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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Another documentary to watch: "Out of the Shadows" on ITV (channel 3) on 11th April @ 11.15pm Its about the journalist John Mcarthy who was captured in lebanon (along with Terry Waite), and taken hostage and treated with extreme brutality. He has returned and done a documentary on it. Its got material related to Hizbullah init. its airing to coincide with a movie thats coming out soon, about their ordeal. Whether the documentary is Pro-Muslim or Anti-Muslim is not entirely known! its got some stuff on Hezbollah.
  2. 'Hassanain' lecture shud be about 45-1hr long with 10 mins Q&A. wassalaam
  3. Please click on the flyer below for further details
  4. Salaams Channel 4 is going to show a documentary on Monday, 12th April 2004@ 7.30pm on Karbala: City of Martyrs. Its supposed to be postive documentary to make people understand the significance of the commemoratin of Ashura by the Shiites. PLEASE make sure that u watch the documentary and do spread the word around as the higher the ratings, the more chances that such documentaries are produced and shown in the future. Wassalaam
  5. salaams well I dont know about mainstream deaf schools but Stanmore ISlamic Centre has school in their centre for deaf children. May be u cud try them or ask them of they know other schools. I dont know the person in charge of teh deaf schoool but u can email stanmore itself and they shud have the contact details of the main person. email is hujjat@hujjat.org
  6. salaams Behlool society of leciester are organising a conference on 18th April on 'following in the footsteps of Prophets (as)'. Speakers include: amar nakhshawani, mehdi haasan, sister darifa mohammed and Iskander kaleeli. www.behloosociety.org i think is their website . u can check it out for further details. w/s
  7. salaams I shud probabaly be there as well :-D wud be good to meet u. did u manage to sort ur accomodation out? w/s tc Dossa
  8. Salaam alaykum he is speaking in Birmingham. w/s
  9. salaams sister There is a student islamic (sunni) organisation in london that has accomodation for students. its in the Kilburn area and cos its for students, it shud be reasonably priced but its not central London. I dont know whether they have any rooms available but email them at info@fosis.org.uk to find out. I think it wil be easier and safer for u to stay in the north west area and then tubing it to central london during the day for sight seeing purposes. well from heathrow to central london.. Tube Picadily line..cheapest. however depends what time u comiing to london. ofcourse if its late at night...it aint exactly safe. tc w/s
  10. salaams Hmm very suprised that IUS ppl havent gotten back to u .. usually they r quite prompt. The sr mentioned in the previous who is responsible for IUS is not in town at the moment, hence I wud advise u to contact the chairman of IUS at malhilli@hotmail.com and i can assure u that u will get a reply asap. with regards to Youth Today, we only send free copies to people living in UK however email us your postal address anyways and if we can send u a copy then we will, inshallah. send your address to youthtoday@nooryouth.co.uk. Take care w/s
  11. salaams yup.. no probs...we regulalry do events in London so wil let u know. I am a sis by the way:-D hope to see u on sat! tc w/s
  12. Click on the image below for more info...
  13. salaams I am part of a couple of youth organisations.. what sort of advice u looking for? wud be glad to help.. tc w/s
  14. salaams make friendships.. well thats what we are here for sis! arent ther any local community/islamic centres near you? i am from london btw tc
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