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  1. Ok then what about imam mahdi as , he is among you right? Have you seen him? There is lots available , but you want talk to him personally lol think about it , you think he is going to give his number out so people like Rasul can call him up , with lies and slanders . When he has given you answers in his books and articles you choose to ignore them , if you want other answers then you can ask him via the site. If you were sincere you would do the research your self , like many of the brothers and sisters on this path did , you would beg Allah for the truth and change your self from with in , not think your better then this and have no need for reading , because I will not be asked whether I managed to show you. All his knowledge , which I can't, because its so deep . But if you yourself read his books you could understand ,a and if you don't agree after reading then the matter is between you and Allah , but I have provided you with good resources that you could easily read and look up . And when Allah asks me for my proof he will see through my heart and know that I did so much research before coming to this conclusion never did I go In with a biased heart , in fact I begged Allah swt to show me the way , and he swt did . Again I'm going to give you the link in which you can read a large portion of hadiths proving him . http://yamani.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/shattering-reply.pdf Now it is up to you to read it , and it is up to you to deny it based solely on ignorance May Allah be my witness that I tried . ."A man will be born in Mecca who is infallible, his name is Ahmad and his nickname is AbuAlQasem. And also in a village within Iraq, one of them is a Prophet and the other is an Imam .Mentioned in the night where one of those Ahmads will be born(meaning in Iraq)".Usool AlKafi Saleh Mazendaraani v.12 p.421
  2. How do you expect me to explain his knowledge to you , I have none , all you guys are asking is the right to be lazy and not read the books , if you are sincere you will read them without your biased opinions them maybe you will truly understand the concept but for now the replays you are giving have no substance . Have you seen the prophet pbuh ? No you haven't but you know he existed , have you seen Allah swt no but you can't deny him ? Looking for superficial reasons to deny him is not an excuse if you wer truly looking for the truth you would have asked him yourself , but you are just arguing for the sake of argument . Forgive me because I a, acting upon my ego , Brother I have lots of short comings and one of them is that I cannot explain what I a, trying to say , if you are looking for the truth then you will find it , Allah is not going to ask me whether I managed to prove it to you but be will ask you did you do any research h ? Why is that so difficult for you ? How will you recognise the real imam or the yamani according to yourself ? And please read the posts above for my answer to his successor ship . And ask yourself honestly This is my last post for today , as I am only allowed ten posts a day until December apperantly
  3. where did the Yamani say I am Khithr , he said the Qaim of the family of Muhammad and the Qaim has two names, the outer is Muhammad and the inner is Ahmed a.s. Imam Al Baaqer a.s"From the riser are two names,one is hidden and the other is revealed. As for the one that is hidden it is Ahmad and the one that is revealed it is Muhammad" Kamal Al Deen p.653 v.2 Reported from Ibraheem son of Muhammad son of Hamran and Haytham son of Waqed AlJuzri from Abdullah Alarjani he said:"I was with Abu Abdullah(Imam AlSaadeq)a.s ,suddenly the virtuous servant pbuh entered. So he(Imam Jaafer)said:"O Ahmad, do this". So I said:"His name is so and so?!"So he said:"No his name is Ahmad and Muhammad". Gaibat AlToosi p.53 Just to correct its actually page 57 http://shiaonlinelibrary.com/%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%83%D8%AA%D8%A8/1335_%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%BA%D9%8A%D8%A8%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B4%D9%8A%D8%AE-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B7%D9%88%D8%B3%D9%8A/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%81%D8%AD%D8%A9_81 Do you mean I should give you references for the will brother ? Or are you looking for other hadiths with the specific name ? And why would you not look to the most important thing the content of what he says and what he calls for rather then his name And things like that which could be easily faked , like you said So please concentrate on his knowledge Nd what he calls to.
  4. I really like your quote ask in order to find out and do not ask in order to find fault :D Yes I believe that , and Allah knows best .
