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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Then why did you call me a rafidhi, if you dont care. You seriously think that the wives of the prophet are included in the pure household. They maybe called as ahlul bait, but they are not the ahlul bait of thaqalayn. Even Um Salama (ra) which is one of the good wives of Rasulallah (pbuh) wasn't included in the ahlul bait of thaqalayn or pure ones. Seriously, start thinking with your brain. I am sure you have one. Go read your own history. Umar questioned his prophethood in Hudaibiya. Go read your own sources. Nope not at all. He left it for his Ummah to decide who was a hypocrite and who is a true momin. There must be a struggle between truth and falsehood, otherwise the prophet (pbuh) had the ability to wipe them out of his earth. Do you even think before you post. How many times do we have to tell you people that the prophet (pbuh) wouldn't punish anyone before they did the act. Why dont you go ahead and declare all the companions as infallible?
  2. (salam) Exactly! Where were the so called BBF's of Rasulallah (pbuh)? Abu Talib (as) and Bibi Khadija (as) were the ones who helped the messenger of Allah the most in the early years of Islam, but who gets all the credit. They call Abu Talib a kafir and lower the status of bibi Khadija. There are so unjust. A man who was in the cave with Rasulallah for once is known as Sideeq, but Abu Talib who gave his life to Islam, is known as a kafir?
  3. Stop with your fake love for the ahlul bait (as) . It's not love what you have, it's hypocrisy. According to our narrations, in the book of Sulaym bin Qays, Imam Ali (as) grabbed Umar's belt and slammed him into the ground and said "If the prophet (pbuh) didn't tell to observe patience, I would have killed you.". I will post the narration if I find it. Imagine, a few loyal sahabas (ra) remaining with Imam Ali (as) and Abu bakr and Umar having many people on their side. Wouldn't you think Imam Ali (as) would be helpless and outnumbered? Your argument is vague. Allah(SWT) protection was with prophet (pbuh). When they went into the cave, by Allah (SWT) will, a spider blocked the entrance of the cave with it's web, so the kuffar will never think that anyone could have entered the cave. So yes, Abu bakr was at a minimum risk. So in any way Allah (SWT) would have never let anything happen to his prophet (pbuh). I mean who would be scared when you are with the prophet (pbuh) knowing that divine assistance is present there. But no, according to Quran, Abu bakr grieved and was scared. Then, Rasulallah (pbuh) told him to stop grieving and according to some narrations from your own books, He (pbuh) said to Abu bakr to be quiet! Isn't that a type of disbelief in Allah(SWT) and His Messenger (pbuh) ? Where was Abu bakr's so called strong faith? Since, he is the best human after the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) to you.
  4. I am proud to be a rafidha. Thank you. And you are called a nasibi for a reason, cause you deny every true merit of the ahlul bait (as), hence this is also a type of hatred. By serving the prophet (pbuh), do you mean running away from battlefields, oppressing his ahlul bait (as) and questioning his prophethood etc? The prophet (pbuh) could have disowned far dangerous people who outwardly oppressed and tried to murder him. However, when he came back from Medina to Mecca, instead of taking revenge, he forgave them. On the other hand, the hypocrisy of some companions were not fully exposed yet, so the messenger of Allah (pbuh) wouldn't punish someone if he has not yet done that act. Rasulallah was a mercy from God, he did not come to disown people.
  5. (wasalam) We don't believe that Rasulallah (pbuh) gave that title to Abu bakr. Surely, without a doubt the messenger of Allah knew better who was sideeq. Abu bakr or Ali (as)
  6. (salam) We humans with our limited knowledge cannot understand Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì is unlimited. He does not have a physical body, but is present everywhere. If we ascribe earthly or physical attributes to Allah(SWT), it will make Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì limited.
