. I m not concerned about what do they do in their mosques because I am sure the mosque where I pray has everything legal and If they pray such, they will be answerable for their deeds on the day of judgement as u say they are aware of it. I just have to make sure whatever I do is correct as everyone will be individually answerable for their acts. Further, I can 110% say for sure that no Shia masjid ever does this because being the lovers of wilayah, we never sell our hereafter for the cheap benefits of this world and it is really very hard for me to believe any masjid doing this until I myself see this. Allah knows best.
  2. Jazakallah for this info brother...It helps a lot
  3. So brother just to clarify here If I eat their food, It will be like having haram or impure rizq entering our stomach, correct ? I am asking this because sometimes they bring food from their home for us
  4. No brother.. I am 28 and have been actively studying our fiqah since 8 years but more about history and every now and then I read about halal and haram rizq so I wanted to get clarification because I live in India and the place I do my Job has people from Hindu religion as well So I was worried about the rizq from eating and sharing as they are from the religion of shirk...Hope U can understand. Thanks for the link.
  5. Jazakallah...I still have one question.. Some people owe money from me but it is a long time that I have not repaid them and they have forgotten about it..My intention is purely to pay the dues but there will be delay in paying them. Does that mean that the rizq and money I am earning now are not halal as I have not paid the dues and my aamal would be affected as well ? And what about the sadqa I give to poor? Would that also not be counted because some one owes Money from me?
  6. Jazakallah brother....Do u have any link to al-Islam.org ? That would be helpful to me.
  7. Hi... I am hearing this continuously from all ulema that we should only have halal rizq as it is the basis of acceptance of Amal, dua and wilayah. Can any one please explain the different types of halal and haram rizq and how to abstain from haram rizq because I do not want any haram rizq to enter my Stomach. I am so tensed and worried, Please help.
  8. Salam, Is it obligatory to recite both adhan and iqamah when we are offering obligatory prayer at home or when we are alone ???
  9. Hi, Just a quick question.. Can we apply sun screen cream on face while fasting for protecting face skin against heat as its Summer season ?? Can we apply gel on hair while fasting ?? Awaiting your responses.. Regards, Ali
  10. Jazakallah brother and as instructed...I will for sure wash it once a week and one more thing...Are there any authentic online site that sell original rings as I have heard most of them sell fake rings online???
  11. Brother thanks for sharing the information however can we also put the ring in water?? I was not aware of it and if u put it inside water or expose in sunlight, wont it harm the aqeeq stone or the metal material of the ring like getting corrosion or rusting ??
  12. As salamu alaikum, ya Ali madad brothers. I have a simple question. I have purchased original aqeeq ring from Iran and since I wear it at office, my friends saw the ring and liked it, some of them tried the ring on their hands who are non Muslims. My question is if someone tries the ring on his hand (specially non Muslim) , does it reduce or nullifies the effects and benefits you get from it??? Awaiting your response, Ali.
  13. Thank u and please pray that i get healed of hiv too with khake shifa and i am for sure gonna try it...
  14. Salam Alaikum everyone, There is a Hadith regarding the use of Nigella Sativa in the Sunni traditions, narrated by - you guessed it, Abu Hurayra - and I know what Shia believe regarding his character. The Hadith states that it is good for general well-being - or for treatment of diseases in general. There is a large amount of Shia Literature and I don't have the time to go through it, but is there any mention of this Plant being good or useful,or anything that agrees with Hurayra's narration? I want narrations from shia sources only and also can it even cure HIV...?? Thanks in advance to any informed reply!
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