  5. I'm a sister , and again , he is not leading anything right now , just because we call him imam ahmad al hassan does not mean he is leading the state right now , when imam mahdi as passes away he will pass his leadership on to his son . Again like imam hassan and hussain they were both there at the same time . We don't need the name of the next of the 12 because they will be clearly one after another there will be no ambiguity once imam mahdi establishes the rule of Allah . As for the first of believers it's the first to have true faith in imam mahdi as and Allah during the time near his Zahoor There are also lots of hadith mentioning the 12 mahdis . And there are duas also . 2- Abi Hamza narrated from Abi Abdullah [pbuh] in a long hadith that he said:“O Aba Hamza, from among us 11 Mahdies after the Qa’im from the progeny of Al-Hussain [AS]” -Ghaiba, Al-Tosi page 478-479. 3- Abi Baseer said: I told Al-Sadiq Ja’far bin Muhammad [pbuh]: O son of the Messenger of Allah, I heard from your father [pbuh] that he said: there will be 12 Mahdies after the Qa’im, he said: “he said 12 Mahdies and not 12 Imams, but they are folk of our Shia who call people to pledge allegiance to us and to know our right” –Kamal Al-Deen wa Tamam Al-Ni’emah, Sheikh Al-Sadooq page 358. 4- Abi Abdullah [pbuh] said: “from among us 12 Mahdies after the Qa’im [pbuh] from the progeny of Hussain [pbuh]” –Muntakhab Al-Anwar Al-Mude’ah, Sayyed Baha’a Al-Deen Al-Najafi p.353-354 5- Al-Hadrami narrated from Abi Ja’afar [pbuh] saying: I asked him which spot on earth is the most favoured after the Haram of Allah [swt] and the Haram of his Messenger [pbuhf]? He said: “Al-Kofah O Aba Baker, it is the virtuous and purified, in it are the graves of the dispatched prophets, the non-dispatched [prophets] and the honest successors. And in it is the Mosque of Suhail where God has not sent a Prophet unless he prayed inside it, and from it the justice of God appears and in it will be His Riser and the Risers after him, and it is the dwellings of the prophets, successors and the righteous ones” – Kamel Al-Ziyarat by Ja’afar bin Muhammad bin Qoloweh, page 76. Imam Abu Ja’afar [pbuh] mentions the Mahdies saying: “and the Risers after him”, which means after the Qa’im (pbuh). So he names the Mahdies by (Risers). 6- Habbah Al-Arni said: the Prince of the believers [pbuh] went out to Heera and said: “this will be joined to this” and he pointed with his hand to Kofa and Heera “until a cubit in between them will be sold in Dinars, and then in Heera a mosque shall be built which has 500 doors,the caliphate of the Qa’im [May God hasten his relief] shall pray in it, because the mosque of Kofa will be small for them and 12 Imams of justice will pray in it” – Bihar AlAnwar v.52 p.474, Tahtheeb AlAhkaam by Sheikh Al-Tosi v.3 p.245 The Prince of believers states in this narration that a mosque will be built in Heera where the caliphate of the Qa’im will pray in it, and then he [pbuh] said:“and 12 Imams of justice will pray in it” and those Imams [pbut] will pray in it after the Qa’im [pbuh] builds it, which means they are not the same 12 Imams, but rather they are those whom other narrations names them by (Mahdies). 7- A dua from Ahlul Bait [pbut]: “O Allah and pray upon the holders of his covenant, attain them their hopes, make their lives longer and grant them victory. Fulfil what you have entrusted them from the matter of your religion, and make us their helpers and supporters of your religion, and pray upon his pure fathers, the rightly guided Imams…” – Mikyal Al-Makarim v.2 p.73 The dua here is for the Qa’im [pbuh] and the holders of his covenant are his successors as it is clear. This dua mentions the phrase: “Fulfil what you have entrusted them from the matter of your religion” because they [pbut] are entrusted with the matter of religion. And the proof that the intended here are the Mahdies is that he prays upon the Mahdies and then he prays upon his pure fathers, meaning the fathers of the Qa’im [pbuh]. 8- Imam Sajad said: ((the Qa’im from us will rise and then after him will be twelve Mahdis)) Sharh Alkhbar 3/400 (Explanation News 3 / 400.) 9- In the dua reported from a woman who was in the house of Imam Al-Mahdy [pbuh] and Sheikh Al-Tosi related it to us: “O Allah pray upon Muhammad Al-Mustafa, and Ali Al-Murtatha, and Fatima Al-Zahraa, and Al-Hassan Al-Reza, and Al-Hussain Al-Musaffa and all the successors, the lights of the gloominess and the banners of guidance and the signs of piety and the firm handhold and the strong rope and the straight path. And pray upon your successor and the holders of his covenant and the Imams from his sons, and make their lives longer…” – Ghaibat Al-Tosi p.28, Bihar Al-Anwar v.52 p.22. The woman reports the dua from Imam Al-Mahdy when he prays upon his fathers and followed it by praying upon the Mahdies and he says when mentioning the Mahdies (and make their lives longer) and it is known that the Imams of his forefathers are dead, so he is praying for the Mahdies [pbut]. 