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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams, Does anyone know which lecturers will be reciting this year Muharram in London? Duas
  2. Salaams, JazakAllah. I downloaded the add on however a slight reservation i'm currently having is the time for maghrib is slightly off compared with najaf.org (najaf.org being 7:14 and the add on being 7:20)
  3. JazakAllah bro. Thats a brilliant website. May Allah reward you. Salaams, I did not know it was mustahab to separate the prayers over combining, that makes more sense - big ask, is it possible for you to show me where this is said by Sayed Sistani? It is a very good point, i feel whilst we shia definitely pay more significance on gaining knowledge as seen through our weekly Thursday programs at various centres and use this as the main method in communicating and catching up. Sunnis go for the daily Salaat at their centres frequently and this is where we fall short. Recently, I have been going for Maghrib Salaat at my local Shia centre and the attendance is appalling - you can count it with 2 hands..this is a centre where you get more than 1000 people on the nights of Qadr. It is disapointing esp when you see hadeeth recommending it to such a high level "To recite Jamaat namaz is superior to 40 years namaz recited alone."
  4. Salaams, Thanks for the response "The exclusive time for the asr prayer is the time needed for four rak’ats left till sunset. The exclusive time for the isha prayer is the time needed to pray four rak’ats before midnight [in Islamic terms, midnight differs from 12 o’clock midnight and there is a specific way for calculating when it is; sometimes it may fall before 12 midnight and sometimes after]. In this period, only the isha prayer must be performed." So from what I understand of these statements, the exclusive time for asr is as late as possible to allow you to pray 4 rakaars until it is sunset? So if sunset is at 7:04 and it takes approx 4 mins to pray asr salaat..the exclusive time for asr is 7:00? JazakAllah
  5. Salaams everyone, I have been told that it is alright for us to combine our Maghrib and Isha prayers and also our Zohr and Asr prayers but at the same time we can separate them, one not being more favoured that the other. Now considering the time for Asr/Isha is as soon as we have finished our Zohr/Maghrib prayer..isnt delaying the prayer(separating it) looked down upon? If not, is there a recommended about of time we should wait before starting the next prayer? JazakAllah everyone. I look forward to your responses. Duas
  6. I am a shia and I go to the sunni jumma prayers at uni. I listen to their khutbah, it is interesting and you can learn from it(try not to laugh when everyone is given an RA) but obviously your intention is not for jumma prayers. After they've done the khutbah they perform the 2 rakaat namaaz, at this point I do a fajr qadha namaaz(recited by myself) and follow their movements i.e. when they go down in sajdah i go down in sajdah etc. Once this is complete, they usually stay behind and pray some sunnah prayers and at this point I pray my usual Zohr and Asr prayers. If you are too shy/scared to put down the turbah, you could just put it down when you go into sajdah and pick it back up once you raise your head. Alhamd I have not experienced any problems and I personally believe it is beneficial for our madhab as we are emphasising on unity. Wasalaam.
  7. A brother recently done a lecture on the Mukhtar Thaqafis revolution. It may be of some use. Why Abdullah bin Zubayr killed Mukhtar I am not sure however I have read in many places that it was him that killed Mukhtar.
  8. Salaam all, I've always thought that when you do not have a turbah/mohr then you get a tissue as a back up and can perform sajdah on that, is that allowed? Does it have to be tissue paper, or will normal "premium" tissue be allowed aswell? - the reason I seperate the two is since the texture is different. Also how is tissue natural? Where does it comes from - a particular plant? JazakAllah
  9. And then at 22 mins he says salafis are mainstream :wacko:. One second he insults "muslims" for wanting to wipe out a whole sect then he promotes salafism which has that exact view, right? Bizarre.
  10. All of the above are brilliant but Ashura.tv is especially good. From around 8ish onwards you can select streams from many centres around the world. ahlulbayt tv has live lectures at 9pm which can be accessed through that link or sky channel 842
  11. Salaam, Firstly I would like to say I am a shia and have been since birth. Whilst reading another thread on this forum about tatbir, it got me thinking; is matam a central part of a shias faith? Personally whilst i understand it is completely down to the intention of the person doing the action; zanjeer, tatbir etc I don't really agree with it. I understand that matam allows you to feel moved and is a show of emotion and a stance to side with the imams, I dont agree with the concept of tatbir due to the potential harm it can do to you. My question is, are there any hadeeths which state something along the lines of if you do not agree with tatbir etc that you are not considered as a shia? Please note I am talking about tatbir and not matam with just your hands. Thank you for your time Wasalaam
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