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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Brother, Can you guys please stop hatred posts. We both believe in Almighty, his power and ability. And why dont we let him decide of what we do, rather taking judgement to our hand and abuse each other ? Im sure The Almighty is most kind hearted and wont do any un-justice to anyone. Let us be human and respect each other and believe in Almighty Allah. I am sure, he will reward us.
  2. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullah Dear Islamic Scholars, Brothers and Sisters. Today FaceBook has became a society requirement for majority of Muslims around the world. Even though many scholars gives fatwa to stop using FB, people are getting addicting to it faster than getting rid of it. Let me pointed out some facts that I see on FB - FB is user friendly, can connect with similar interest, browse interesting subjects, share similar thoughts and learn anything interesting. - FB has "targeting ads" based on Age, Sex, Religion and Location, where If you are a Muslim girl of 17, you will
  3. MashaAllah brother, That is a great decision to make. May the Almighty reward you for your neeyah and make you stronger to stand alone on your good deeds. As I can remember it was 2009, the time I stopped watching TV realizing its part of Dajjal, where it shows a wonderful heaven of kufr - which is haram and showing islamic life as a hell life. During my time from 2008 till now, i had spend lots and lots of time on Islam. Even though I am nor an scholar or have no written qualification of Islam of any kind, I had started some websites about Islam in my local language, within my capacity
  4. Bro, not to disrespect you, Im not sure about your intention in posting this topic But I really cant figure out myself, why we want to discuss such a topic of someone's believe. Rather why not we talk about how good we are at Islam. There are 2 sides of Islam. One is Allahs side and the other is Ibleese side. And are we 100% closer to Allah ? How far we not listen to Ibleese ? Are we pour hatred among ourselves ? Are we jealous each other ? Are we with full of ego or even a split of an atom size ego ? I think its good to think about our self and fully submission ourselves to Isl
  5. Assalamu Alaikum Brother, Is that you saying, I can change the history and future ? Wow that sound so pathetic to me. Do you not heard about "Lauhul Manfoos" and Do you have faith on "Wal Kadr hair hi Wa Sharrihi Minallahi Tha-ala" ? Bro, I think before say salawath, its important to say "Kalima" Jazakallah hair
  6. My dear brothers, Im not sure if Im on the correct track. But I believe the Almighty, knows all about the way I think about Him and the way I practice about Islam. When I read this topic, I can see there are lot of hatred among you brothers, accusing each others for no reason. But why we simply cant accept its the Almighty who created us, not to punish us putting into Jahanna ? And what is his purpose of doing so ? will he going to enjoy by punishing us ? what gain he get doing so ? What I think is, the Almighty Allah is merseyfull, loves us more than anyone in this world and care us more
  7. Jazakallah hair again for your intellectual thoughts and May the Almighty reward you for the time of each letter you type toward deen. Does anyone agree with me, its Iblees is the real enemy that meddling behind all of us ? He wanted to abuse mankind to win his argument with Almighty saying of "perfect creation" ? Please elaborate ..
  8. Waalaikum Salam and Assalamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters. Jazakallah hair for your comments, advises and knowledge sharing. I may be completely wrong but, let me put some of my thinking again. And I think this is how all began. Allah had created Malaks, Jins, Alimul Arwa, Heven, Earth and World. And finally he decided to create "Man" with clay and called it as "Perfect Creation". Once Allah had ordered all creatures to sujood Man, Iblees-Satan, (The leader of Jins and teacher of Malak) didnt like it. And he defended and finally argue with the Almighty. And challenge him saying he
  9. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullah. I am a Muslim having some severe doubt about Islam. At one stage. I went to sunniforum and throw out some of my doubt on fire. And I think it would be good if I try my doubt hear too, in the neeyath of getting answers for the benefit of Islam. My first question is.. Islam said to be the " Religion of Peace". The meaning "Islam" itself is peace. The greeting of Islam, "Salam" is about peace. But why those guys who follow islam is not in peace ? I am noticing on Youtube videos, Sunni kills Shia by quoting "Allahu Akbar", And Shia also do the same, killing
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