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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Theres always one important thing when it comes to this that maybe the failure you had in your life is for the good and not necessarily for the bad. We as muslims should always view that negative thing happening in our life as something which may be good for us in the future or there is wisdom in that failure, although we may hate it. It is natural to have the feeling to give up when we experience these of kind of things in life, but failure can make you a stronger person, as it gives you experience.
  2. That's a good one. I wish it was easy to control yourself while iftar. When your hungry, you are not yourself. I know. It's a month of worship and improving ourselves as better humans, but at the same time, we also need to think about our physical health.
  3. (salam) I hope everyone is having a good Ramadan. Since we are fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, we tend to eat alot and stuff ourselves in sahari and especially iftar. As a result, many people including myself gain weight easily through fasting. I naturally have a very low metabolism and when I fast, it drops to zero, making it very easy to gain weight, because where I live, we fast for almost 20 hours and when our bodies starve, it automatically reduces our metabolism. I would like to know from your experiences and advice on what I can eat in sahari which is less fattening, but has lots of energy to keep me fresh throughout the day. In addition, what foods can I eat for iftar which are also healthy and doesn't cause discomfort. I would appreciate any advice and recommendations. Thanks. :)
  4. (salam) This is what really bothers me too. Some shias today will curse and disassociate from you if you try to directly say something about the holy figures of sunnis. Their saying that shias should observe taqiya 24/7. As GermanShia says religious unity with sunnis has become a pillar of islam for them and they give it the utmost importance. First Shias need to unite with each other, then they should consider uniting with sunnis. Of course, I am not against unity with sunnis. In fact Shia and Sunni should be friends and discuss their beliefs with each other in a proper way and not to praise enemies of ahlul bait (as) in order to make sunnis happy. May Allah(SWT) unite all Shias.
  5. (salam) Are you sure that the messenger of Allah (pbuh) gave him that title? Are you a Shia? If yes, then thats pretty shocking to hear something like that.
  6. (salam) I made a thread about the ahlul bait (as) having glowing faces in reality not in dream, but some members made fun of me. Whatever. lol. Well, my personal opinion is that maybe if I'm right we have seen the masoomen (as) with light on their faces in movies and television and we have adopted that mentality. Whenever we imagine about the masoomen (as), we picturize someone wearing robes and having light on their faces. Hence, when we dream we also see that image of the masoomen (as) in the dream as well. I could be wrong. Its just the way I think. Or, it could be because the masooms (as) are extremely holy and therefore, we cannot see their actual faces. Instead, we see them shining as light.
  7. True brother. I agree. I guess they do understand, but they can't confess to the truth, because of their love for the enemies of ahlul bait (as)
  8. (salam) This video is the same as any other videos these wahabis/salafis/nasibis produce. No matter how much you refute those false accusations, they won't understand, because their hearts are blind. These kind of videos really make me upset thats why I don't even bother to watch them.
  9. (salam) Just as repentant said, now some evil humans themselves have become shaytan and theres no need for iblees (LA) to influence them.
  10. (salam) It's one of the most difficult and harsh things at that age. From one side the islamic society is mixed with western values. They see early marriage as something backward and it really angers me a whole lot. :angry: Islam encourages early marriage as a cure for young people, but it's the society that makes things hard for themselves. When a young guy eg, say 18- 21 says that he wants to marry, relatives and family members make fun of him telling him that first "higher education, then Masters, then a decent job and then you need to work a few years to earn some money in order to be eligible for asking a women's hand in marriage". :realangery: It's completely injustice to do this to a guy who has sexual urges at it's highest in those ages. Isn't it? Well, Yes it is allowed to marry a kitabi non muslim. Again, check with your marja. My advice, talk to your parents about it first. It's highly possible they might say no, but you might convince them. As a last resort, you might wanna think about Mutah marriage. Good luck :)
  11. (salam) Sorry, I am not a hadith expert, but does that mean even we do not have sahih narration about Imam Ali (as) birth inside the Holy Kabaa? Or it doesn't mean that a weak hadith is always fabricated and can be true?
  12. (salam) What? It's the first time I've ever heard of this. Sunnis often argue why we put (as) after his name, but never heard of the JJH one. Where did you get it from? :)
  13. (salam) Don't accept it. It's bidah. If I have not mistaken, praying nawafil in a congregation is forbidden. Just explain to him why Shias don't perform taraweh using the sources Orion provided.
