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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Many Many Happy returns of the Day !

    May Allah Bless you !

    Have a Blast........Enjoy !!!

  2. salam, happy birthday to you

  3. thanks so much guys, now its time to blast it on my ipod :D
  4. "ya ayuhal akbar", i cant seem to find it... i need it in mp3 format... or whatever... as long as i can convert it and put it on loud on my Ipod, that would be fine! thanks in advance thanks Hussein E.
  5. (salam) So, I have been encountering some problems lately. Since moving from Ottawa (Canadian City) to Toronto (another Canadian city) I have noticed my Sunni "friends" have become completely backwards with their thinking and their day to day life routines, especially after the war in Lebanon. One "friend" called Ayatollah Sistani stupid, for not allowing playing chess, and the other idiot started calling me 7izbo al-shaytan, "the pary of shaytan" So far I have deleted many Sunnis off my msn because of their foul behavior and their hate of my love for ahlol bait, I say screw'em, my religion b
  6. bahahahahaha one day u might be following a girl... u know, ur marja was a man, and all of a suden! BAAAM hes a woman....THAT CANT HAVE BABIES!!! HES NOT A WOMAN!!! HES A MAN WITH NO WEEWEE
  7. maaaan, sometimes my shia brethern go to far! no his name is not on there, micheal schumacher is on there....look up, and ull see fernando alonso chasing him, and after that u see some kind of horse doing the funcky chiken! thats what i see... i claim my new relgions, F1 races won by micheal shumacher, and a prancing horse! sucky why not mohamad or Allah on the mooon... u guys take it too far by the way, one pole should say " it might look like ali, but its co-insidental" or something along those lines i bet if u look hard enuff u can fine something like "dont hesitate...just migrate" or somet
  8. who am i to talk about it? for starters, who are u to talk to me in such a manner? u got some kind of problem of people not accepting what a scholar says? if so , go shoot urself if a marja allows it, then its all right? then why dont we call follow one marja, oh darn, thats what wilayat al-faqeeh stuff is all about. everyone is intiteled to their opinion, this isnt imam al-mahdi talking about this issue, its a scholar, so he still can make mistakes regarding what is forbiden and what is not. how about u do us all a favour and become a transexual.... the mullas will love u for it
  9. i suggest he sees a shrink, hes got a penis, not a vagina, whats so hard to understand, does the person look down their pants everytime and gets excited and scream "look at me im trapped in a mans body" waaaaaaa its bad to be a homo and u get caught and u might get killed, but when u wanna get a sex change ur safe? jebus!
  10. In a country that has outlawed homosexuality, Frances Harrison meets one Iranian cleric who says the right to a sex change is a human right. For 20 years Mahyar has been a woman trapped in a man's body. As a small child Mahyar liked dressing up in women's clothes and experimenting with make-up but as she grew older it got more difficult. "I badly needed to do it but it had to be in secret," she says. Now she wants to have a sex-change operation - if she can muster the £2,000 it will cost in Iran. If her family doesn't help financially, she says she might sell one of her kidneys to pay for i
  11. i still havent gotten a link of where this info was found.... can i get it? thanks
  12. A source of where you got the article would be greatly appreciated thanks Hussein
  13. ok, that wasnt the answer i was looking for! someone have an answer?
  14. ok, so we know they are najjis, buttttttttt any science to this? thanks Hussein
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