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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One of my friend is in deep depression who got engaged with a girl couple of months before, and then realized that his fiancee is in relation with other person (probably Mutah). There has been simple engagement ceremony without Nikah. The girl is unmarried and she kept her fiancee in dark about this thing. ....Now his questions are ? # How can she be in mutah if she is not yet married and quite young too? So this is a great Sin. # There is only a month or less in marriage, so will it be right for him to break the relation and put those allegation upon her ? This will ruin her life and the dignity of her family who are unaware of it # He is in fear what if she continuous such relation after marriage as he is working abroad and could not take his wife with him always. # What is best way for him. He has already discussed this with his fiancee and she is asking him to give her proofs before breaking but he is 100% sure about it. What should he do ? Please help me in guiding him. Thanks
  2. Our Parents need us more when they are old. Don't leave them because their opinion doesn't suite your wife's interest. I will NEVER EVER LEAVE my parents just for the sake of privacy. If you have separate room in your house, where you and your wife can spend night together, i believe that is enough of Privacy needed. Respect them as they will never ever live forever, with you.
  3. Don't jump to conclusions, may be it is possible that she doesn't know about it, as there have been many instances where fake Pics of girls are being used in Dating Sites, or she has intentionally done it. If I would have been at your place, I would simply ask her about it, make her understand about negative publicity. Tell her that this pic could haunt her in Coming Years..........as what ever is put on Internet, will remain there for eternal...! Now comes the question," He, who is without sin can cast the first stone" So it depends on you, how your impression is on her, if you think you are not the right person, Tell your Mama before others tell her and make her Worried
  4. Thanks Huffington Post, for letting this Article to Publish.................. I find one positive side of Daesh attacking Iraq is that, the innocence of Shia and Message of Imam Hussain (as) is spreading very quickly all over now............My Non Muslims colleagues are asking me now, whether I m Shia or Extremist (referring to Sunni).!
  5. Heart touching..............May Allah give him the best reward of which "He" has promised..........!!!
  6. I believe that there should be a harsh punishment for the crime, even eye for an eye (if proven that criminal has done the crime with planning and without any pressure etc). In India, Rape rate is so high that in every hour or so a girl gets raped & this increase in crime is only because of lack of Tough Law. Eye for an eye will keep the furture crimes in check and its only reason that our Shariah has made such laws.....!!
  7. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/prominent-shiite-cleric-backs-fighting-in-syria/2013/12/15/b5f4005e-6584-11e3-997b-9213b17dac97_story.html
  8. Hmmmmmm....I guess you didn't understand what I wrote.....I said comparing to Ayatollah Khomeinis funeral............ I guess this is not a useful topic........we are discussing funeral of a living person where we don't know any thing about our own funerals.................
  9. What I mean to say is all the Shia who knows the value of such a high brand Ayatollah will conduct majlis or recite prayers for his peace....... No there will not be such a huge funeral............. I will do the same.......if I will be alive then...........
  10. We do the same what people did when Ayatollah Khomeini died.....!!!!!!!!
  11. If he was a Wahhabi or Salafi type which i don't know............then good to Hang him................ I guess the current govt is doing good in keeping these Islamist s in check.. because Bangladesh could become another Pakistan...............where long beard and no mustaches monsters grow in power rapidly post Musharraf era
  12. There could be many reasons that a person is not happy with his current job. # Your Manager: Its always said that a person does not leave his company but rather his manager. So if ones manager or to whom he reports is not good , then definitely its unsatisfactory JOB.......! #Salary & Growth:People work for two things, Salary and Growth, those two factors are the driving forces which keeps a person attached with its current Employer.Salary and Growth needs to be balanced.If one has good salary but no growth, the result is attrition(leaving the job) and vice versa.... I was working in IBM as Networking Lead for 6 years,with good salary but less growth and bad manager........ :)...........So this made me a bit unhappy with current profile so I change the JOB. My advise for you is: Do not leave your current job and search the new job...because once leave the current job, you salary will stop and this will create an extra pressure,confusion etc..................Best way to do it is........Keep searching the job which suits best according to your education or skills that you have or start working on those skills,schedule your time table accordingly... and let your parents know that you are working hard to get a good oppturnity without leaving the current job .Once you get a new offer, show that offer to your parents and let them understand the growth and opportunity you will get there.... Working in a Hardware store will have a limited growth and salary.... Thanks...!!
  13. Oh! I was so lost while reading, as if I was reading a Novel book..................great writing skills.................: You don't need to worry as this world is full of psychos.............next time if you visit the same place, remain cautious and strong...!!
  14. On every Eid Flocks of poor non-Muslims used to visit Muslim dominated areas in India(New Delhi) in order to collect the meat, or remains of Qurban etc. Could we (shia) distribute the meat to poor non Muslims.?
  15. I guess you are asking about you city/county only.?
  16. To my couple of Friends in Pakistan I kept on telling them not to say bad about Sahaba etc but their mentality is as such that they have to say bad even some notorious people in some parts of India used to put a badge with name Umer on a dog and send it to the place where majority of Muslims are Sunni.The result always Riot and hate..........Frankly speaking I hv seen some worst shias in my life who I cant describe in any words.Same Fatwa was given by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei earlier but I guess it will not make any difference to them.. :(
  17. He is among the Progeny of Abu Hurairah whom too used to have photographic memory with hate for the Ahlebait (as). A person who says that the battle of karbala was the political battle and not the religious battle.I guess this is enough for his introduction.A sympathizer to Yazeed(la) is the enemy of Shia................!
  18. No it is not true that all the Sunni Hate Shia.I have seen so many Sunni brothers who participate in Muharram show love towards AHLEBAIT but now a days their number is very less.Post Iraq war and Syria war now,the hate is growing and is being well used by Salafi Thought.The result we could see in every day news that comes from Iraq ,Pakistan etc.I pray for the safety of all Shia in this Muharram because the situation is too tense Sooner the day will come when there will be only two sects in Islam. One sect will be Wahhabi and other sect will be Shia. All other sects in Sunni are very rapidly converting to Wahhabi school of thought or getting influenced by it. Wahhabi s are using two magical things one is Wealth and second is Shia Hate.Lets see which way the wind blows.
  19. As these things are very common now a days all over the world so we hear and see this on TV news etc, it somehow remains in our memory and thus we see in a dream (nightmare). I recommend that you should think about the positive things before sleeping every night and recite ayat al kursi when ever you sleep. If you keep on getting such dreams than check if their might be Qur'an or any religious book in the direction of your feet or change the direction of Sleeping etc.
  20. Haj Pilgrims in near future will have to take the permission from Tel Aviv . The have occupied first Qibla (Al Aqsa Mosque) and now Kabba is the second target.
  21. Now a days, middle east is the most worst place for Muslims. In Europe, Muslims are not killed while performing prayers........ The treatment which is being given to Muslims in Europe is better then it is given in major Muslim countries like Pakistan,Indonesia etc
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