  14. (salam) I totally understand what your feeling. I also went through the same stage, but I did realize the truth later on. First of all, this is a huge misconception about Shias that they ask help form their imams (as). We as Shias do not believe that the imams have their own power to help us, but with the permission of power of Allah(SWT), they have the power of interceding for us. The key point is that we ask the imams (as) to intercede for us in front of Allah (SWT) so our duas can be accepted quickly and effectively, because they the masoomen (as) hold a special position in the eyes of Allah(SWT) and because of them, Allah (SWT) will grant our duas. There is also a difference of opinion even between Shias that whether we should ask the imams directly for help or ask Allah (SWT) for the sake of the imams(SWT) in terms of intercession, but the best way is to say Ya Allah(SWT) help me for the sake of the masumeen (as) . If your thinking whether God gave certain people the power of intercession then you can read Ayatul Kursi. The sentence in bold gives an indication that God gave the power of intercession to some group of people. (2:255) Allah is He besides Whom there is no god, the Everliving, the Self-subsisting by Whom all subsist; slumber does not overtake Him nor sleep; whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His; who is he that can intercede with Him but by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they cannot comprehend anything out of His knowledge except what He pleases, His knowledge extends over the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of them both tires Him not, and He is the Most High, the Great.
  15. (salam) Most people misunderstand and don't know the difference between lanat and abuse. Lanat means praying to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì to remove His mercy from certain people. Abuse means, I think to use bad language or to insult them. Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì also sends lanah on His enemies and the imams (as) sent lanah on those people in some narrations. Those people that you mentioned have clearly done injustice to the ahlul bait (as) and I do not see a reason why they cannot be the enemies of Allah(SWT), the messenger (pbuh) and the ahlul bait (as).
  16. (salam) Wrong!!! Have some respect brother, I thought at least you guys learned about us until now, but no. Ignorance is like stubborn stains for you people. Firstly, How many times do we have to tell you people that we only believe in the Quran that we have in hand now, but the only difference is we say that the Quran is not in chronological order as it was compiled by Amirul Momineen Ali (as). Some narrations might be in our books that says that the Quran is (God forbid) incomplete, but it doesn't mean it's authentic and it doesn't mean we believe in it. How many narrations can I bring you from one of your SAHIH books which says that there is tahreef in the Quran? I know it exists, but if you say that you don't believe it, then fine I'm not gonna keep on accusing you that you believe it. Secondly, takfeer of sahabas and scholars. For sahaba's it is quite known in history and authentic narrations that they did wrong, so there is no reason to say Shias accuse them of falsehood for no reason. As for scholars, some of it may be true, because some of them might have been nasibis. Thirdly, Not every Shia does that. There might be a minority which they are wrong. Shia's do disagree with the fact that she was not the best wife of the prophet (pbuh) and she did wage war against the imam of her time and shot arrows at our second Imam's dead body ( according to us), but we still respect her by not using curse words only because she was the wife of the messenger of Allah. Fourthly, Mutah. There is plenty of evidence for Mutah as it has been proven in other threads. It is based on a verse of the Quran and you cannot deny the permissibility of it. Fifth, Taqiyah. You've gotta be kidding me. Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì also states in the Quran that you can hide your faith because of fear of getting killed. Sixth, Cease of Jihad till the Qaim (as) returns. I am not sure about this part, I hope other members can shed some light Inshaallah. Seventh, Tatbir. There is difference of opinion even between Shia's, so I am cannot give an explanation for that. Finally, Worshipping of graves? huh? use your own brain.
  17. It's alright. I apologize too. I was a bit angry and didn't realize what I was writing. Sorry for saying those things. It's not that I'm wanting to know whether the masooms (as) smelt like. I just wanted to know if they had miracles that would make them to have glowing faces, no shadows and no bodily odor. And I guess your right, I should concentrate on what they say rather than they're miracles. Because, I've been hearing all these things about our imams (as) since childhood, it got kind of stuck in my head and made me curious.
  18. You really need to think about changing your attitude. I don't know why the hell are you being rude to me. I never said anything offensive, I'm just getting to know my prophet (pbuh) and imams (as) better. I am not living in a dream land you idiot!! Actually you are the one who is being offensive and calling the masoomen smelly and imagining them jumping on a pile of poo. How dare you. You are no less than those sunnis/wahabis/salafis who think that the prophet (pbuh) forgot the Quran and forgot how many rukas of prayer he has performed. Also that he couldn't control his lust when he was in Hajj and that he used to curse people. You are no different than them. You better change how you think about the masoomen (as). If you cant say anything useful, then take a walk and don't post anything. And what do you mean by writing that? Who are you talking to? If your telling me, then you better post something useful than wasting peoples time reading your posts.
