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  1. Okay, then if by following what is right means rejecting sahih hadiths, then you have your own way. (109:6) You shall have your religion and I shall have mine. Wa salam.
  2. Hello, I've probably seen many. I am sticking to logic and common sense. I am not interpreting the words of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì however suits myself. I take the prophet's (pbuh) word that only 5 are included in the cloak and are cleansed from sins.
  3. No, you can't take it. Why don't you take your siha sita's words which say the prophets (pbuh) wives are not included. When it comes to the virtues of Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain (as), you deny everything and try to interpret verses of the Quran however you wish.
  4. (salam) Dear sunni brothers, Although we bring proofs form your own authentic books that the wives of the messenger of Allah (pbuh) is not included in the ahlul bait which are supposed to be followed and purified, but still you insist that wives are also included. Let's say they were included. Ok? If Aisha was purified in that verse, then why did Allah (SWT) revealed Surah al tahreem in the holy Quran in which the two wives of the prophet (Aisha and Hafsa) are warned to a degree that Allah (STW) said He will be in war with them if they conspire against the prophet (pbuh). Then later on, She waged war against the imam of her time which in itself is kufr and a grave sin. So, if she was one of the purified ahlul bait and one of the greatest wives of the prophet (pbuh), then why did she go against the verse of the Quran (33:33) and went out of her house waging war against Ali (as) which is not a women's job to do.
  5. First of all, there is no person that 100% of his sayings are true. As I mentioned, I do not follow him, but I do listen to his lectures sometimes and I really don't think he is that bad. The irony is that people like you have become so obsessed with defending the honour of the sunnis that you even curse your own shia brothers. Mind one thing that the rope of Allah (SWT) is the ahlul bait (as) and you can't say that all the muslims Shia, sunni and wahabbi should come together and unite and don't even utter a word against their beliefs. That's not unity in my opinion. I am not against unity between Shia and Sunni, but it doesn't mean we should hate each other because of them. Oh yeah, him living in the UK and him speaking out against the filthy beliefs of the nasibis, makes him an agent of the West? I don't know how's that possible. Defending your own religion doesn't make you an agent of an organization or something. He found the opportunity and he's using it to defend his beliefs and I know he may have said some disturbing things about your Sunni BBF's, but he may have said it in anger or frustration and doesn't make him the most horrible person ever. Does it? How many times do you see Wahabis in their tv networks that they accuse shias wrongfully and portray shias as a deviant sect? and have you seen any of their people raising a voice against them? I bet no. As for the blood shed of Shias. Whether there is a YH or not, Shias were, are and going to be killed innocently. This has been happening since 1400 years. from Muawiya's (LA) time till now. Don't tell me this is YH's job. Hassan nasrullah is a good man, but he shouldn't have praised Aisha like he did, maybe he wanted to make sunnis happy. :)
  6. Wait a minute bro. I am not of his supporters and I also agree that the way he preaches Shiaism is wrong, but you have to agree that 90 percent of the things he says is true. The thing that really pisses me off is that some Shias condemn him to an extent that I feel they are trying to praise the enemies of ahlul bait (as). What I'm trying to say is that we know that YH's way is totally wrong and does not match the way of the imams (as), but we shouldn't disrespect him at least. If your saying to respect the islamic symbols of Sunnis, although in your madhab they are one of the wrongdoers and hypocrites, then you should definitely respect one of your shia brothers. The reason I don't have a negative thought about YH unlike most of you is because he has the guts to say it and the most willing to do tabarra.
  7. LOL. Whoa! Did Yasser Habib say that? If he did I am not saying thats a good thing. I am not saying that people will be inspired from those talks, but when the beliefs of the non shias are refuted, at least whether the opposite accepts it or remains ignorant, the true message is preached and it becomes hujjat on them and there is no escape. The prophet (pbuh) said in a hadith that whenever you see the people of innovation, then we should try our best to condemns them and disassociate ourselves from them in order to stop the spread of corrupt versions of islam. I wonder why many take this very lightly. :)
  8. (salam) This is an interesting topic. From my experience and opinion, the people who actually speak out and narrate the things that our Aimah (as) told us, have been able to convert many people from other schools of thought into the true path which is the ahlul bait (as). Surprisingly, you can see many people coming to Shiaism. Well, I have never seen anyone who are against this, that has been a means of guidance to anyone to the true path, still I am not sure, but at least I haven't seen any.
