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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I read one of the threads made previously in 2010 here about this but I couldn't come to a conclusion. Can someone shed light on this? Who is the creature supposed to be?
  2. They want to know who the guardian of the child is. So, they usually ask who the father/guardian is. You can cross the "Father" and let them know what the Guardian's name is (Your husband). If that's not the case, you can just mention the real father's name.
  3. Well, this life is a test. Doesn't matter if you have it easy or not. Life is a gift because you've been given a chance to spend an eternity in Heaven after a few years of test in this life. Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear but people give up, instead of tackling the situation.
  4. Because life is granted by Allah and only Allah has the right to take it back. No human has the right to take a life, whether it's murder or suicide. Life is an amanah from Him and it's His decision as to when to take it back. Who are we to interfere in His matters? That's why! (:
  5. Love at first sight! It's the real deal!
  6. She actually wants to know how to get her father to agree with her. She already mentioned she isn't here for advice on whether to marry him or not since she already made up her mind. As for Guest Asuleman, I don't think you'll mind answering me: Do you believe your wish to be more important than your parents' respect? How would you feel if your daughter left you for a man she fell in love with, after everything you did for her? Do you really think your parents will choose someone bad for you? Is your experience more than your own parents or do you think you're sma
  7. I think it's a better idea to go find some artists on freelancing websites such as Upwork (If you have a good budget) or Fiverr (If you have a low budget) You'll find exactly what you're looking for without having to wait too much. Good luck!
  8. I heard that the previous version of King Arthur was amazing. So, I went for this one and I definitely don't regret it. I really liked it. The story was good. So, was the action. Since I love watching Sci-Fi movies, it was my type of movie. Pretty sure everyone knows about his story.
  9. A simple rule to check whether it will be backbiting or not would be this: Talking bad about someone > Doesn't help change a situation for the better = Backbiting Talking bad about someone > If you're warning someone about that particular person or it will change a situation for the better = Not Backbiting If anyone feels the above method is wrong, do correct me.
  10. Did ya bleed? Pull yourself back up? Since you said you don't know who Shia are, let me help you with that. The followers of Imam Ali (as) are termed as Shia. Now, you tell me, do you really think someone who follows the example of Imam Ali (as) could be a betrayer? You can either be a Shia or a betrayer, not both! Apology accepted! Next question!?
  11. Well, if you have zero interest in moving on and will never forget him, why bother coming here for help? Of all the people that tried to help you out here or give you advice, you've completely ignored them. Not sure if you're just a Troll or you simply just wanted to share your sad love story. Either way, this discussion is going nowhere.
  12. Just like you, about 8 years ago, I fell for a girl I never talked to. Just like you, I was the kinda guy that never talked to girls or tried getting into a relationship because I'm really not a fan of temporary relationships. I've always wanted a permanent one! So, I decided to wait until I get married and not waste time on any temporary relationships. I've felt the same the way, and people tell you to keep distance and you'll feel better, but it doesn't happen. It doesn't work that way. Though, it's true, the more you stalk him, the more it'll hurt. The thing is, even though you're not
  13. Someone has a really good memory lol!
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