  19. First of all, I am not making these things up. I am saying what I have read from our books about the prophet (pbuh) description. Neither I am exaggerating. Your saying that if the masoomeen (as) didnt get dirty, why did they bother to wash themselves. Simple question. In order to be a role model for the followers of Islam. So can you tell me why did the prophet (pbuh) ask god for forgiveness and stood all night in worship. It doesn't mean he was (God forbid) a sinner, but to show his (pbuh) followers and be an example for them. The holy prophet (pbuh) and the imams (as) are the best of creation, so it might be one of their miracles to be better in those aspects than other humans.
  20. (salam) Thank you Taha and insearchoflight for responding. Why do I find it kind of hard to believe the things you guys are saying. What I mean when I say light emitting from the prophet's (pbuh) face, I don't mean the light we usually see in movies and some pictures which does not show any facial features, the kind of light I am saying is the kind of aura or brightness that glows. So, by reading your posts, basically I think you guys are trying to say is that the prophet (pbuh) and ahle bait (as) can be smelly if they don't use perfume and don't look after themselves? And your saying that only Momins said that the they (as) had bright faces and they smelt like musk and the infidels did not have this opinion? I was thinking that it is of their signs to have these abilities to have radiant faces apparent to everyone Momin and kafir and to smell good even if they did not apply anything. The things I have read from books is that there are certain signs for being an imam or the prophet (pbuh) having certain miracles and one of them is that they do not have some negative things that normal humans have for example, bad odor or one sign which says that no one has ever seen their feces ( if it is authentic).
  21. Very interesting. It could be metaphorical as you said, but it is known as a fact that the fragrance of the prophet (pbuh) is literal, because the sahaba used to take the prophet's sweat which smelled like musk and used for curing. Also, it can be seen in hadiths that when the prophet (pbuh) passed a certain area, people would know that it was the messenger of Allah here from the fragrance that the prophet had. However, I've seen many disagree with the shadow and light part. Personally, I believe even if all the things were true as I've stated above, it might be because of a reason from Allah (SWT) to make His chosen ones proof over the nation and no one would doubt whether the prophet or the imams are the proofs of Allah (SWT).
  22. Yes, I know that. What I'm talking about is the brightness of their faces because of their high status that distinguishes them from other normal humans. I am sure there are narrations that speak of it, but can't find them and don't know about their authenticity. I remember hearing a hadith from a sunni book in television, that Aisha narrates that, at night they did not need any light to be able to see in the dark because Hazrat Fatima (as)'s face was so bright that lit up the room and this was the case for the other infallibles.
  23. (salam) I hope everyone is doing great. As the title says, I have heard this in many occasions that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Bibi Fatima Zahra (as) and the 12 Imams (as) had light emitting from their faces and especially at night people did not have the need for light when the they were around because the infallibles had faces which illuminated. Also, they had a special fragrance which was not of this world and one of the signs of the infallibles is not having a shadow. And is this the same case with previous prophets (as) ? Can anyone shed some light on this using narrations please? I have no doubt that it is true, but I need some more information regarding this. Allahoma sale ala Muhammad wa ale Muhammad
  24. (salam) Whether Bibi Fatima's (as) rib was broken or not, the behaviour of Umar bin Khattab towards her (as) makes him an unjust person. Everything is clear from your own books. It cannot be refuted. As for Imam Ali (as) not defending Bibi Fatima (as), according to our narrations in the book of Sulaym bin Qays, as if I can recall correctly, Ali (as) did grab from Umar's belt and slammed him to the ground and said, "if Rasullallah (pbuh) didn't tell me to be patient, I would have killed you" as the narration says. I will post it if I find it Inshallah. If in Sunni books, it does not say that Ali (as) took action against Umar, it doesn't mean it never happened. Imagine Ali (as) only having a few faithful and loyal sahaba's left on his side and the first Caliph Abu bakr having many people on his side. Dont you think Ali (as) would be outnumbered? It is not astonishing to think that Ali (as) did not do anything with Umar. In fact he was defenceless and had no other choice, but to be patient.
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