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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    _twelver reacted to The Green Knight in What Would Shiachat Be Like If It Were Real?   
    On the contrary I was thinking you would be in hiding, fearing riots and a coup d'etat. Perhaps you would flee like Shah. :p
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    _twelver reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in Iran Restricting Contraceptives?   
    Personally i think Iran would be critisized regardless of what its leaders decides to do. Some people are just out to whine and complain regardless of What Iranian leaders do. Iran could cure Aids, cancer and male pattern baldness, hand it out for free for everyone to use and you would still find someone on Shiachat or real world that would find something to pick on. I wouldn't be surprised if someone would find a hadith and deduct that curing Aids is haram for Iranians.
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    _twelver reacted to Khalilallah in Did Shias Killed Imam Husain (Alayhe Al Salam) ?   
    Those Kufis were not Shia!
    Shia were those people who died in Karbala and Shias are those who sacrificed everything for their Imams. 
    Shia became a Mazhab later on, even Shias today, most of them are not Shia.
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    _twelver reacted to heliwave in Did Hz Ali Have Some Hidden Knowledge   
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    _twelver reacted to abbas110 in Evolution Of Shia Thought   
    ^you have no idea about what tashayyu is then.
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    _twelver reacted to Abu Izrael in Games That Can Train Us For Jehad   
    Nice try, NSA
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    _twelver reacted to addi110 in Convenience Vs Children's Health   
    Thank you sister Hameedeh for the positive feedback. Please share with your family and friends and spread the awareness. Indeed, our parents did the best they could and what ever was in their knowledge. They didn't feed us wrong stuff on purpose but still many mothers quickly fell for the convenience trap and bought a whole lot pre made packaged food from the store. And that trend has increased by many folds among the current generation. The responsibility lies on our shoulders esp as the followers of Imam Hussain (A) to help correct this. I just think of it this way, if Imam Hussain (A) would be here, what would he do? And the same for Imam Mahdi (A), because when he comes he is going to fill the whole world with justice hence this is also another area which will need to be worked upon. Let's help him by joining hands for all good causes. Let's build this legacy of a new, better and healthier food system for ourselves and our children so we can better serve our Imam. 
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    _twelver reacted to Son of Placid in Christian Perspective On Immorality In Bible   
    Ask your lawyer about this?
    Not sure I grasp the entire meaning of your post other than to say you are really sure I am wrong...
    No use calling me learned cuz by the time I learn it, it's already common knowledge, I'm just catching up. 
    Not sure what you have against the Ahmadiyya, but it comes across kinda like a Southern Baptist attitude.
    I don't really get the connection between something disgusting happening and God not being strong enough to do something about it...look around. There's a lot of disgusting things going on all around that God's not stopping. Isn't God strong enough to save children from starving? Stop the massacre of people, stop ISIS in it's tracks?
    It's like the Ahmadiyya thing. Either you accept our assumption or you don't believe in an all powerful God. No wiggle room, that's our ultimatum. 
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    _twelver reacted to guest102317 in Ali's (Swt, Saw, Ra, Azzawajal) Greatness   
    You write:
    Why is it that when the Prophet ascended to the Heaven to meet God at the night of Esraa & Miraj, Imam Ali  (ra) was already there and was presented to the Prophet as God? Easy, because Ali is God!
     After the train of praises you deliberately put after his name in the title, you now type a mere (ra) ? Freudian slip?I suspect so.
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    _twelver reacted to Abu'l Khattab in "latmia Of The Lion" The Shirazi Channel   
    What's wrong with contemplating that animals can mourn over Imam al-Hussain (as)??
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    _twelver reacted to Haydar Husayn in Tatbir And Shia Islam   
    Please tell me that you don't use blades to mourn those who are close to you.
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    _twelver reacted to The Green Knight in Most Famous Shia In The Modern World?   
    Shia Labeouf
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    _twelver reacted to The Green Knight in Rts: Bizarre Criteria For Imam [To Lead Salat]   
    I heard that the bizarre part was engineered to legitimize the first Caliph?
