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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wearing earings is haram, as it is meant for ladies and not for men what ever the case
  2. My dear brothers and sisters Homosexuel was the main cause of Sodom destruction it is clearly mentioned in the quran
  3. drinking any kind of intoxicating is not allowed as it is clearly mentioned in the quran That it is haram do not intoxicat yourself also alcohol is najis
  4. Cutting yourself is haram, this practice is done mostly in Pakistan and India. Please do not practice it or believe in it. We Shia Muslims should act and behave in an Islamic way
  5. dear all note that dajjal is a person whom will be born when hes mother is dead, the birth of dajjal will take place in Khurasan somewhere in the border of Russia this is what I know, but be caution that dajjal is a human being whom will claim to be Issa As all the Christians will believe in him, later he will claim that he is god and people will start to worship dajjal, ONLY mah a.s and issa a.s
  6. Dear all of them are on the same level, each one did bad against an ahlul bayt I pray to almighty Allah to punish the bad people who betrayed the ahlulbayt a.s
  7. BILAL IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO JUDGE SOMEONES FAITH we shias worship Allah swt, not the cousin of the prophet but we are the follower of the people of the house and not the friends of the prophet, later they betrayed the people of the house
  8. shia islam is the only way to success, don't forget surat ahzab ayat no 33 it has cearly mention regarding the prophets saw family
  9. the prophet saw said if Sufiyan and hes family seats on my chair then I swear by Allah swt kill all of them as they are the most hypocrites ever, what I am disappointed is that some of the sunis do believe on muawIyah and yazid as theire 5th and 6th khalifas PLEASE DONT FORGET THE PROPHET GAVE US A WARNING REGARDING SUFIYAN AND HES FAMILY
  10. sunis are not kafirs but muslims,
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