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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam to everyone, Firstly, I'm not trying to cause fitna bewteen Shia's and Sunni's, but in fact I'm trying to point out the truth. I think this is one of the questions that the ahle sunnah are incapable of giving a rational answer. 1000s of companions were martyred by Aisha's army and still they say (Razi allahu anhu). It's the same with all the other wars of Imam Ali (AS). Muawiya fought imam Ali (AS) in the battle of siffin and still may Allah be pleased with Muawiya. etc... Yup, what compassion there was after the prophet (PBUH and HF)'s death that the companions murdered each oth
  2. Salam, Thanks for replying Chaotic Muslem and I'm glad you agree with me. Many people might consider the apparent meaning of this verse, but if thought about it deeply, you can get a feeling that this verse of the holy quran maybe revealed for the prophet's progeny (AS). Salam, Nice explanation and I cant disagree with you. The problem is that if the apparent meaning is considered, then the descendants of israel were not all prophets and holy people. In fact they have committed the most horrible eg, if I'm not wrong, they've even killed 1000s and 1000s of prophets. In this case, we
  3. Salam o alaikom, I came across a topic by reading a shia ebook named Allegories 1st volume. In there it mentioned that the word israel which is known as prophet Jacobs(AS) name, can also refer to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HF). Because israel means abdullah and abdullah means servant of god, so prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HF) is israel. The book also mentioned some references: In the interpretation of Al-Ayashi andothers:Haron bin Muhammad said, “I asked Abu Abdullah pbuh about theAlmighty’s saying, {O children of Israel}. He pbuh said, ‘We, in particular,are them.’ ”Muhammad bin Al
  4. Hello, Thanks for replying. I thought I wasnt getting any more responses in my thread. Yeah, I agree with you. The hadith does not prove anything. Well back in school, our teachers were telling us that abu hanifa is the best scholar and imam to follow by simply using the above hadith as their proof. Of course it's ridiculous to think that way that someone will appear like a 100 years after the prophet (PBUH & HF) and will find the true teachings of the prophet. Our brothers form ahlu sunnah should think over this that how could the prophet (PBUH and HF) leave the ummah behind witho
  5. There's one more thing that the Hanafi's use a hadith which is found in either sahih muslim or sahih bukhari, but I'm gonna write the end of the hadith, due to the length. It is narrated that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) put his hand on the lap of Salman Farsi (RA) and says that among his descendants, will be the ones that will find the religion. I've seen Hanafi Sunni's use this argument to prove themselves the best sect in islam, because they say that abu hanifa was the descendant of Salman Farsi(RA) and abu hanifa is a scholar, hence he is the one that the Prophet (SAWW) was predicting. Is th
  6. Salam Fakhruddin, Thanks for replying. Actually that is what I think too. Although, I am not a 100% sure if abu hanifa was against ahlul bait, but if I'm not wrong, I think I read from somewhere that abu hanifa said: "I have never seen anyone more knowledgable than Imam Sadiq (as)". If this is the case, then why didn't he become Shia. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that abu hanifa wanted to gain this world. So at least this is my theory, but still there's no solid proof for this argument. May Allah (swt) forgive me if I made a wrong assumption.
  7. Thanks IQRA07. That is really interesting. Now it does make a bit sense.
  8. Asalamo alaikom brothers and sisters, I had something that was bothering my mind is that we all know that imam Abu Hanifa was Imam Jafar Sadiq(as) student along with the other two imams which I don't remember which imams they were. The question is that how did Abu Hanifa isolated himself, created a new sect and started his own teachings. What is the story behind this? Can anyone please explain to me how it happened? I will be very happy to hear from you people in the forum. Thank you.
  9. Hello, Thanks brother, The information is quite good. I think you are right,but he considers himself follower of Imam Shafii. No wonder he got offended when I mentioned "Wahabi" in front of him.
  10. Hello B-N, Thank you very much. This is very useful. May Allah reward you.
  11. Salam o alaikom Brother, The thing about the Prophet (SAW) marrying a 6 year old girl is a total lie found in sunnis sources and unfortunately they have defamed the Prophet (SAW) in the west. Aisha was at least 20 or 21 when she was married to the our Holy Prophet (SAW). There are some hadiths that proves that Aisha was at least 20 or 21 years old. Insha Allah, I will provide some reference for this. Thanks.
  12. In the name of Allah, the most merciful. Asalam o alaikom brothers/sisters, I am a new member to this forum and I had a question regarding tawasul. I was just asking that how to prove asking Allah for something on behalf of someone holy such as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the ahle bait (AS). It would be really nice to use sone sunni sources against the person Im debating. So I appreciate if anyone could give me some advice and quote some hadiths from sunni sources to make my argument stronger. Thank you.
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