10- It is narrated from Imam Al-Askary on the Dua of 3rd of Sha’ban: “and the successors from his progeny after their Qa’im and his occultation” –Bihar v.53 p.94. 11- Sayyid ibn Tawoos said: and we have chosen what ibn Abi Qurra has mentioned in his book on the authority of Muhammad ibn Essa bin Ubaid, on the authority of the virtuous one [pbut]: and repeat on the night of 23rd of the Month of Ramadan while you are standing and sitting and at all times and during the whole month….say after praising Allah Taala and praying upon His prophet and his progeny peace be upon them: “O Allah cherish Your supporter, the one who rises with Your matter Muhammad ibn Hassan (may peace and blessings be upon him and his forefathers), in this hour and in every hour as a patron, a protector, a leader, a victor, an evidence, and assister; until you accommodate him on earth being obeyed, and allow him to enjoy it lengthwise and breadthways, and make him and his offspring the Inheriting Imams.” References: (Kitab alIqbaal p.86 & Bihar Al Anwar, vol.86, p.340; And vol.94, p.349; And vol.99, p.314) 12- Sheikh Al-Sadooq narrated that Imam Al-Jawad peace be upon him said: “If you are done with the written prayer, say: I have approved Allah as a Lord, and Islam as a religion, and the Quran as a Book, and Muhammad as a prophet and Ali as a master and Al-Hassan and Hussain and Ali ibn Al-Hussain …. and Al-Hujja ibn Al-Hassan ibn Ali as Imams. O Allah your supporter is Al-Hujjah so protect him… and make him the Riser of your matter and the victorious of your religion and show him what he delights in his self, his progeny, his family…” (Ma La Yahzarho Al-Faqeeh: vol.1 p327, Al-Kafi: vol. 2 p.548) 13- The Duaa written in a notebook by Imam Mahdi and given to Yacoob bin Yousef Al-Tharrab Al-Ghassani, narrated in the book of Sheikh Al-Tosi: “In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Intensely Merciful… (he prayed upon all the 12 imams, till Imam Mahdi peace be upon him) : “… O Allah give him and his progeny, and his Shia … what makes him pleased and delighted” … until he says: “O Allah, pray upon your supporter and upon his heirs apparent and the Imams of his sons and make their lives longer…” (Ghaiba by Sheikh Al-Tosi p.273-280) ____________________________________________________ Reliable Chain of Narrators: Sayed son of Tawoos, he said: and we have chose what was mentioned by son of Abi Qura in his book and he said it was from a source from Ali son of Alhassan son of Ali son of Fathal from Muhammad son of Eesa son of Abeed from the rightous ones (Ahlulbayt a.s) he said: “O Allah be for your guardian, the one who rises with your matter Muhammad ibn Hassan, to his fathers peace and blessings in this hour and every hour, a patron, a protector, a leader, a victor, an evidence, and assister, until you make him on earth be supported and make him enjoy its height and breadth and make for him an offspring Imams that inherit” Bihar Al Anwar v.49 p.349 1. Najashi called him Thiqa p.397 -1066-Muhammad son of Ali son of Yaqoob son of Isa’ac son of Abi Qura Abu AlFaraj AlQana’e the writer, he is Thiqa (reliable), heard a lot and wrote a lot” Mustadrakat Ilm AlRijal v.7 p.251-252-14111-(Thiqa by agreement) 2. (Book)Ibn Tawoos says he received all duas from Ibn Abi Yaqra and he is Abu AlFaraj Muhammad son of Abi Qura and he is a well known reliable person by agreement. 3. Ali son of Alhassan son of Ali son of Fathaal son of Omar son of Ayman Mawla of Akrama son of Rib’ee AlFayath Abu Alhassan-AlNajashi in his Rijal p.257-258 -676 “.. the most reliable and knowing about narrations” 4. Najashi p.333-334-896-Muhammas son of Eissa son of Abeed son of Yaqteen son of Musa Mawla Asad son of huzaima, Abu Jaafer, praised by our friend he is reliable. From Ahmad son of Muhammad AlaYadi from Ali son of Uqba from his father (Uqba son of Khaled) Abi Abdullah(a.s)he said: “From us after the Riser (a.s) are 12 Mahdis“ Baha Al Deen AlNajafi called him Thiqa Muntakhab Alanwar AlMuthee’a p.250 he called him (The Thiqa(reliable) Ahmad son of Muhammad Alayaadi May Allah give him mercy) Sheikh AlToosi called one of his books as Alhassan-fine-(AlShafa Wal Jala) AlNajashi p.271-710 Ali son of Uqba son of Khaled Alasadi Abu Alhassan Mawla is Thiqa (reliable) Thiqa (reliable). Uqba son of Khaled-Tafseer AlAyashi Surat Yunus p.125 Through Abi Abdullah a.s it tells us he is praised by his eminence. v.6 p.186,185 and v.3 p.142,132 From Sheikh Ali AlNumazi AlShahroudi in Mustadrikaat Ilm AlRijaal Alhadeeth v.5 p.247-147 hadeeth#9432 Uqba son of Khaled: From the companions of AlSaadeq (a.s) Uthman son of Imran from the say of AlSaadeq (a.s) saying to Uqba and Uthman and AlMa’la: Greetings! Greetings with all of you! Faces that love us and we love them. Imam AlSaadeq a.s says to Uqba: “Mercy be upon you O Ahlulbayt“Rijal AlToosi v.2