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    _twelver reacted to Ethics in Ibn Mahbub And Strange Hadith   
    Can someone just limit his posts or make sure he has one thread for his countless "problems". It isn't a week later that he opens a thread with an adjusted name and implores the same argument with a slightly different approach or tone. It's quite annoying tbh. It isn't even a matter of discussion anymore. It's more like he has come to a conclusion just trying to spread confusion.
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    _twelver reacted to Abu Tufayl in Ibn Mahbub And Strange Hadith   
    Brother, you need to stop thinking that all hadith are straight forward and to all people's level of understanding or that everything must make sense "rationally" and "scientifically." This is one the issues Sunnis have put themselves into with hadith, because they don't understand the hadith, they don't make sense to them, so they belie them. We are not allowed to belie hadith, it is forbidden by the Imams عليهم السلام
    Many narrations are batini (esoteric), you have to come to terms with that. I am certain I am speaking for more than myself here when I say this: Please stop making these topics. 
    في أمان الله
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    _twelver reacted to muslim720 in How To Respond To A Question About Allah?   
    Heaven necessitates Hell just like happiness necessitates sadness.  Without hunger, food has no flavor.  Heaven would be pointless without Hell.  Reward would be worthless if there was no punishment.  Ask this girl if she thinks the education system is cocky because just like it hands out As, certain students are given Fs.  The perception is that the university hands out the grades.  The reality is that we earn those grades.  Allah [swt] has given us the guidance.  Heaven is what we earn and in Hell is our failure.
    May Allah [swt] admit us all to Heaven insha'Allah!
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    _twelver reacted to Islamic Salvation in Waqifi: So Who Washed Imam Musa Al Kazim A.s?   
    [al-Kashshi] Narrated to me Muhammad b. Masud who said: narrated to us Jafar b. Ahmad from Hamdan b. Sulayman from Mansur b. al-Abbas al-Baghdadi who said: narrated to us Ismail b. Sahl who said: narrated to me one of our companions - and he asked me to keep his name secret - he said: I was with al-Ridha, when there entered upon him Ali b. Abi Hamza and Ibn al-Sarraj and Ibn al-Mukari (i.e. these were prominent Waqifis).
    So Ibn Abi Hamza said to him: What has your father done (i.e. what has happened to him)?
    He said: He has passed.
    He said: Passed away in death?
    He said: Yes.
    He said: To whom did he decree (as successor)?
    He said: To me.
    He said: So you are the Imam whose obedience is obligatory from Allah?
    He said: Yes.
    Ibn al-Sarraj and Ibn al-Mukari said: He has - by Allah! - empowered you (i.e. Ibn Abi Hamza) from his own self (by his own doing)! (i.e. leaving you room to rebut him by having admitted to being the Imam in such an open and unprecedented way). 
    He said: Woe be upon you! and with what have you been empowered?! do you want me to go to Baghdad and say to Harun - I am the Imam whose obedience is obligatory from Allah?! by Allah - that is not upon me (i.e. not my obligation), and I only revealed that (i.e. my claim to the Imamate) to you (the Shia) when it reached me about the differences in your opinions and the weakening of your affair, so that your secret does not fall into the hands of your enemies.
    Ibn Abi Hamza said to him: You have disclosed a thing which none of your fathers would disclose, nor would they talk about it openly.
    He said: Yes, by Allah! - the best of my fathers talked about it, the messenger of Allah, when Allah the Exalted ordered him to warn his nearest kin, he gathered from the people of his House - forty men, and he said to them: I am the messenger of Allah to you, and the most extreme in belying him and instigating against him was his paternal uncle Abu Lahab, so the prophet said to them: if he even scratches me with a scratch then I am not a prophet - this is the first of what I begin with - for you - from the signs of prophet-hood, and I say likewise: if Harun so much as scratches me with a scratch (i.e. harms me in any way) then I am not an Imam, and this is the first of what I begin with - for you - from the signs of Imama.
