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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Syedmed

    Khuda hafiz

    Thank you all for the kind words, take care, its been a pleasure, kh, ws S.D.R
  3. Achi aadat: Kaafi talented hai mashallah se, graphic designing mei, cricket mei, nohey perhney mei Burri aadat: One linerz ka maahir hai Kuch alfaaz: Darasl, yahaan, iss urdu forum mei, aap sab ko khuda hafiz kehna chahta houn. Halaankeh takreeban har koi joh iss forum mei post kartey rehtey hain merey MSN par hain, phir bhi, woh baat nahin ho gi, maslan Rizvi ki bisti joh yahaan par hoti hai, aur kahin nahin ho sakti. Lastly, agar kabhi kissi ko meri baatein burri lagin, toh aap ki ma'azrat chahta houn. Umiid hai aap sab sey guftagoo iss forum sey baahar chalti rahey gi, kh, ws D.R.
  4. Bathing it in vinegar is a very good solution. You can also try bathing it in oatmeal. As far as medications, consider an anti-inflammatory e.g. Ibuprofen or Aspirin.
  5. Syedmed

    Khuda hafiz

    I have been a member of Shia Chat for an eventful two plus years and, for the most part, it has always been a pleasure. But the time has come for me to say my goodbyes, and so I leave this forum starting Monday. It has been a privilege being your forum doctor, and answering your questions, be it in public, or in private. It never ceases to amaze me how much we take our physicians into confidence, and it is often rather humbling. Rest assure I will maintain that confidentiality after I leave. To the moderators and admins, whilst I have not always agreed with your decisions, I have always appreciated the task that you guys try and perform, and I hope you guys continue your duties in the same fashion for the most part. To the chat mods, it has been a wonderful few weeks working with you, and I have no doubt you guys will continue the fine work. Lastly, a shout out to the many friends I have made on the forum. You guys have all been wonderful, especially the urdu forum crew, and inshallah I hope to continue those friendships outside of the Shia Chat domain. Please dont PM me through the forum after Monday, but should anyone need assistance, my email address is present in my profile, and I will try my best to help in any way I can. I wish all of you nothing but the best, take care, best wishes, God Bless.
  6. Happy Birthday Saahir, best wishes, have an absolutely wonderful day, year waghera, khush raho, and dua karo KFC comes back :P
  7. My deepest condolences to you and your family, my prayers are with you.
  8. A systemic antihistamine e.g. diphenhydramine can also be given. but generally the drugs of choice are topical steroids
  9. Wilayah :D, thx, appreciate it, btw, I'm not a surgeon :dry:, no knives for me :P Zulfiqaar Shukriyah bohat bohat Muhammad Thanks for the wishes, appreciate it
  10. Viral meningitis is generally more benign than bacterial meningitis and is often self limiting. Patients generally have fever for 3-5 days, malaise, nausea, and while many meningitis patients have nuchal (neck) rigidity or photophobia, around a third of patients with viral meningitis may not have those features. The most important aspect of viral meningitis is to diagnose it as having a viral etiology, and not say a bacterial or fungal etiology. Generally, an analysis of the CSF fluid will show elevated or normal glucose values, maybe a slightly elevated protein count, and more lymphocytes than PMNs. Treatment is with newer age anti-virals e.g. pleconaril, or the tried and tested IV acyclovir. Bacterial meningitis, regretfully, is a far more serious condition. Assuming your friend is between the age of say 18-50, chances are if she has bacterial meningitis it is from Strep Pneumo, or Neisseria Meningitidis. Lab data will show an elevated white blood count, with increased PMNs, decreased glucose levels and an elevated protein level. Unlike in viral meningitis where one third of patients wont have the classic clinical signs and symptpms, almost every patient with bacterial meningitis will either fever, nuchal rigidity, or altered mental status. Treatment depends on the bacteria, a cephalosporin (generally ceftriaxone) for Strep or H.I. and PCN for Neisseria, all given IV ofcourse Bottom line, meningitis is a dangerous disease, years ago outbreaks were common during Hajj, and pilgrims were advised to get vaccinated before hand. Whilst Hajj levels have come down over the year, the disease itself remains potent. The key to meningitis as far as treatment is catching the disease in its early stages, and then treating it accordingly. Far too many patients die because they do not pay attention to the symptoms, and come in when it is too late. Inshallah your friend will be fine, take care
  11. Thanks Arthur, good luck with the suitors :P, drop chai on them if they have frilly mustaches
  12. Veniiii Thanks veni the alien princess, heyy, btw, where's my bday pina colata :dry: Tatheer Shukriya aap ka, appreciate it Arjumand Lol, thanks again, appreciate it, dont worry, havent forgotten about the PM, will get back to you :P Faithful8876 Thanks, I appreciate the kind words
  13. :!!!: @ hmMm, you may have been late (even though you weren't), but that reply was worth the wait :P Sweet Angel Thanks, appreciate it
  14. Youth of Ali Thanks and you are absolutely correct, the basis of humanity is being there for your fellow human being Noor Thanks for the wishes, appreciate it hmMm Uff, kitni kharaab hain, koi sher bhi nahin likha, naa hi Rizvi ki "bisti" ki, aiwayee Thamina Shukriya, thanks a lot for the double mention, appreciate it, and lol, it was a busy night, and thus far its been a busy day :( Saahir Thanks ji, oh, btw, masjid ke kareeb KFC zindabaad :P Zain Lol, thanks, appreciate it, its almost ironic how we share a birthday
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