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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, If someone has not memorized the 2 surahs and the supplication and cannot memorize it, due to Arabic not being the mother tongue of that individual until the time of that prayer. Can he/she recite the surahs and duas using a piece of paper or from his/her phone during the EId prayers?
  2. Thanks for sharing the video. There's something that always bothers my mind. How do we know which marja is the most knowledgable. As we laymen, cannot understand it. I've heard that you have to ask experts in order to get the answer, however not everyone gives the same answer regarding who's the most knowledgable marja.
  3. Thank you so much brother, for the information. Can you please translate them in English if it isn't too much for you? I don't understand Arabic.
  4. Salam Alaykom, I've heard that we can gift our amaal or the thawab of our amaal to imam Al-Hujjah (as). Are there hadiths from our imams(as) that mention this and its merits? I heard a lecture by AyatAllah Wahid Khorasani (may Allah swt lengethen his life) about this, saying that it's good to do it, cause it guarantees the acceptance of our deeds and strengthens our relation with the imam of our time (as). I'm not doubting the grand ayatAllah's words, but I want to know more about this as in how I should do it. For example, if I want to gift my amaal, should I say it at the end of my good
  5. Thanks so much brother. I'll definitely consider the things you've written. May Allah(swt) reward you.
  6. No offence, but this is ignorance at its best. At least its good that you are asking.
  7. May Allah(swt) forgive me. Allah(swt) knows how many times I've shown anger towards my mother, but I always feel guilty afterwards. Also, my mother is an extremely understanding mother. She knows the reasons I get angry, which is either I have issues in my life or sometimes my mental state. Therefore, I know that she forgives me. The question, are there hadiths from the infallibles (as) to tell us how we can shatter our ego or how can we become less aggressive and more calm? Cause I think most angers and rudeness towards someone comes from ones ego. I love my mother more than a
  8. Salam, I've never experienced extraordinary miracles, but some small ones like facing problems in my life that was solved, yes but not something out of the ordinary. (I would love to see one), but I've heard about some miracles happening to some of our distant relatives. My mom says that a man from one of our distant relatives had cancer and went to Karbala. He went near the shrine of Imam Al-Husayn(as), and said to imam Husayn (as) that "I will not leave here until I am cured by your intercession". He went to sleep there. While he was asleep, he saw a man wearing green, coming towa
  9. Salam, Looks cool. I wish it was on the App store for iphone and ipad as well.
  10. I mostly agree with you. They, sunnis in general be it wahhabi or non wahhabi, have let themselves become the tools of the big satan. So, I guess, yes, they have an extremely big role in the spread of evil in this world today, according to my intellectual observation.
  11. With all due respect to brother Tawheed313, Yes, I agree that public cursing is totally wrong. However, it is our duty to introduce and expose the people that have led majority of the muslim ummah astray and I mean it in an academic way. If those three and Aisha are not super villains, then what are they? I consider them at least as evil as Yazeed (la) if not more. They are the Firouns of this ummah. If it not were for saqifa, then the tragedy of Karbala would have never occurred and no one would have had the audacity to lay a finger on the Ahlul bayt(as). Furthermore, almost a
  12. Here's the video mentioning this by a respected scholar. [Sayed Hossein Al Qazwini] Skip to 1:13:38 He [Sayed Hossein Al Qazwini] doesn't bring evidence, but raises some interesting points to ponder over. However, if anyone could provide other evidence against him [Umar/Omar], it is open for debate.
  13. Salam, First, may Allah (swt) not hold me accountable on the day of judgement, because I've only heard this and I'm not being unjust, but recently I watched a lecture by Sayed Husayn al-Qazwini about the biography of Abu bakr. Towards the end of the video, he kind of hinted indirectly that Umar may have killed Abu bakr, because he was the only one benefitting the most out of his death. If possible, I will post the video InshaAllah.
  14. Thanks my brother. I appreciate it. I'l also remember you.
  15. Salam, I am currently going through an extremely difficult situation regarding my health. I wanted to say if anyone is near the shrines of the masoomen (as), like imam Husayn(as) or imam Musa al Kadhim (as) or any of the masoomeen(as), to do dua and do tawassul to them on my behalf, if they had the chance to visit them these days.. My situation seems kind of hopeless with the doctors, so I want to resort to the intercession of the Ahlul bayt(as), so Allah (swt) can give me relief. If there is anyone, then please pm me so I can give you details. Also, I would also appreciate if the me
  16. Yeah, it was unintentional. Better leave more time before fajr from now on to avoid such things.
  17. Yeah, you're right. It makes sense. Nobody has the 100% accurate timings.I think they are just estimates. Thanks for the assurance. I feel more confident now.
  18. I hope everyone is having a happy Ramadan. I look at Najaf.org to get the timetable for when fajr starts. I was sitting down drinking water waiting for fajr, as according to najaf.org, fajr was 2:21 am. I wanted to stop drinking water when my iphone clock hit 2:19 or 2:20. However, when I was drinking water, I found myself thinking about something, which I forgot that I should stop drinking water a minute or two before fajr. However, I suddenly remembered that I should stop drinking, while I'm not sure if I still had water in my mouth or not, but before pressing the home button of m
  19. Salam, I never quite fully understood the one which says to wipe on the roots of the hair. If one does not part his hair in the middle, but has parted his hair on one side, does one have to (don't know how to say it), like dig in his fingers on his head, so the wetness reaches the roots? These things can be really confusing. Allah (swt) knows how many of my salah are invalid, due to these small things.
  20. Your mentality is worthy of praise, but as for your first point, in some parts of the world, very difficult to not go through those in order to get married. From where I come from, 95% surely, no one will give his daughter to you if its not a wedding that at least 500 guests are not invited and an expensive wedding dress or expensive jewellery is not around the brides neck. When I say 500 guests, that is a small and humble wedding.
  21. Same here. I am extremely confused and do not understand the issue in Syria. Its like for me, apparently, shias are supporters of Assad and sunnis are against him. Also, whether Assad is a tyrant or not. If yes, then why Iran and HezbAllah are in support of Assads government?
  22. Dr. Sekaleshfar, I assume is shia, right? This doesn't make sense. The guy who did the shooting, Omar Mateen (may he burn in hell) is a sunni. Everyone should know that usually sunnis are not influenced by words of shias. This is clearly taking out of context and a blatant accusation.
  23. Thank you for the clarification. Yes, indeed according to the verse mubahila, imam Ali (as) is superior to Fatima Zahra(as). I take it that you are a twelver, right? Yes, the Quran does say that Lady Maryam (as) is the best, however Lady Fatima (as) is not mentioned by name in the Quran. She is mentioned as part of Ahlul bayt for example, her virtues are mentioned in verses like mubahila, ayah tatheer, ayah of loving RasulAllah(saww) near ones etc. Also, according to some lectures I've listened to, they've mentioned that Lady Fatima (as) is superior to Lady Maryam (as). I
  24. Salam, Lady Fatima Zahra (as) is the best and most superior woman in the world, however she(as) is without a doubt not superior to RasulAllah Muhammad (saww). No ones status is higher than RasulAllah (saww). I don't know, but I've heard that she might be on the same level of Imam Ali (as). Maybe other members can shed light on this more.
  25. Salam, Personally, I really don't get this statement. How can everyday be Ashura and every place Karbala? For example, what about a land or a place which there is much obscenity and kufr there, can we say that place is Karbala God forbid? What i it should be is "There is no day like Ashura and there is no place like Karbala". Or if I'm wrong, can someone enlighten me?
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