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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks so much guys, now its time to blast it on my ipod :D
  2. "ya ayuhal akbar", i cant seem to find it... i need it in mp3 format... or whatever... as long as i can convert it and put it on loud on my Ipod, that would be fine! thanks in advance thanks Hussein E.
  3. (salam) So, I have been encountering some problems lately. Since moving from Ottawa (Canadian City) to Toronto (another Canadian city) I have noticed my Sunni "friends" have become completely backwards with their thinking and their day to day life routines, especially after the war in Lebanon. One "friend" called Ayatollah Sistani stupid, for not allowing playing chess, and the other idiot started calling me 7izbo al-shaytan, "the pary of shaytan" So far I have deleted many Sunnis off my msn because of their foul behavior and their hate of my love for ahlol bait, I say screw'em, my religion before any friendship/relationship. Even my Christian friends and Jewish friends don’t get me this agitated, is it only me that am experiencing stupid Sunnis like this? Or was this by chance? Or do you not associate with Sunnis at all lol (salam) Hussein
  4. bahahahahaha one day u might be following a girl... u know, ur marja was a man, and all of a suden! BAAAM hes a woman....THAT CANT HAVE BABIES!!! HES NOT A WOMAN!!! HES A MAN WITH NO WEEWEE
  5. maaaan, sometimes my shia brethern go to far! no his name is not on there, micheal schumacher is on there....look up, and ull see fernando alonso chasing him, and after that u see some kind of horse doing the funcky chiken! thats what i see... i claim my new relgions, F1 races won by micheal shumacher, and a prancing horse! sucky why not mohamad or Allah on the mooon... u guys take it too far by the way, one pole should say " it might look like ali, but its co-insidental" or something along those lines i bet if u look hard enuff u can fine something like "dont hesitate...just migrate" or somethin get a life hey my name is hussein....i should be a miracle as well we shias have to get it together we and out monkey business!
  6. who am i to talk about it? for starters, who are u to talk to me in such a manner? u got some kind of problem of people not accepting what a scholar says? if so , go shoot urself if a marja allows it, then its all right? then why dont we call follow one marja, oh darn, thats what wilayat al-faqeeh stuff is all about. everyone is intiteled to their opinion, this isnt imam al-mahdi talking about this issue, its a scholar, so he still can make mistakes regarding what is forbiden and what is not. how about u do us all a favour and become a transexual.... the mullas will love u for it
  7. i suggest he sees a shrink, hes got a penis, not a vagina, whats so hard to understand, does the person look down their pants everytime and gets excited and scream "look at me im trapped in a mans body" waaaaaaa its bad to be a homo and u get caught and u might get killed, but when u wanna get a sex change ur safe? jebus!
  8. In a country that has outlawed homosexuality, Frances Harrison meets one Iranian cleric who says the right to a sex change is a human right. For 20 years Mahyar has been a woman trapped in a man's body. As a small child Mahyar liked dressing up in women's clothes and experimenting with make-up but as she grew older it got more difficult. "I badly needed to do it but it had to be in secret," she says. Now she wants to have a sex-change operation - if she can muster the £2,000 it will cost in Iran. If her family doesn't help financially, she says she might sell one of her kidneys to pay for it. "People say you'll get other illnesses but I think I can live without one kidney. I cannot live between the sky and the earth," says Mahyar. Locked-up Surgeons have already removed Mahyar's testicles. After the operation, her older brother locked her up for a week and wouldn't let her use the telephone. Mahyar's brother says someone has put a spell on her. When Mahyar wants to feel normal she goes to the clinic of Dr Mirjalali - Iran's leading sex-change surgeon. There are women who were men, men who were women and those like Mahyar waiting for the operation they believe will be a sort of rebirth. Dr Mirjalali says in Europe a surgeon would do about 40 sex change operations in a decade. He's done 320 in the last 12 years in Iran. "If you saw them out in the street you wouldn't realise that one day they were the opposite sex," he boasts. The doctor will use parts of Mahyar's intestines to create female sex organs. He warns it involves five or six hours of difficult surgery and weeks of painful recuperation. Mahyar loves to go to cosmetics shops - and try out new nail varnish for her long manicured nails and discuss with the amused female shop assistants the best sort of foundation cream to hide her stubbly chin. The sight of a man wearing make-up does turn heads on the street. Islamic tradition does not allow cross dressing - a man should only dress in male clothes. But that is not to say Iran's religious scholars are antagonistic to transsexuals. Hojatulislam Kariminia wrote his doctoral thesis