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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ummm.. of course!! I mean Allah forgives. But I dont think this is the question you should be asking ( my opinion) i think you should be asking yourself, are you willing to marry her without reminding her of her past? are you willing to trust her? If yes, Allah bless you both, if not, dont torture her. Allow her to find someone who will forgive and forget
  2. Again thanks for all the replies. The Alim idea is a good one but my mother and I decided to speak to my dad's older brother. He will be visiting this weekend to have a talk with my dad. Im hoping this will help. If not, I guess my next step will be some alim from the masjid.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. Greatly appreciated and there were great suggestions. I do understand it is very difficult for my father and truly im not asking that he quits if he doesnt want to but at leaaaaaast try to protect us from all the smoke ie smoking outside. For sure I have to take my daughter to the doctor and inshallah thats what I will be doing first thing tomorrow morning as she is starting to snore also. I am also going to buy the air purifier on my way. At least if he doesnt want to try, I'll try to protect myself, my daughter and my unborn child. It felt really good letting it out and again I appreciate all of your replies. Inshallah I will be making lots of duaa to Allah asking for his protection from any harm o Allah kareem
  4. Salam all, Before anything, I feel very terrible that I am going to talk about my father ( even though hes anonymous) but I really need help. I currently 38 weeks pregnant ( second child)and I live with my family because my husband is overseas( Im sponsoring him). During my whole pregnancy, my dad has been smoking A LOT. My mother and I have been complaining and asking him to stop but its like hes not even listening whether we ask nicely or get mad, it doesnt work. He used to work and at least the air would be clean in the house for a few hours but now hes always at home and the house reeks. I have a 2 year old daughter and Im always so worried for her. During her sleep, she breathes heavily and I know its from all the smoke. The issue is we all know he loves her deeply but it seems like it isnt enough to quit smoking or at least not smoke infront of her. Its like hes selfish. Im worried for myself, I feel like I am also starting to have breathing issues, and for my daughter, let alone my unborn child. I mean, how do I know if this child wont be born with facial issues, learning disabilities, AdHD due to second hand smoke??? Inshallah not but i just cant take it anymore. Even if the child was born normal, inshallah, but what happens afterwards? I cant live alone because I cant afford it and I cant live with any of my other relatives as they ALL smoke heavily. I cant control my husband's sponsorship. I just wish I can move out. I tried avoiding it but our house is so small that the smoke travels so fast. On top of this, my father sleeps late and wakes up early. Summer or not, he will smoke inside. I wake up during my sleep from all the smoke in my room and my chest hurts to the point I start crying. It got to the point once I started yelling and crying and he could hear me but hes so careless. Sometimes, we tell him that even Allah doesnt allow this. Its harram what hes doing and still no response. The most hurtful thing is hes not even trying!! I know posting this will only make me feel better letting it out because no one can control my dad but it is better than nothing.
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