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  1. al-Hamdulillah, I never had any problems at the centre I went to back home in Canada. They accepted me and helped me.
  2. Ali Mahdi

    Life in Qom for married couple

    If you have any questions about living in Qom and al-Mustafa International University, you're welcome to ask me. I'm a student and one of the representatives of the North and South American students on the Students' Council. Yes, it's possible to get accepted to al-Mustafa International University, if you have necessary requirements and pass the admission exam. Most people are accepted but if you're from a country where there are lots of students, it may be more difficult and take longer. Also, see the attachment I uploaded. It was written by one of the Western students here. Life in Qum - a practical guide.pdf
  3. Ali Mahdi

    Convert WhatsApp group

    We also have a group for converts on Whatsapp and Telegram called "Rebirth": https://chat.whatsapp.com/EG9Es86EPRJGx4jUGj0Jln https://t.me/joinchat/AUnBFz_f9b-vC6E_xNsECQ
  4. Ali Mahdi

    How not to dress (Men) ** Warning to the sisters! Contains male pics**

    Some of the youth in Iran dress the same. And they think they're so cool because they're dressed in a "Western" manner. No straight person in the West dresses like some of these guys!
  5. Ali Mahdi

    Squattitude Appreciation Society

    When I first came to Iran, I hated squat toilets but after a short time, I began to prefer them and if there is a Western toilet, I never use it!
  6. Ali Mahdi

    #47 Are your Friends Mostly Shia or non-Shia?

    I'm very much an introvert and even though I'm a revert to Islam, I have almost no non-Muslim close friends. Of course, I know lots of non-Muslims but they aren't my close friends. I have few close Muslim friends and all of them are Shi'ahs (I know lots of Shi'ahs though but against they aren't super close to me to be considered best friends). I don't know any Sunnis personally as I've never gone anywhere to befriend or meet any. I've only gone to Shi'ah mosques and husayniyahs and of course, living here in Qom, I only interact with Shi'ahs.
  7. Ali Mahdi

    Living in Iran

    Wa Alaykum as-Salam. ویزای تجاری Viza-ye Tejari An Indian brother who established a group of Indian restaurants here in Qom told me about it. If you want more information, I'll ask him.
  8. Ali Mahdi

    Shia in Hamilton and Niagara

    There also al-Mustafa Islamic Centre in Hamilton (on Main Street East). It's an Iraqi centre. When I am back home in Canada and I can attend, I go there because I know the brothers there. I don't know anyone at the Razavi Centre.
  9. Ali Mahdi

    Living in Iran

    It's difficult for foreigners to open a shop or restaurant in Iran but possible. Someone told me once that you have to pay a one time fee of about 28 million tomans (about $2,000 US at the current exchange rate - the Iranian rial isn't stable at the moment) for a business visa and then you have to pay for residency fee for yourself and your family. You can also come and study at al-Mustafa International University, a seminary for foreigners, if you meet the criteria.
  10. Ali Mahdi

    Popular Name Spelling

    Muhammad and Husayn are correct according to the pronunciation of classical Arabic. There is no tashid in حسین and therefore, there should be only one "s." However, transliteration does depend on the region of the origin of the speaker. For example, in Iran, the "dhammah" ُ is pronounced as "o" not "u," so they transliterate words in this manner, ie: Mohammad not Muhammad.
  11. Ali Mahdi

    Iran Ziarat in December/January

    I'm Canadian and have a high tolerance for cold weather so, in my opinion, while it does get cool here in Qom but it's really only cold at night and in the mornings. It's only really cold for a few days out of the year and some years it snows one or two times but it usually melts by early afternoon. On most days from November to early March, it's between 5-13°C during the day and goes below freezing at night. Mashhad is colder than Qom. The dry air makes it feel cold than the temperature suggests. Bring a coat. If you feel cold, you can buy a coat here. Iran is quite cheap if you bring foreign currency.
  12. My parents live in rural southwestern Ontario - Norfolk County, which is where I was born and raised but I live in the holy city of Qom now.
  13. Ali Mahdi

    Telegram channel

    I use a VPN We have a group for converts to Islam, if you want to join, you can at this link: https://t.me/joinchat/AUnBFz_f9b-vC6E_xNsECQ
  14. Ali Mahdi

    Hadith Of The Day

    قال الإمامُ الحسنُ عليه السلام: المَصائبُ مَفاتيحُ الأجرِ Imam al-Hasan (a) said : “Afflictions are the keys to reward.” Alam al-Din, hadith 297
  15. Ali Mahdi

    Hadith Of The Day

    قال رسولُ اللَّهِ صلى اللَّه عليه وآله: حُبُّ عليٍّ يأكُلُ الذُّنوبَ كما تأكُلُ النّارُ الحَطَبَ The Prophet Muhammad (س) has said: “Love for Ali consumes sins as fire consumes wood.” Kanz al-Ummal, hadith 33021