  9. (salam) When it comes to these kind of topics, I get really confused about unity. In my opinion, I really dont like it when some shias are extremely pro unity to the extent that I feel like they are defending the enemies of Ahlul bait (as). Today, the whole world knows the position of Shias regarding the sheikhain and the wives of the holy prophet (pbuh). The ahle sunnah are know completely aware of our beliefs and imagine them seeing a Shia condemning the people who openly curse their holy symbols. They're like "don't you believe the same"? :dry: . You know what I mean? It's like humiliating yourself and they also know that your doing taqiyah. One more thing, the rope of Allah swt is not any rope you wish it to be, it's the Ablul bait (as).
  10. In the future, I guess the Sufyani could be one.
  11. 2- No, I'm not having a change of heart. This was revealed about Abu bakr and Umar, but Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì is not directly saying to the two. It was a warning to all the muslims. We dont need to make anything complicating here, we agree that those verses were revealed about Abu bakr and Umar. 3- Why do you deny hadiths when it comes to ahlul bait, then forget about sahih bukhari and muslim altogether, because your the ones who call them the most authentic books after the Quran. The Quran tells us to obey Allah and the messenger and the messenger orders us to follow the ahlul bait, simple as that. That is his sunnah. 4- What? how can you say that bukhari and muslim has more narrations of ahlul kisa? we are the ones who take our religion from them. As far as I've seen, your books narrate more from the hypocrite sahabas than the ahle bait. Oh, so you take your religion from the sahaba and ahle bait? the sahaba who actually oppressed the ahle bait, huh? Do you think those oppressors would actually narrate the true virtues of the ahle bait? I think we are getting off topic here brother. This is gonna result into an endless discussion with no benefits at all.
  12. 1- Yes, that is not disobedience, if I have not mistaken the prophet (pbuh) asked Ali (as) to erase the part where it is written Muhammad rasallulah ( correct me if I'm wrong), but Ali (as) couldn't do it out of respect for Rasulallah (pbuh). Again, if only heard this once and dont know if it's true according to our shia scholars. Maybe other shia members can shed some light, as I dont have that much information on this. 2- I never remember Allahyari being defeated by anyone. I think I've seen that part where he was debating someone about this topic. The verse is clear that it isnt referring to Abubakr and Umar as munineen. In the verse "O you who believe", is a general statement to all the people who believe, not Abu bakr and Umar. Allah doesnt talk directly to Abu bakr and Umar, he ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì is warning other muslims to beware of raising your voices in front of the prophet (pbuh). If that verse is referring to those two, then there would be a word used for only two people in the verse, not for all mumins. Even Allah refers to munafiqoon as momineen in the Quran. I dont remember where, but I will provide it inshallah. 3- Sorry, I dont undertand what you mean by that. The hadith of thaqalayn which is the Quran and ahlul bait is mutawatir and it exists in your sihah sita books. You can't find the Quran and Sunnah version in your sihah sita anywhere. You actually take a weak and odd hadith and ignore the one which it's authenticity is not refutable. 4- I never said that. The Quran alone is not sufficient as I said and without the Ahlul bait, no one can understand the full and true meanings of the Quran. As the prophet (pbuh) instructed us, the Quran and Ahlul bait are two things which are not seperated and true guidance can be achieved only through following both of them together.
  13. (salam) After reading this, I thought I should add some things too. Fristly, as we all know, the holy Quran says to obey Allah (swt) and obey the messenger (pbuh). Even say the prophet is ill and in a bad condition, still the prophet is masoom and everything he says is not from his own, but from Allah (SWT). Even in that condition, they should have listened to him and brought him a piece of paper, so no one can go astray. The thing that the prophet asked was not something ordinary, but he (pbuh) was concerned about the ummah going astray. Hence, it is obligatory to obey the prophet (pbuh) in every condition, because the prophet certainly knows better than any so called sahaba that people claim him to be smart. Secondly, about the sahaba who were quarrelling about giving the prophet (pbuh) a paper and pen. In Surah Hujarat, Allah (SWT) harshly condemned some sahaba's for raising their voices above the prophe (pbuh) and that if they do this, all their good deeds will be wiped. And it is believed that those two people were Abu bakr and Umar. [49:1] O you who believe! be not forward in the presence of Allah and His Messenger, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing. 49:2] O you who believe! do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet, and do not speak loud to him as you speak loud to one another, lest your deeds became null while you do not perceive. According to these two verses of the holy Quran, no one should ever be forward in the presence of the prophet (pbuh) and act as he knows better. Therefore, the sahaba who quarrelled in the presence of the prophet (pbuh) , have done very wrong, as they were warned before and their good deeds have become void. Finally, as Umar bin khattab said to the prophet (pbuh), that "the Quran is sufficient for us", this alone proves that Umar was wrong. The holy prophet (pbuh) ordered us to hold fast to two weighty things which is the Book of Allah(Quran) and the Ahlul bait (as). I hope everyone understood my point. Salam.