    Ali said to him: We have narrated from your fore fathers that no one undertakes (deputizes) the affair of the Imam (i.e. in this context - the burial rites) except an Imam like him.
    So Abu al-Hasan said to him: then inform me about al-Husayn b. Ali, was he an Imam or not?
    He said: He was an Imam. 
    He said: So who undertook his affair?
    He said: Ali b. al-Husayn.
    He said: And where was Ali b. al-Husayn?
    He said: He was detained in Kufa in the hands of Ubaydallah b. Ziyad - he came out while they were unawares until he had undertaken the affair of his father and then left. 
    So Abu al-Hasan said to him: The one who enabled Ali b. al-Husayn to reach Karbala and undertake the affair of his father then he can likewise enable the master of this affair to to reach Baghdad and undertake the affair of his father and return, and he (i.e. the new master of the affair i.e. himself) is neither imprisoned nor under arrest.
    Ali said to him: We have narrated that the Imam does no die until he sees his posterity (successor).
    He said: so Abu al-Hasan said: Have you not narrated in this Hadith other than this?
    He said: No.
    He said: Yes - by Allah! - you have narrated in it - ‘except the Qaim’ - while you do not know what it means nor why it was said.
    Ali said to him: Yes! - by Allah! - this (portion) is also in the Hadith,
    Abu al-Hasan said to him: Woe be upon you! - how could you be so bold against me (in using as an argument against me) with a thing while leaving out a part of it, then he said: O old man - fear Allah and do not be among those who prevent others from the religion of Allah.
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    _twelver reacted to The Green Knight in Truthful Sheikh   
    Well you Shias are just jealous of Abu Hurairah and because he would hear, memorize and write down 5.14 hadiths per day on average during his 18 months of time as a Muslim and companion. :/
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    _twelver reacted to Saintly_Jinn23 in Scientific Problem In Sahih Hadith - Cosmology   
    For starters, let me just say this isn't your blog. Stop wasting space on boards with threads for every hadith that bothers you when you could include them all in a single topic of "Hey, what should I do if I think a hadith contradicts science?". Rather than discussing each hadith at length in a thread of its own, why don't you do that? I'll tell you why I think you don't though. It's because you don't like the answers you'll get and assume you know more than everyone else and are more "rational" than them (as evident from your list of interests).
    Why do you not take these to a local scholar and ask him "hey, how am I supposed to interpret this in light of what this or that person who's an expert in this field says," or "Is this hadith really authentic from your point of view?" I think it's because you think you know better than them because you're "rational" "reasonable" with a "scientific mind". Your ignorance is also made apparent by your unquestionable acceptance of "science" as the barometer between truth and falsehood. I'll tell you straight up that this Jeffersonian approach of yours is a cancer that is as bad as Wahabism. Islam believes in multiple dimensions of reality, not just one reality that is synonymous with the material dimension, as such we can't look at hadith that speaks of something like cosmology and think the references are only referring to material elements. Likewise, it is a staple of Shi'ism, I say a staple because if you deny it, as far as I'm concerned you aren't a Shi'a or a Muslim, that the Qur'an and the authentic hadith often have multiple layers of meaning, the zahir (outer, external meaning) and the batin (inner, esoteric, hidden meaning) sometimes within the same single passage. Rather than exercising a sense of caution and humility before you start saying a hadith is balderdash and calling into question scholars' methods or conclusions, you apply your own reasoning, your own rationality and your own individual perception of scientific facts based on your limited education in these fields, to pass judgement on both narrations and narrators. Have you ever considered for a moment that the religion you claim to believe in isn't exactly a religion that is "rational" as you would like to believe it to be but that the sources which you are quoting, were written by people who sincerely believed that things like magic, fairies, reality warping genies, angels who fly through the sky and cross dimensions, dragons, a place where the people who were bad go after they die to get tortured for either all eternity or intermittent periods of time and other occult ('hidden') things ARE REAL and that these things if real most likely defy scientific explanation? Doesn't the fact that your dealing with sources written by people with that kind of cosmological worldview tell you that maybe you can't apply your modern scientific worldview to these sources and expect to necessarily understand what their intended meanings really are? Doesn't the fact that you refuse to do just that make you think that possibly your commitment to so-called rationality has not broadened your mind or perspective, but made that perspective narrow and dogmatic, unwilling to recognize that there are things which it cannot grasp except through symbolic language?
