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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Anything in English for someone not knowing Arabic or Farsi?
  2. Good question. Also is it supposed to start with these recommended acts after iftar? Example Ghusl. Before or after Iftar?
  3. Thank you so much. This is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Can you just explain if these acts starts after Iftar until Imsak?
  4. Assalamu aleykium brothers and sisters. So according to Sistani and others Ramadan started in Sweden 7/5. This means that Laylatul qadr is 24/5 (19th day), 26/5 (21th day) and 28/5 (23th day). I want to pray as much and do the most right on these nights. My question is if someone can really in depth make a list what to pray and exactly when. Is it from Iftar to Imsak? Thank you all
  5. Hello Guys I asked question to Sistanis office about interest and i really would like more knowledge on the issue. Here is the deal: I live in Sweden and would like to buy a house and for that i need to take a bank loan and with that comes interest. The thing is that i dont need to buy the house (i have a apartment that i pay rent) but i want for couple of reasons, (good to have a house, property increases in value, good for children etc..) And this i explained in the question do Sistanis office. Here is the answer: In the Name of God, the Most High یج
  6. Hi I asked the question to Sistanis office and Khameneis office and i got a answer from Khameneis. My question: Hello. I wonder how it can be halal to take a loan if you know you will pay interest? Answer: Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu The loan itself (after taking) is correct, i.e. one can own it even if it is ribaa-based. However, in case that it is a ribaa-based loan, taking it is haraam. That said, unless one is so compelled that committing haraam becomes permissible for them. However, in compulsory situation, one can - for escaping committing a haraam act -
  7. I think i will ask these questions on sistanis and khameneis site because this is very wierd.
  8. Like most things yes it should be ok to take loan if its matter of life and death. But taking loan for business?? That shouldnt be ok because u cant take haram money to earn halal money. If you business goes bankrupt and you can get an employment and even if it means earning much less money every month then you shouldnt take loan for business.
  9. Assallamu Aleykium brothers and sisters. Im very confused about the matter intesrest and i hope that some of you may shed some light on the issue. I have always belived that every form of interest is haram unless its a matter of life and death. I wonder if its haram or halal to take a bankloan and then pay back the loan + interest. This is from Sistani: Question: Can I take an urgent loan from a non-Muslim bank, even if I know that the bank will charge interest? Answer: If a Muslim intends to get a loan from such banks, it is necessary that he should do so with the intention that it i
  10. m3e30


    Narsis: Why does the site al-Islam translate "should"? What is the Arabic word and what is the translation? Diyaa110: Yes I understand, why shouldnt we when Allah says so but disscussion is if its a must. Ty both for answerering and taking your time. Need also Hadiths if u have? Salam
  11. m3e30


    Assalamu Alleykium brothers and sisters. Im having a disscusion with a brother if it is must for a woman to wear hijab. I have given him this link: http://www.al-Islam.org/hijab-Muslim-womens-dress-Islamic-or-cultural-Sayyid-Muhammad-Rizvi/Qur'an-and-hijab and there we can read about the scarf in the Qur'an. But for him hes not buying it. And he sees it as a recommendation and not a command from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Because it say "they should" Can someone plz clarify more and maybe give some other refrence and Hadith? Ty
  12. Assalamu aleykium brothers and sisters I have recently accepted shias school of thought. I would like to pray salat the correct way. But i cant really find a site or some videos that teaches how to pray like shia. Can you guys please help me?
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