  14. Of course it does brother, how can the producers for a television series be so careless when it comes to portraying a prophet of God. They must be as accurate as possible when it comes to these matters. As far as I know, the series was not only broadcasted in Iran, but in many neighbour countries surrounding Iran and I don't think anybody raised a voice against it.
  15. Sigh... Ok, I think most of you did not read or misunderstood this thread. I really think I need to use bold letters from now on. I was saying that many people and not me, say that prophet Yusuf (nauzobillah) committed shirk by not asking Allah for help, but rather an inmate of a prison so he may be released from prison and that is the reason he remained in prison for a long time as a punishment from God. If you dont think people say that, then my biggest proof is go watch prophet Yusuf series episode 22 and I'm sure you have heard of this Iranian series. Okay, Here is my point of view, I do not believe in such none sense that prophet Yusuf committed shirk. I believe that the verse I mentioned is saying that satan made the inmate of the prison forget about Yusuf's request to the king, and not prophet Yusuf himself, hence that is the reason he (as) remained in prison for a longer time. I'm sorry if I sound rude in this post, but I wanted to clear up things. I came here to create a thread refuting what some people think about prophet Yusuf(as) and ask other shiachat members opinions about this and I see people attacking me, thinking that I am accusing prophet Yusuf of shirk may God forbid. God, is my english that bad?
  16. A little bit. What I meant was that I know the verse is saying that the inmate was the one which satan made him forget about what Yusuf said. It's not that I personally believe prophet Yusuf was effected by satan.
  17. Thank you for replying brothers, I'm happy to hear you guys agree with my point. I also never believed that this would be true for a prophet of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. The main message was for people who accuse Yusuf (as) for committing a sin. Unfortunately, there are some ignorant muslims who do actually believe that God punished Yusuf for his sin by increasing his stay in prison. :no: Especially, when I watched the prophet Yusuf series where in one episode they showed that prophet Yusuf (as) repenting, because of the mistake he made by asking help from the inmate. I was really angry when I watched that episode, I was saying, how could they do this. I'm sorry, did you even read what I wrote. That was the point of the whole thread to refute the accusation made and to say that satan made the inmate forget what prophet Yusuf (as) requested. I kindly ask everyone to read what I wrote before giving answers.Thank you
  18. Salamo alaykom, There has been something disturbing in my mind which is that from a verse of Surah Yusuf, is widely believed by many muslims that prophet Yusuf (as) has committed shirk by not asking Allah(azj) to help, but rather he asked an inmate of the prison to mention his case to his lord which means king or ruler in this context. [12:42] And he said to him whom he guessed would be delivered from the two of them: Mention me with your lord; but the Satan caused him to forget mentioning (it) to his lord, so he remained in the prison a few years. I've read the tafseers for this verse and even shia sources mention that satan was able to make prophet yusuf (as) to forget about Allah(swt) and he asked help from the inmate which was going to be released and return to his usual job. So when Yusuf did that, Jibrael (as) descended upon him and told him that he must remain in prison for another 7 years as a punishment, due to his action. The tafseer which I read mentioned ahadith from our aima (as), but I dont know whether they are authentic or not. However, I refuse to accept this with all respect. In my opinion, and of course this is not only me, but some other people too, believe that prophet Yusuf (as) remained in prison because of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì's divine will, so Yusuf can gather many followers in prison before he is released. If you pay close attention to the verse, when Yusuf (as) says "Mention me with your lord; but the Satan caused him to forget mentioning (it) to his lord", as you can see the context where lord is being used, Yusuf asked the inmate to ask the king which he was working for to consider his case, as he was innocent. Here comes the actual point, "but the Satan caused him to forget mentioning (it) to his lord". The satan actually caused the young man to forget, not prophet Yusuf . The context is clear and it's about mentioning to the young prisoner's lord (king). Then, "so he remained in the prison a few years". Therefore, when the satan made the young man forget about Yusuf request, as a result, prophet Yusuf remained in prison for a longer time. As we all know, all the prophets of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì are infallible and better human beings than any other normal humans. Also, accusing prophet's of a grave sin which is shirk is very bad. First of all, Prophet Yusuf (as) at least had full knowledge about tawheed than any of us normal humans. Today, especially some sunnis or salafis show this verse of the Holy Quran that you Shias are committing shirk just like prophet Yusuf (as). (nauzobillah). Secondly, yet according to the wahabis asking help from people who are alive is not shirk at all, but only asking from the dead is. So, prophet Yusuf didn't ask anything from the dead, but from a living person who works for the king and this is not shirk at all. If this is the case, then most people have accused prophet Yusuf for committing this grave sin. It is a shame that even the Iranian prophet Yusuf series in episode 22, have also shown that he committed shirk and Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì punished him. Now, that I have expressed my opinion on this matter, I would like to know what other Shia and Sunni brothers/sisters think about this. Allahoma sale ala Muhammad and ale Muhammad.