    When dealing with something like cosmology in Islam, the Islamic cosmology includes a number of successive realms of material and spiritual being succeeding from the ultimate source of being which is the immaterial God and in the context of the Islam of the Imam,  a word like "world" can have universal and particular meanings not limited to physical reality or even one dimension of physical reality, let alone a reality which can be examined under microscopes. A word like "water" or "fire" might refer to material substances we know as water or fire in the everyday world, but water and fire in some cases might be referring to realities that are beyond normal human comprehension and beyond the mundane material world and its components. Whether or not a hadith is intended to be interpreted esoterically or exoterically and how literally or metaphorically is the responsibility of the trained scholars, not us. Maybe you don't want to hear this, but there comes a point where it you have to accept you have knowledge and that you have to entrust the authority of interpreting these to those who do. Otherwise you'll wear yourself out studying things, searching for truth, only to let your own individual reason take you far off the right course.
    And this is exactly your problem.
    What is wrong with the suggestion that there could be another way of interpreting the hadith? The Qur'an says that the heavens and the earth were created in a span of "six days". Are you saying there can't be a hidden meaning here to the word "days" because it explicitly says "days?" Who are you to say when words like days and months are to interpreted literally or esoterically?
    The fact is you are ignoring sound advice of others who are well aware of the multifaceted dimensions of the Qur'an verses and sayings of the Imams and the prophets suggesting for your own sake that you consult someone more learned in these matters and take into consideration that the Qur'an's meaning or the hadith's meanings aren't always obvious, nor are they necessarily limited to that realm which you call "science." This tells me that either you are arrogantly assuming your own rationality and knowledge of these matters is better than anyone else's here and perhaps more than your local clerics that you feel no need to consult them first before presenting your own independent conclusions or that you deny the reality that is the esoteric and the exoteric that is one of most vital components of the Shi'ite religion and are trying to call all this into question in the form of seemingly sincere questions that are in fact intended not as sincere pleas for help but as a means of sowing doubt and pushing your views.
    Honestly, and I don't say this to insult you personally, but I think you are treading a line between the Deist perspective and the Imami perspective and that you actually doubt your own religion but are not yet at the point where you'll deny it by suggesting the Imams are wrong. And rather you want to try force the Imams and the religion to conform to modern science by a process of negating or questioning any hadith that from YOUR perspective (which is of course the only perspective you trust) contradicts modern science, but of course you haven't bothered to question the perspective with which you look at the hadith, crying foul whenever anyone suggests that there may be another perspective or that you need to exercise a bit caution or humility when tackling religious sources on your own. You're not a scholar of rijal, so you can't say which narrators are trustworthy. You're not a scholar who's been trained in Islamic metaphysics, gnosis, reason and interpretative sciences, so you can't comment on when a hadith or a verse of the Qur'an is meant to be taken literally or not.
    Your posts seem to suggest that you think you are in a position that you can devise a full proof methodology to authenticate hadith. But you don't have this authority at all. In fact, it's completely based on your own individual reason, but you don't have the authority to exercise that reason with the sources of knowledge you are dealing with. The suggestion that you don't understand what the Imams are actually saying is 100% true. You don't.