  7. Oh, come on. When I have an Imam like Ali bin abi Talib (as), I do not need to be jealous of anything. I proved that Ali is a man of bravery while Abu bakr is a man who grieved even when he was with prophet (pbuh). Is this the only virtue you can give to me for Abu bakr? Just because the Quran mentions that he was in the cave with Rasulallah, it doesn't mean the Quran praised him. So, use your brain. A man who is willing to sell his life for the religion of Islam and accepting martyrdom by sleeping in the bed of Rasulallah (pbuh), is better or someone who is in the safety of Allah(SWT) with being alongside the messenger of Allah (pbuh), but still has fear in his heart?
  8. The Quran clearly says that Abu bakr grieved and this is a sign of disobedience. This alone shows Ali (as) superiority over the shaikhain. Ali (as) was all alone sleeping in the bed of Rasulallah (pbuh) and did not even tremble in fear when the kuffar came and wanted to attack him. On the other hand, Abu bakr was with the holy prophet (pbuh) and still he was afraid and was grieved that he maybe killed. This shows that Abu bakr did not have faith in Rasulallah and Allah(SWT). I mean, who would be scared when you stand next to Rasulallah (pbuh) knowing that Allah (SWT) will never let anything happen to his prophet. See the difference, Imam Ali (as) showed his bravery by sleeping in Rasulallah's bed and being ready to face the enemies, but Abu bakr was grieved even when he was with Rasulallah and knowing that protection is there.
  9. So, Abu bakr was so close to the Rasulallah (pbuh) that the secret that prophets do not leave inheritance was only told to him and nobody else? The Quran says that prophets do leave inheritance, doesn't this contradict the so called famous hadith that is the foundation of your faith? First prove that they do not leave inheritance and what Abu bakr said is right, then come forward and say that Bibi Fatima (as) (God forbid) was a woman who was after a piece of land and claimed things as hers which didn't belong to her.
  10. (wasalam) I don't know what kind of sinner and it is not what I say from my own, it's what I heard from Sunnis. I just gave answer to what Shiahashmi said. By infallible? There is also a misconception about infallible most people have. When you look at it's definition, it says infallible means someone who is incapable of error or sin, but the actual meaning of infallibility is being capable of doing sin, BUT he WONT sin because the infallible's knowledge about Allah is far greater than normal humans.
  11. (wasalam) You are doing a wonderful thing by being open minded and taking a step to finding the truth. Most people never even think about finding the truth and consider what they're ancestors did is right. Adding to what Hamza said. My advice. Now, you do not need hadith books. You need to study the difference between Sunni and Shia. Start from the first and most important difference between the two school of thoughts for example, the most important thing is the debate whether who is the righteous successor of Rasulallah (pbuh). Examine and study both the beliefs of Shia and Sunni regarding it and see which one of them refutes the other better and which has a more logical or strong conclusion. I highly recommend watching Youtube lectures by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, especially the series called "Misconceptions about Shia Islam". May Allah (SWT) guide you. Inshallah.
  12. (salam) Don't listen to them. They might stray you away with their lies. Watch alot of videos and do a lot of research on different topics so you can be able to refute them. My suggestion, watch Sayed Ammar Nakshawani's series of lectures called "misconceptions of Shia islam". You can find the entire playlist on youtube. I highly recommend it. Also, you can watch Ammar Nakshawani's videos on "The life of Imam Ali (as)" which is an ongoing series of lectures in this month of Ramadan. You will learn alot about the real history of the companions of Rasulallah (pbuh).
  13. Thank you for shedding some light brother. Your right. Theres nothing wrong with halal entertainment at all. I remember picking up this idea from a Sunni site which said that playing games is haram because it kills time. So, I was wondering what my faith has to say with this and actually I'm glad it's not.
  14. (salam) I thought that if the murtad is spreading disbelief and making others go away from Islam should be killed and not if he apostates, but remains silent and is busy with his own life. Or the murtad is killed in any circumstance?
  15. Because, playing games is time killing and time killing is not good. That's why I was thinking that it may not be allowed, due to it being a means of wasting people's time.
  16. Long hours of fasting will slow down your metabolism and makes it easier for you to gain weight. Your lucky. I wish I was like that too. No matter how much I ate, I wouldn't gain even a pound.
