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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree with you to some extent. With the exception of law, one should go to university only if it's a STEM degree. "cheaper institutions" are usually of low standard, and majority of internships require you be in your final year of study or a fresh graduate.
  2. Btw, I emailed Najaf.org website directly, and this is their response: "It is permissible to take money from the bank that is financed by non-Muslim government or private funds but not with intention of loan. The knowledge that the bank will sooner or later force him to pay the capital as well as the interest does not affect [ the lawfulness of ] his taking the money". So, it's basically the same as what Moalfas stressed on, the intention is the key here.
  3. A lot of people like myself, need to go through formal education to get to where they want to be. Especially if it's a technical field. Some careers require you to have a degree of some sort, otherwise you cannot get your foot into the door. Or at the very least, it's very difficult. If you're saying, 'well there's a million things you can do to provide sustenance for yourself', then I would say that's not feasible in this era. Not everyone has the aptitude or means to run a successful business. Sure, I'd love to be my own boss. I tried, but I never succeeded.
  4. Thanks for the answer, It clears out most of my questions. This is the part where we have to investigate more. I don't think education can be considered urgent, but it is important for using it to have better career prospects and provide for one's family.
  5. Salam, I'm seeing conflicting views on this matter, so I want to become 100% certain before making a decision. What is Ayatallah Sistani's ruling on getting student loan from the government, with the conditions that: 1- You don't need to start paying the debt until after you graduate. 2- You don't pay anything until your income goes over a certain threshold. 3- It only covers the tuition fee and not mainetenance, eg cost of living. 4- After 30 years, the outstanding balance will be written off, regardless of how much is left. 5- Interest accrues from the firs
  6. Ok, I think I found some rule that gives some permission. There's a Q & A in Ayt. Sistani's code of practice, work and investment section, question 288: "288. Question: Is a muslim allowed to work in grocery stores that sell liquor in one of its sections, and his work is only as a cashier? Answer: He is allowed to receive the price of the items other than liquor and also the price of liquor, if the buyers are non-Muslims." Is there a contradiction or am I missing a point, in where "liquor" is different than alcohol or "receiving price" means something else?
  7. Thanks for your answer, but this doesn't directly answer the question. When someone works in a retail store, the only purpose of that store is not to sell only alcohol, but everything. Alcohol only is a small percentage of items that are sold. In addition, the cashier only handles the monetary transactions, and he/she does not profit from that which is sold, but only works for a salary. It's better to ask a marjaa regarding these issues.
  8. What about someone who works as a cashier in a retail store, which sells alcohol alongside other normal products? Is that job problematic?
  9. Yeah, I was also thinking about contradiction. It also contradicts the belief itself that in even the lowest level of Jannah, every believer will have a kingdom of his/her own.
  10. I heard it from this lecture. You can skip to 22:00. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى bless the sayed, he's made the effort to talk about the blessings of Jannah this Ramadan through a series of lectures.
  11. I hope everyone's last days of Ramadan are going great. As it is known that when believers enter Jannah, even the lowest ranked believers will have a kingdom, which includes blessings such as having mansions, gardens etc. However, I've come across narrations from a lecture that say that some people in Jannah will be homeless and there are two reasons for that. 1- Always missing salat ul asr. 2- Never visiting the shrine of Imam al Hussain (as) throughout one's life without a valid reason. Does anyone know the source of these narrations and their authenticity? Aside fr
  12. This is an old thread, so I'll reply anyway. Obviously, you haven't read my posts properly. We came face to face, and it was pretty evident that he did it. I know people think I'm some kind of lunatic for believing in these things, but the evidence is there in the Quran about black magic and jinns etc. I'll challenge anyone to a debate who says that black magic is just bogus and only people with mental illnesses (yes, someone accused me of having a mental illness in this thread) believe in, to blame their problems on others.
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