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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. giacomo, are you italian? in my personal humble view, all religions are inspired by the one and same God but all of them loose something in the way and get a bit (or a lot in some cases) corrupted due to human fallibility. ever heard about Bahis?
  2. saddam would even sell his mother to retain power! this latest move of his shows that he does not care about palestinians, israel, anything else. Saddam is only interested in retaining power at ALL costs.
  3. no. don't worry. your point is crystal clear. ^_^
  4. the ideal solution would be the one where Saddam & friends are forced to go into exile (UAE suggested this in the Arab League summit) and a (hopefully) peaceful government takes over so that sanctions are stopped and Iraqi citizens will (hopefully) suffer much less. Let's face it, Saddam is a disgrace for this world. He killed so many people and tortured so many others. He made 2 wars, one with Iran and the other the invasion of Kuwait and the reason for both these wars was megolomania. I think that getting rid of him should be a priority for every man of good will.
  5. i was ALWAYS against the usage of depleted uranium weapons. even in the balkans, lots of soldiers and civilians died of horrible diseases related to the usage of depleted uranium weapons. :angry: :(
  6. Bill Gates is no saint but at least he is contributing his money towards a very worthy cause and thus I hope Allah will send him to heaven ^_^ I don't know who Azam Tariq of Sepe-e-sahaba is but whoever kills intentionally innocent people just because they don't share his same belief is condemned to hell imho. As I always said, the world has always been a fight between the Good and the Bad... good muslims, good christians, good atheists against bad muslims, bad christians and bad atheists. hopefully one day not so far away, everyone of good will will understand this ^_^
  7. personally, i liked the UAE's stance in the meeting. Calling for Saddam exile and transition to a peaceful regime would be the best way to avoid the death of innocent iraqis.
  8. averroes, so Iraq was with war at you while the US was never at war at you, and YOU still support Saddam in a war with the US??! have you got any idea how Saddam treated Shiites in Iraq?
  9. as long as Iran is lead by senseful people such as President Khatami, I am sure Iran won't be a danger to the world. but Saddam is different. I am sure muslims here will agree Saddam is a dajjal.
  10. i understand that muslims here are not sunni but are shiite. can you kindly describe me briefly the differences between sunni and shiites islam? i also read about President Khatami and I admire him a lot. What do you think about him? i also read about Hashem Aghajari, a person i admire too. What do you think about him? finally, do you agree with the fatwa, Ay. Khomeini issued on Salman Rushdie? Isn't this intellectual terrorism? I hope someone replies my questions and does not ignore me because I am not muslim. (Mujahid, you're here?)
  11. the help that the US gave to Bosnia Muslims shows that the US are no 'dajjal' and it's not true they are targetting muslims. do people here believe Saddam is a good muslim?
  12. i think that notwithstanding the religion or faith, all good men will go to heaven and all bad men will go to hell. so a good atheist/hindu/buddha/shikn will go to heaven while a bad muslim (like BIn Laden) will go to hell. that's what I believe.
  13. in your opinion, if palestines were given a free independent state inside the state of Israel, would palestines stop terrorism against the Jews?
  14. Kryzhn from Europe. Male, 22, I believe in a non-conventional religion
  15. every religion got it's bad sheep.. you'll find good hindus and shikhs and bad muslims such as Bin Laden.
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