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    _twelver got a reaction from power in Can Someone Please Explain   
    Just a tip for future reference, when you want to learn about Shias, learn from them not from sunnis. Look at the bibliography listed after the list, not one Shia book
    1. Shi’ite Beliefs, Shaykh Khalid Mahmud, Ph.D, Islamic Academy of Manchester, UK, 20 Pages
    2. Hidayatus Shia, Shaykh Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri, 844 Pages
    3. Tuhfah Ithna ‘Ashariyyah, Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Dehlwi, 826 Pages
    4. Shia kay hazar sawalon ka jawab, Shaykh Hafiz Muhammed Miyanwalwy, 547 Pages
    5. Aqaidus Shia, Muhammed Farooq, 413 Pages
    6. Aayaat Bayyinaat, Shaykh Sayyid Muhammed Mahdi Ali Khan, 360 Pages
    7. Masala tahreefay Quran pur Binori Town ka tahqeeqi fatwa, Mufti Muhammed Inaamul Allah, 213 Pages
    8. Irshadus Shia, Shaykh Muhammed Sarfraz Khan, Maktabah Safdariyyah, 213 Pages
    9. Khomainyism or Islam, Shaykh Dhiyaur Rahman Farooqi, 160 Pages
    10. Shi’ism exposed, Majlisul Ulama of South Africa, 150 Pages
    11. Sunni standpoint on Shias, compiled by Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaat for the Supreme court of Pakistan, 102 Pages
    12. The truth about Shi’ism Part 1, Majlisul Ulama of South Africa, 26 Pages
    13. The truth about Shi’ism Part 2, Majlisul Ulama of South Africa, 21 Pages
    14. Shia Madhab kay chalees bunyadee aqeeday, Shaykh Abdus Shakoor Lakhnawi, 64 Pages
    15. Sunni Shia muttafaqah tarjamh Quran ka azeem fitnah, Shaykh Qadhi Mazhar Husain, 28 Pages
    16. Shia ithna ashariyya or aqeedah tahreefay Quran, Shaykh Manzoor Nomani, 28 Pages
    17. Shia madhab, Shaykh Aashiq Ilahi Bulandshehri, 40 Pages
    18. Taayeed madhab ahlus sunnah tarjamah rad rawafidh, Imam Mujaddid Alf Thani, 92 Pages
    19. Assawaiqul Muhriqah, Shaykh Ibn Hajar Alhaytami, 2 Volumes
    20. The difference between the Shii and the majority of Muslim scholars, Saeed Ismaeel, Carbondale, IL, US, 34 Pages
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    _twelver reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Disturbing Finding In Saheeh Shia Hadith   
    assalamu alaykum,
    Ahmad ibn Muhammad in this chain is Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa Al-Ashari (ra) who is thiqa and has received a lot of praise. Usually when Al-Kulayni narrates from Al-Sayyari he writes from Ahmad ibn Muhammad Al-Sayyari or from Al-Sayyari, there is a mistake in the transmission or the scribe made a mistake when writing down the Hadith but regardless. Nader talked about Ahmad ibn Muhammad Al-Sayyari who is another narrator and weakened heavily. As for Ali ibn Ibrahim (ra) and Muhammad ibn Yahya Al-Attar (ra), both are heavy narrators of Hadith and both are thiqah. Also the hadiths which Al-Majlisi grades to be Mutabar in his Mir'at generally are. Akhi I've come across hadiths myself which are extremely hard to swallow and they require a bit of thought on the Arabic and the actual content to understand (like the sun setting into a pool of water and rising from between the horns of Satan). Don't just say this hadith is false or fabricated because you cannot understand something, try to rationalize it, send this to an actual scholar. And if you do not understand it at the end then do tawaqquf and put it aside for the Qa'im (as) to explain to you, you honestly cannot expect to understand everything the Masum says.
    wa assalam
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    _twelver reacted to StrugglingForTheLight in Disturbing Finding In Saheeh Shia Hadith   
    There are many authentic hadiths that contradict Quran as well. This shows ilmel rijaal system is not reliable.
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    _twelver reacted to Qa'im in Disturbing Finding In Saheeh Shia Hadith   
    Keep in mind that in texts like this, numbers like 3, 40, and 72 are literary devices and sometimes metaphorical.
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    _twelver reacted to Sheikh Voldemort in How Wrong We Can Be.   
    No and No
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    _twelver got a reaction from The Green Knight in Shia Scholars Converts To Sunnis   
    As the mod Abu Tufayl said before, youre either made from the clay of the AhlulBayt (as) or youre not
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