on the implications of sex-change operations for Islamic law. He is a leading expert on questions like does a husband or wife need the permission of their spouse before a sex change operation? Is their marriage automatically annulled afterwards and what happens to the wife's dowry money or inheritance if she becomes a man. Ayatollah Khomeini He shows me the book in Arabic in which, 41 years ago, Ayatollah Khomeini wrote about new medical issues like transsexuality. "I believe he was the first Islamic scientist in the world of Islam who raised the issue of sex change," says Hojatulislam Kariminia. The Ayatollah's ruling that sex-change operations were allowed has been reconfirmed by Iran's current spiritual leader. That has meant that clerics like Hojatulislam Kariminia can study transsexuality - unlike homosexuality which is completely forbidden in Islam and illegal in Iran. "I want to suggest that the right of transsexuals to change their gender is a human right," says the cleric, who is so fascinated by the subject that he says he dreams about the transsexuals he has studied at night. "I am trying to introduce transsexuals to the people through my work and in fact remove the stigma or the insults that sometimes attach to these people," says Hojatulislam Kariminia. That's not easy. In every way Alan looks like a man but he was born Alim - with a woman's body. Three years ago he had a sex-change operation. "I don't remember who Alim was - what she used to do, what kind of personality she had," says Alan. The past is something he'd prefer to forget. Alan was about to get married when the parents of his bride found out he had been born a woman. They were horrified and refused to allow their daughter to marry what they considered another woman. Iranian society has yet to catch up with its religious leaders - who say transsexuality is an illness like any other for which Islam has the solution and science the cure. Alan shows me his new birth certificate and passport, which has been legally changed to say he is now a man. He's surprised to learn in Britain a transsexual who's had a sex change operation cannot change his or her gender on their birth certificate. "I think in Iran it is better; in Iran they say you need to know your identity - either you have to be a boy or a girl," says Alan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gender Recognition Act 2004 comes into force in the UK in from April 2005. Under the provisions of the Act a transsexual person can apply to be legally recognised in their acquired gender. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/4115535.stm
  9. El-hage


    i still havent gotten a link of where this info was found.... can i get it? thanks
  10. El-hage


    A source of where you got the article would be greatly appreciated thanks Hussein
  11. El-hage


    ok, that wasnt the answer i was looking for! someone have an answer?
  12. El-hage


    ok, so we know they are najjis, buttttttttt any science to this? thanks Hussein
  13. between shias and sunnis saying that if you drink the urin of one of the imams, that the fire of hells will not touch you, is this true? i think this stuff is crazy, where is this potion, please give us ur thaughts thanks salam
  14. (salam) (bismillah) ok, so most of my friends are sunni, and for some reasos, one of my friends said this a woman can perform salat even tho shes is in her cycle of you know what and that a man who ate pig, drank alcohole or haram meet can pray without waiting 40 days for his body to cleans its-self! is this true, or he is ignorat...thanks for reading salam Hussein
  15. this thread is still alive? wow
  16. the thing is, i have met new convert to Islam, and the thing is, he is a brother of the Sunni faith, now the thing is, i will not brig him here with all of you sayings like lana to the kholafa2 and to aysha, you need to cool down, for you to convice somone you should be nice to them, and be polite, i bet if the prophet could post a message he wouldnt be pleases with the way you act in trying to revert some of the people or trying to win an argument! neither would ahlel bayt (family of the provet) aprove of it, chill out and stop acting like lil kids with minds that are conqured by stupid little things thanks, i hope to see improvement Hussein
  17. well our brotherly sunnis say that when the prophet (pbuh) saw him, he got scared, do we believe in this too? and if no why? thanks Hussein
  18. (bismillah) Just a simple question, for anyone that knows, please give detail to what are Bahais, beliefs and their way of prayer thanks Hussein
  19. Prophet Adam made the mistake of eating an apple! he did make a mistake! or is it a special case later Hussein
  20. bayern is taking it! their defence is the best! micheal and ballack together will kick some butt! peace out Bayern for life
  21. heeeeeeeeeeey wasap people, i donno why, but my b-day was on the 17th of december, im old now 23 maaaaan i need a wife badly :P thanks and ali, where is my present? :D