  19. Salam alaykom. Mashallah!! It is absolutely brilliant!. Shia logic always wins, because the Holy Quran and authentic ahadith strongly supports it. Allahoma sale ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad.
  20. Salam, Why is there so much hatred towards Yasser Habib. I do not support him and I know he's quite extreme, but I only think he's being honest and telling the truth to sunnis. Shia's are being killed anyway, whether there is a Yasser Habib or not. Our beliefs can't be hidden with today's accessibility to sources.
  21. Now, dont make excuses. I bet you never read the verse and studied it. Even permanent marriage is not compulsary, only in case someone is afraid he might fall into sin. Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì said it's optional and not obligatory. And I am not picking and choosing a random verse and declaring it as something which it is not. Actually alteration of Quran's true interpretation is you people's jobs, not us. I suggest you go do some research from your own books. First, we dont label any book of ours as completely sahih or something like "the most authentic book after the quran". You think the religion was waiting for Bukhari to have a book that will be proof for the whole ummah? Anyways, you know that there are narrations which are not true in our books. Then, prove the authenticity of the hadith. How many hadiths do you want us to show you from your so called sahih books that insults the prophet and brings down his (SAWW) status in order to increase the status of the sheikhain.
  22. Salam, Brother, the hadiths we present from your books against you are so clear that even a child can understand, you are the ones denying the truth. As I said if you have problems with not accepting ahadith, look and do some research on verse 4:24 of the Quran with tafasir from your own books. Well, you cannot deny the Holy Quran, do you? And also tell me if that verse has been abrogated. Look, it's ones personal choice. If someone doesnt like Mutah, he doesnt have to do it. Being pro Mutah doesn't mean he/she does it, it means we accept that it's permissible, but we choose whether to do it or not. Secondly, we don't encourage Mutah. Mutah is something which can be used as a last resort. For example, someone who does not have the ability to permanently marry a girl, due to financial reasons etc. Then he can fast to suppress his sexual desires and still if he cant fast or doesn't work, then Mutah can be an option. And of course, permanent marriage is the first and best solution a person can look at, before even considering resorting to Mutah.
  23. As I've mentioned above that the verse 4:24 of the holy Quran was revealed about Mutah and this verse is enough to prove Mutah is allowed if narrations and hadiths contradict each other. Then as to those whom you profit by, give them their dowries as appointed; and there is no blame on you about what you mutually agree after what is appointed; surely Allah is Knowing, Wise. (Surah Nisa, Verse 24). It can be understood from the apparent meaning of the verse that Allah (SWT) said from those women who you receive profit/pleasure, then their dowries should be given and I stress the part where is what you mutually agree after what is appointed, it can be said that there is no blame on any of the two people who agree on doing this. In additon to this, there are sunni tafseer books which I dont remember that admit this verse was revealed about Mutah. Again, we must not question Allah(SWT)'s laws. The thing is that it's NOT wajib and totally up to someone if he wants to give his daughter to temporary marriage. If someone doesn't want it, then there is no compulsion, but the point is that Allah made it permissible. I hope you understand what I wrote. Salam.
  24. Salam, I believe there are many ahadith in sahih bukhari and other books that clearly states that Umar forbade Mutah and if I'm not wrong the (tamatu of hajj) too after the holy prophet (SAWW). In addition, The verse 4:24 of the holy Quran is also the verse of Muta marriage and has not been abrogated. I think it's quite clear that Muta is allowed, so denying it is just stubborn ignorance. Peace.
  25. Salam, No matter how hard sunnis try, they cannot prove the legitimacy of Abu bakr's caliphate. It is crystal clear that choosing the prophet (SAWW)' successor through election is not logical. All the prophets of Allah (SWT) before prophet Muhammad (PBUH and his pure family) were masoom and their successors were chosen only by Allah (SWT) and were also equal in infallibility. So our prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is the master of all the prophets and his(SAWW) successor definitely needs to be someone at least equal in infallibility. No one fits that criteria except Hazrat Amirul Momineen Ali (AS). Peace.
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