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  1. Yeah, all the communist states were pretty much like that. The 'cult of personality' was predominant.
  2. North Korea is officially an Atheist state and does not tolerate any religion. Meanwhile Sweden is a secular state that has no religious involvement in government but where religious freedom is protected.
  3. Yes. That argument is not just used by Craig though. Most religious people will admit that they will never change their minds regardless of the evidence.
  4. So why didn't Allah reveal himself to any other parts of the world? Why did they have different Deities and were completely unaware of Allah?
  5. Craig starts out with the presumption that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Any evidence that contradicts that presumption is utterly dismissed.
  6. Like the Bible all these prophets are all in the same region. God/Allah decided that only the Middle East was worthy of his attention. I find it incredibly hard to believe that the Quran and the Bible can reveal the secrets to the creation of man but nothing is mentioned of the outside world.
  7. If the Quran is the word of God then why is it only focused on one specific region of the world? I have the same issue with the Bible.
  8. Well he doesn't provide any evidence to back up his claims other than holding up the Bible. His most common refute to us atheists is "you weren't there so you can't possibly know" which is common amongst Christian apologists.
  9. I am actually quite familiar with the various types of arguments for the existence of God and the justifications given for most religions. Although I am much more familiar with Christianity because I live in the West. I don't think I am that open minded. It is just in science there are no absolutes. For example I believe that evolution is a biological fact but with the discovery of some supernatural evidence that could change my mind very quickly. In fact I think most atheists will say that they could be wrong but we just have no seen the evidence yet to justify belief in the supernatural/God etc......... I'm just curious how many people of religious faith would be willing to admit that there is a chance they could be wrong.
  10. Well Christians have something similar called apologetics.
  11. As an atheist I get asked quite often "What if you're wrong". I admit that I could be wrong. There really could be a God. For purposes of this forum I could be wrong about the Quran. It could be 100% factual. I just have not seen the evidence yet. However, I have to pose this question. Is there any evidence that could convince you that you are wrong about your beliefs?
  12. So where does punishment for apostasy come from? The Hadith?
  13. Do you believe that atheists should be legally punished for expressing their lack of belief in God or do you believe it is a matter of freedom of speech which should be protected?
  14. Yes, it does cause harm to individuals and societies. From the early sexualisation of girls, increased physical and sexual abuse of women and girls, lower educational levels for women and girls, less equality, increased rates of human trafficking, forces marriage, child brides, decreased civil liberties for women.
  15. Actually Polygamy has been shown to be harmful to women and children. Gay marriage isn't.
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