  17. (salam) Brother, it does matter. We as Shias believe that Imam Mahdi (as) is guided from birth and is infallible. The sunni version of the Mahdi makes no sense. He will be a sinner and he will repent and in one night he will be guided and lead the army of muslims. A guide or a hujjah from Allah (SWT) must be infallible. All the guides from Allah (SWT) from the beginning of time were not like normal humans. In fact they were distinguished from others in their era. Hence, the one who will be the saviour and last guided one from Allah (SWT) cannot be a sinner who will repent later on, he must be a significant one. Sunnis also say according to their version of the Mahdi, that he will know the true interpretation of the Quran and will bring back the true sunnah of the messenger of Allah (pbuh). It's kinda interesting because Sunnis do not believe in someone else being divinely guided other than prophets (as), so how do they believe that the Mahdi will be divinely guided.
  18. (salam) I was wondering whether is it a halal way to make money by developing a game for the iphone and selling them on the app store. For example, if the game does not have any haram content such as sexual scenes and It's a game for fun. Is it allowed?
  19. What are you trying to say? When did I say that the prophet's (pbuh) grandsons names were licensed? What does Muhammad bin abdulwahab have to do with this? Of course, the virtue of the ahlul bait (as) is known to every sect and no one denies it. Even the wahabis/salafis say they love Ali, Hasan and Hussain, but they only love their version of the ahlul bait whom are very friendly with their oppressors. So what, if Muhammad bin abdulwahhab named his sons Hussain, Ali and Hasan? its no surprise. Were talking about the early years of Islam not like 2 centuries ago.
  20. (salam) When it comes to this. Sunnis don't know who they are accusing of lies. Your saying that Fatima (as) was after dunya and piece of land while her father (pbuh) told her that she is the first to join him after his death? She was alive only 6 months after her father's death, even a normal human being would let go of dunya at that stage. She is the mistress of all the believing woman of the heavens and you are accusing her of arguing after a piece of land, while it even belongs to her. Bibi Fatima (as) only did that to expose their hypocrisy to the world. First prove that the prophets (as) do not leave inheritance and it goes to charity. Doesn't the Quran state clearly that they do leave inheritance? If you think deeply, you will find the truth.
  21. (salam) Just to further add some points. Tell your friend that the first 3 caliphs did not own the names and there were many arabs and companions named Abu bakr, Umar and Uthman. First of all Abu bakr is not a name, it is a kunya which is given to a person from other people. I dont have the source, but I heard Imam Ali (as) named two of his sons Umar and Uthman after two other of his companions and not after the second and third caliph. Also, tell your friend did Abu bakr, Umar and Uthman name any of their sons Ali? No. It can't be seen in history. For example, Saddam Hussein who killed so many Shias and was a tyrant. Did people stop naming their sons Hussain? No, because we name it after the grandson of prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
  22. Furthermore, It's interesting to see today when you look at groups like the Taliban, Al qaeda and ISIS (May Allah (SWT) destroy all of them), you get the idea that all of them are the children of Umar bin Khattab, because they are in fact following his sunnah. Umar is the father of this ideology.
  23. (salam) This video is a typical propaganda about Umar bin Khattab and oh yeah they are praising him by saying those and they are proud of it too. Shame. :no: Yasser Habib in one of his videos said that pregnant women miscarriaged when they looked at Umar because he was extremely ugly and also added that no wonder Bibi Fatima (as) miscarriaged Mohsin (as) when Umar burned Fatima (as) house and broke her rib. That is no way a sign of a true muslim when pregnant women had miscarriage when they looked at him and when someone would torture people and slap women. In addition, having a hard and ruthless heart, speaking out against the prophet (pbuh), running away from the battlefield etc were all Umar bin Khattab's traits and behaviour and in no way would a sane human being would call him the second greatest companion of the messenger of Allah (pbuh) and consider him superior to Amirul Monineen Ali (as).
  24. (salam) I believe he said there will be 24 lectures in total. If I'm correct, he said that he will be continuing in a few days and I think it is from the 19th of Ramadan or whenever is the day of Imam Ali (as) martyrdom.
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