  6. Brother I'm sure most of it has not been answered , the only thing I'm seeing is denial of those hadiths , but who r we to pick and chose which hadiths we consider sahih , majority of sunni to shia converts have gotten to where they are right now by not ignoring thosehadithsthat proved them wrong . We should know him through his knowledge and what he calls to , if you read his writings you will realise that he calls to truth not to himself . If you read his words with sincerity and then tell me what made you reject him I will not say anything to you , because the matter is between you and Allah , but majority of what I'm seeing are snippets of the books out of context like what the EDL say about Muslims being ordered to kill them where ever they find them .how did we know our prophet pbuhap was correct ? The Jews wer given the knowledge of him and they knew him better then their own sons but yet still denied him. Please remember if Allah is truly just then we will have to go through trials like the people of the past did ,that's the point of these story's so we don't fall into the same trap , do you not think the Jews denied him for a reason ? Or do you think they wer all plain stupid? .do you think it's fair that majority of Muslims are born in a muslim household ? True faith is different what we have today is not the same Brother I don't want to argue , I don't think anyone is lower then me , all I think is we need to have the answers to the questions Allah will ask when we die . If you be honest with yourself do you think if you new you were going to die tomorrow you would still act the same way you do now ? . We need to fix ourselfs , I just wanted to inform , so if there is anyone out there with a clean heart , read his works and be true to yourself . Inshallah his knowledge will be proved through his book refuting Richard Dawkins and Steven Hawkins , I am serious brother it's amazing how he ties in all this science to religion . And if I may ask , what kind of proof would you like from him ? And remember will that proof lead you to compulsion ? Like the pharao got his proof and claimed his alliegence but because he was in compulsion , his belief meant nothing . What proof did imam hussain AS bring to yazid ? What proof did imam Hassan bring to mauwiyah ? It's their knowledge and what they call to that proves it . We already know that in every time the scholars clerics chieftains what ever you want to call them , opposed the messenger of the time . And there are hadiths proving that the scholars of the time will be against the Qaim as . I would never want to lead anyone to disbelief , I am not doing this for evil purposes , all I'm asking is people to read and explore It makes me sad that so many people have lost the spirit of islam , the love for our creator , He is not leading anything right now brother he is only informing of how to prepare for imam mahdi pbuh . It's like Imam hassan and Imam hussain were there at the same time but of course Imam hussain was his successor . Pbut
  7. Brother my payment is with Allah swt inshallah . I ask you please to approach it with sincerity and beg Allah for the truth. His books can be found In www.saviorofmankind.com These books can be heavy I suggest starting by reading the sermons . Also this book made by one of his followers , but of course you can verify the hadiths mentioned . http://yamani.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/shattering-reply.pdf He hasn't given a picture , he does not want to be idolised . What would anyone receive from seeing his picture ? Is he meant to have a glow around him ? I am not asking you to follow him blindly , I am asking you for the sake of Allah swt , please guys do a thorough research, there's a reason why the Jews denied our prophet pbuh even though they did have all the proofs infront of them . All I'm saying is be true to your self above all it's your sincerity that counts , but ignorance won't be an acceptable excuse . Please don't be one of the regretters .
