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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I love the following mask: 1 or 2 raw egss combined with 3 tablespoons Almond oil. Put in the hair for min. 30 min and then wash as you normally do :-) gives very beautiful shiny hair and rich nourishment
  2. Thank you PeaceLoving, What do you mean with go wrong?
  3. You need to contact al mustafa inetrnational university directly They have a webiste and aslo a android app. Good Luck.
  4. Salam Aleikum Dear Brothers and Sisters, I've noticed Lots of brothers who are actually practising muslims also listen to music of Arabic singers like Nancy ajram, Elissa etc.. Whatever you listen to is your own choice and between you and your Creator. Shiaria is very clear on this ( i.d Haram music and Halal music) But what I find sad is that these muslim brothers are actually promoting these women through their blogs, facebooks and twitter and that in the same time they are searching for a pious Muslim lady complete and good hijab... Seriously Brothers WAKE UP and Stop the hypocrisy! W
  5. Salam Aleikom Thank you all so much. I want to do something with Women and Islam... I have tried to contact the Lady Mujtahida in Qum her name is Zohreh Sefati and I will see if it's possible to write something in this issue. Well in the end of the summer I do need to submit a paper 5000 words on some topic related to Islam and the West. I'm thinking on how Dr. Ali Shariati and Shaheed Motaharri represent the Islamic women, the way they describe Islamic women rights etc and compare it with Feminist movement. What do you think? is this intresting or a bit cliche?
  6. Salam Aleikum everyone, Do you know any good book or article or lecture that discusses the different stages/forms of our Nafs? Do you think that Nasf al Mutmainna is the same as self confidence?
  7. Dear Brother, Spend more time with people who are more knowledgble that you are. Look and listen to them so your hearth is filled with love for more knowledge and humbleness about your own ignorance, like this you will forget those people. And when you increase in knowledge it is necessary to share this knowledge with other. In short foccus upon Reason and not on Ignorance.
  8. One of my friends is married and her husband is a very pious man who is 9 year younger than she is. They are very happy, although the family was giving them a hard time, they still choose to be together. Please let's not forget that the most beautiful and beloved wife of our Prophet, peace be upon him and his blessed family, was older than him in age.
  9. Question: It is normal these days for a woman to put on mascara and make-up, wear rings, necklaces and bracelets for beauty and then go out in front of people in the markets and streets. Answer: This is not permissible for her except for mascara and rings provided that she is safe from falling into forbidden activities and does not intend by it to excite non-mahram men. Source: http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01265/
  10. Salam Aleikum, Ayatollah Sistani allows women to put on Mascara not only in front of mahram but also infront of namahram. Do you know if it's necessary to take the mascara off before Salat? I mean in Wudu it's obliged that water reaches to all the parts that have to be washed, when I have mascara on also the water reaches my eyelids and wimpers, so I guess there is no problem, right?
  11. Thank you Brorther, That's great... the subjects you mentioned are very big What can be a good reserach question, related to them?
  12. Dear Brothers and Sisters of this Forum, Can you all please help me out... In the coming weeks I have to submit the research draft for my BA thesis. I can choose Any subject I want but it needs to be related to Shia Studies. Preferably something related to history and not political. I was thinking on the following subjects, but maybe you know some better research topic. - Female Ayatollah's; female religous authority in Shia Islam. This will be on Mujtahidas in history and contemporary time, the paper can discuss the fact that inside Shia fiqh, believe and practice the role of the female h
  13. Ayatollah Khamenei on Women http://youtu.be/NRbhyoM2aZw Beauty, wisdom and truth
  14. Try to connect directly with Al mustafa International University! It's trully a very good place... they offer a lot of classes in english and if you want to stuydy long term they have an excelent Persian language programme that will learn you Farsi in 6 months. you can find them on the internet, and the best is to call for more info. By the way you can also do summer courses or sort term courses over there Good luck and Salam
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