  22. The battle for Muslim minds is not being fought by radicals in Falluja or in the mosques. It is being fought on the net. And one of Europe's experts on Islam in the West says governments must rethink how they are going to win this war. This week a British Muslim website discussed how worried they were about how disenchanted young men can turn into "Wahaboys", a term derived from Wahabism, the strict Saudi Arabian interpretation of Islam. That came days after the killing of controversial Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a suspected Islamist radical. The events are entirely unrelated - but both point to a continental struggle for the direction of Muslim identity. And, says Professor Gilles Kepel, the internet is playing an increasingly central part, if not the most important part, in this battle for hearts and minds. Gilles Kepel is one of Europe's top thinkers on Islam. He was a member of the French commission which recommended banning religious symbols from schools - a decision essentially seen as targeting Islamic headscarves. This does not mean he sees a "clash of civilizations", far from it. But in his new book, The War for Muslim Minds, he argues that the West is the battlefield where the struggle to modernize and democratize Islamic societies will be fought. If governments ensure the success of young European Muslims, then they will export their positive experiences eastwards, he argues. But if governments do not act, then the disenfranchised extremes will confirm the suspicions of those who oppose Western society. Role of the net There are hundreds of websites, blogs or e-groups which loosely count as being radical in nature, many aligned to the fundamentalist worldview known as Salafist preaching. There are of course many others propagating more mainstream visions of Islam. Between them, they compete for young European Muslims looking for signposts to their identity. "The websites have created a new way to recruit anywhere, anyone of Muslim descent but they also reorganise the frontiers of groups and communities," says Prof Kepel. "What has been very striking with the rise of Salafists in the West is the way they were linked to websites in the Arabian peninsula from where they were directly receiving their guidance." In one case highlighted by Prof Kepel, a French Muslim woman sought online theological guidance on taking the Pill and the advice she was given amounted to a rejection of the surrounding world. "That's very scary because allegiances, attitudes and behaviour are being defined by instructions on the web." Admittedly, it is difficult to gauge the impact of these websites on behaviour, although Prof Kepel says they played a key part in the campaign against France's headscarf ban. 'The database' But the bigger picture is their role in the "war on terror". The word al-Qaeda means "the base" - but metaphorically it means something closer to "database" or repository. That simple idea has launched a thousand websites, says Prof Kepel. "The problem is when you have kids like those in Spain responsible for the train attacks in Madrid; they haven't trained in Afghanistan - but they have learned what they need through the net. It's a web mobilisation to a cause. "If you are a cybernaut, you now have much more influence over young Muslim minds than a scholar who has spent 40 years studying the traditions. "With its smart weapons the US can quite easily destroy the 'base' in the caves of Tora Bora - but those bombs do nothing to deal with the 'database' itself," he says. If this influence is to be combated, then states need to rethink their integration strategies, warns Prof Kepel. "I think things are changing here and in Holland. There is anxiety that multiculturalism has given leeway to radical groups to build enclosed citadels, totally contrary to what the multiculturalists wanted." Prof Kepel argues multiculturalism allows "village strongmen" to dominate and reinforces a narrow world view which disenfranchises the young. Trevor Phillips, chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, has publicly declared multiculturalism to be past its sell-by date. The net and not the mosque is the market where the young are turning to buy into allegiances which can be completely at odds with reality, says the professor. Social fragmentation On an internet forum this week, a woman with a depressed boyfriend was advised by one respondent her relationship is forbidden (haram) and will only lead to misery. Another said his wife could help her "revert" to her true Islamic self. Neither addressed the pressing issue. "Multiculturalism has been a catastrophe. It leads to the balkanisation of society and ultimately to civil war," says Prof Kepel. "It 'clans' people within an identity from which they can't escape. You have to define yourself as gay, Black, Muslim or whatever. "What I fear is fragmentation of society along these lines. You are born with an identity but what is important is what you become." i sent my compliments to shiachat.com to BBC :P http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/3997701.stm
  23. lets not forget that in sahih boukhari it sates that the prophet moses (as) was running around naked, and that the prophet forgot to take a shower after junub....etc
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