  8. Salaam brother The purpose of the yamani AS is to guide the people , if you read his books you will understand what he is guiding towards , he does not ask you to pledge your alliegence to him but to imam mahdi as , His books are full of knowledge . He guides to the truth and asks for us to prepare ourself internally by gaining knowledge and destroying our ego and striving to do jihad of the nafs . I want people to read hadiths I want people to understand the time we are living in , and revolve them selves with Islam .i want people to not be misguided by the devil to know his traps to overcome them with knowledge . How do we expect to know our imam as without knowledge . I have most definitely read about the false claimants and I have also read about the inevitable according to hadith , which is the coming of the yamani , and it will be the yamani who will gather all of the Imams army under his banner , if you would like I could quote you the hadiths .his purpose is to inform and guide to imam mahdi as . How do you expect to be a part of his army without prior knowledge . If we know that according to hadiths only the yamanis banner will be right , then you tell me what would his purpose be ? And let's just say if imam ahmad al hassan as is not right , then what is the yamanis role in all of this ? Why will it be that only his banner will be correct ?
  9. In the name of Allah the most merciful the intensely merciful . Salaam alaikum to all the people viewing this post . I am writing this ammature post (i seek refuge with Allah swt from my ego) with the intention of raising awareness. Please I am literally begging you all please don't be amused by the deception of this world , please use the brains Allah has given you , please my brothers please my sisters let go of your pride and ego , and pray to Allah he softens your heart and pray for the truth and pray for your guidance . We all know that The signs for Imam Mahdis AS Zahoor are showing , and many of them have already happened but how well do we know ? What is wrong with us that we don't have even a little knowledge about our deen , and we base the small portion of that drop of water from an ocean of knowledge on a syllabus chosen by a non infallible . When will we realise this is not the way , when will we realise the need for our Imam pbuh , we say it with such ease but if we meant it do you not think we would have an imam appointed by Allah in our midst , we are like the lost children of bani isreal . The most important thing to think about is why , why is it that the Imam pbuh will have such little followers. Why have we put islam in a syllabus , why don't we immerse ourselves in the knowledge given to us by the Ahlul bayt AS . What excuse will we have when we are asked ? What will we say ? And will we be one of those who regrets ? My brothers and sisters please think deeply about everything , and remember Allahs justice , and read explore and learn , we will all be going to our own graves , so don't rely on others , verify read gain inform . This is just a short summary of how I was drawn to the call of the yamani AS > Ok this may sound a bit all over the place but I'm going to try to put it systematically inshallah > I first heard about Ahmad al hassan AS when I was with a friend, at the time (who was sunni) and we decided to look into it , we did a short amount of research and then suddenly realised we don't know anything about islam except for the superficial , of course her being from a sunni background too , so we started by looking into how the caliphs wer chosen and along the way we realised where the sunnis went wrong ( weeks of research using their books and various hadiths etc. ) and it was clear that they let go of the rope of Allah and decided to go against the will of Allah and denied his supremacy over all . Which ahmad al hassan A.S puts a lot of importance on not just for sunnis but every religion alike . In his sermon of Muharram he speaks about how the Shias of today would be the same as the Shias of kufa (just in case u don't know ;they were the ones that said yes to hazrat muslim bin Akeel and said they would support imam Husain as but instead they went back on their words they wer superficial , hence the event of Karbala occurred . ) the Shias of today are the same in the sense of taqleed to a scholar from a Marja ie left the banner of imam Husain as , his banner being the supremecy of Allah and not the supremecy of people ( elections ie saqifa) . By following a taqleed you are accepting that you will listen to the fatwa of these people without the authority of Allah . Hence we carry the same banner of the sunnis . > The first thing me and my freind found was the 6 pointed star and naturally got freaked out with connotations of a Zionist occult , but after doing a little research it was clear that the six pointed star was definitely an original symbol from Allah , there is a post on savior of mankind if you want to c it . The things we learnt from this was one it was a sign of unity for every religion because we can't forget imam Mahdi AS will be ruler over all so hence he would need to mite everyone not just Muslims , secondly it's an excellent filtering process for taking the ignorant or arrogant out of the search to truth , because of course they will take it how there logic will let them . > After this I read a few books of his and subhanallah I can't deny a thing , I love the way he brings proof from everywhere to explain , and of course as we know when the true yamani will come he will be known for his knowledge and that's how to recognise him with the script . > > After doing the initial research the rebuttals given was along the lines of there is no yamani or sufyani (even though the events of syria are quite similar to the events we should be looking out for according to both sunni and shia hadith ) . So I decided to find the hadiths about which he speaks about my self to verify , and Alhumdullilah I found so many hadiths in Bihar al anwar , kanz l Amal , ghaybatul nomani and others . How the scholars of today suddenly claim these are fabricated is beyond my understanding , perhaps because so many of the hadiths mention the clerics of the time (before the Zahoor) will be wrong , there teachings will be wrong , even if we look at the quran we notice every prophet having similar stories were the people of authority have been the ones to deny them and call them madmen and magicians and liars . Like the Jews did with prophet muhamad pbuhap , the quran says they recognised him more then there own sons ,so we need to ponder over why they still denied him , and never forget the words of the quran stating don't think you won't be tested like the people of the past . Another thing people claimed was that imam Mahdi AS has no sons , but when you reed the will of the prophet it states clearly about his sons not only that its in numerous places also in the dua for calling imam Mahdi AS in mafatih . So how many signs will people deny and claim that it is fabricated just like how the sunnis arrogantly deny there own books , we are doing the same as the past people have done , what made us think we wer any different ? . Will not Allah test us in the same way to excersise his justice subhanallah . What I absolutely adore is how he brings everything into religion , from psychology to numerology. Everyone of the disbelievers in the past have failed due to their egos from the beginning of time ( iblis thinking he's more better then Adam pbuh) and how can we forget the fact that iblis did more worship then any of us put together , but his pride failed him , like it is failing today , why do we lost the spirit of islam and made it superficial and forgot humbleness and patience . I'm ashamed to call my self a muslim when I have wronged my self so much and am still in this battle with controlling my nafs , inshallah may Allah guide us away from the fAkery of the world . I can't believe how these things wer never tAught in these majlis we go to every year . Why should people rely on their scholars will Allah ask u about why we blindly followed them , why we didn't research and use our brains . Most of all it's our sincerity that counts . I pray to the most merciful Alhumdulillah hi rabbil alimeeen , that he may guide those , those in search for the truth , those willing to submit to the will of their creator , those willing to understand and refrain f rom the method of iblis (may Allah swt curse him) and those willing to refrain from his ideology , those willing to grasp on to the rope of Allah . May Allah swt guide us all and save us from our arrogance and our ignorance (our ego).
  10. Thankyou brother , and what about chat ? It keeps saying. Numbers but im not allowed to check it ?
  11. I'm sorry to tell you , you have it wrong there will indeed be use of the sword .

Translation: By Abi Abdillah (pbuh) that The Prince of the Believers (pbuh) spoke about things that will come after him until the rise of the Riser (Qaim) so Hussain said: (O Prince of the Believers, when will Allah purify his land from the oppressors? He said: Allah will not purify the land from the oppressors until the shedding of the sacred blood. Then he mentioned the order of Bani Umayya and Bani Abbas in a long narration, then said: If the Riser rises in Khurasan and gains victory in the land of Kufan and the Maltan, and was permitted the island of Bani Kawan, and then rose from us the Riser of Bjilan, (wa ajaabatho al abr wal deelam), and the banners of Al-Turk appear divided to my offspring in the land and the (7uramaat) and they were between a thing and another. If Basra was under ruins, and the prince of the princes rises, then he (pbuh) told a long story. Then said: If the thousands were ready, and the rows were aligned, and the male sheep was killed, there the last one will rise, and the rebellions arise, and the disbelievers perish, then the hopeful Riser shall rise, and the unknown Imam, to him is the honor and grace, and he is from your offsprings O Hussain, not the son of any other,he will appear between the two corners in (driseen bilyin), he will appear on the two weighty things, and will not leave on the land (al adnayn), blessed is he who recognises his time in history and followed his time, and witnessed his days). 

The above narrated text is full as it is mentioned in Bihar al-Anwar: section 52 page 235, and in Ghayba of Numani: page 385. The unknown imam and the yamani is here people . Please open your eyes for the sake of Allah , do not be one of those who regret later .
  13. Salaam brother The only way to purify your self is through jihad al nafs and knowledge , you need to know the imam . And how can you know the imam without reading about him from the direct source ? If you are sincere then brother you need to reed hadiths , This is a link to volume 51 of biharul anwar in English . http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/62899510#fullscreen Don't be lazy, it's not difficult to read these . Please don't be one who regrets in the hereafter . Think people think , why is it that he will have such little followers . There must be a reason , read explore and learn .
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