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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. assads army is army of Allah ok as far as alawis believe its the army of the god ali nauzubillah whose represtitive on earth is Assad yes anybody that doesnt worship your god bashar is a takfiri who and hezbollah should be allowed to destroy entire cities so this god can remain in power the world is so simple except your own delusion will destroy you some people are far of any shia creed as they are sunni
  2. the gulf lot have very little to do with syria and have given nothing because the US who doesnt to arm rebels who are anti-western qatar is the only country thats different they supported Morsi and syrian rebels and you contradict your own self if you define the opposition as alaqeda who hates gulf a lot more a majority of the rebels are brotherhood who hate gulf leaders too by all evidence as syrian groups put out videos everyday and theres so many independent people putting out videos GULF have given nothing to syrian rebels that changes the war, didnt even supply any weapons beyond a few shipments of old rpgs to few nationalist rebels
  3. so basher and hezbollah can destroy entire cities of sunnis start this war by massacring sunnis and anyone who opposes assad but few shias killed by few rebels after so much massacrs and killings by assad means you support assad this war is simple alqaeda vs assad when most groups have nothing to do with al qaeda are still part of FSA led by a christian assads use of chemicals has been verified by common sense of all the witnesses and videos and evidence by humen rights watch and the UN evidence famous analyst brakes it down simply with all the assad claims of he didnt use it http://brown-moses.blogspot.co.uk/ ok you want to define this war as assad vs al qaeda it works the same way around, ordinery people masacred by by this tyrant and hezbollah for simply wanting a state the represents them all are all al qaeda and wahhabi NOW even if some oppostion was al aqaeda the fact they would want to kill every shia is stupid, ofcourse as assad and hezbollah are killing so much sunni which justfies there use to be indiscriminate when they attack but that simply has not happened in syria otherwise you would get reports of so many shias killed everyday assads massacres are thousand to one of any faction of the rebels that have killed after so much killings by assad this evidenced by all international groups and common sense of assad and hezbollah using artillery on cities and carpet bombing everyday as the videos show syria is where shias betreyed sunnis though i dont want to ever say a general statement i mean the fact IRAN and HEZBOLLAH are taking part in this genocide of sunnis represents maybe a majority of shias al qaeda or anybody represnts at most ten percent of sunnis if you exagerate just want this war to end, theres people bad on both sides but Assad is simply beyond the point of things that make people think how can anybody support this monster and claim to be muslim after destroying his country SO he ALONE can rule in LUXURY as a KING
  4. youve illustrated my point exactly mass support among shias for saint bashar and his god given right to rule all of syria under alawism didnt know bashar is caliph of the muslims to some shias i didnt know even yazid ever destroyed entire cities and used chemical weapons to keep his family in power im trying to put solutions to end shia and sunni conflict and create unity or at least a truce to end these wars but hey if hezbollah supporting takfiri shias want assad as our caliph who should rule all then war will carry on only on the day of judgment we would find out who was right if you lack common sense today though alawis believe in reincarnation so it doesnt matter for them
  5. this is a typical Shia takfiri mentality ofcourse anything sunnis do that go against the interest of shias is some grand conspiracy and sunnis are doing all the evil anyway while shia from assad to khamenei are saints i urge forum members shia to sunni to read my earlier post then read his response see how warped this persons thinking is from reality its why we will be in war for a long time
  6. please have humanity and use common sense shia and sunni conflict is getting irreparable because of hezbollah and khamanei your own ignorance and this forum is full of people why that is so thousands of people killed and taken from there homes to killed and tortured had no right to fight back the War started and free Syrian army was formed of those tens of thousands army defectors that you OMMIT egypt army defections didnt happen but there still Attacks in Sinai and many cities are controlled by MB, egypt fighting still increasing day by day lol Assad isn't sectarian yes it just happens that his alawites make up most of army officer corps yes and all the security positions and most of the wealthy people ok i guess Saddam wasn't sectarian either please dont bring up oil sheikhs they have nothing to do with Islam and nobody is defending them i can turn around ask why is Iran warming relations with Myanmar and never condmening anything over there at least on Arab satellite channel this actually comes up
  7. yes all of those millions of ordinary Sunnis driven to protest against tyrant are somehow all controlled by Israel and the united states which refuses to help them in anyway after Assad using chemical weapons AQ which fought the united states in Iraq for ten years in iraq and continues to be droned is controlled by united states OK the butcher that is Assad destroying entire cities so he can rule as a sectarian corrupt dictator is a lovely man i cant see how anybody can be a Muslim and back this utter butcher
  8. also as long as they are bashar al assad for a lot of people on this forum Assad also defines himself as a secular liberal remember too, no different in ideology then mubarak/sisi
  9. http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/assad-regime-wages-pr-campaign-to-discredit-rebels-a-926479.html#spRedirectedFrom=www&referrrer= for shia takfiris with reference to tunisian Aids post sex jihad utter lie
  10. turkey is still leading the region in terms of doing the right thing backing Irans assadist syria or Saudis coup Egypt would have done it no good anyway Iran showed its true colors in Syria as a sectarian leadership only interested anything that furthers shiism by declaring takfir practically on all sunnis iran lost turkey, libya and the sunnis of the region there is still Yemen and Afghanistan which Iran will loose because of its declaration of war on Sunnis funny thing is whatever pressure on iran now gets applied Iran doesn't have any backing from anyone in the region other than Russia which will sell Iran out at the right price as it has previously
  11. im sorry that statement of hypocrisy is utter shameless considering shias have muta marriage the grand mufti who is no representative of Sunnis just condemned any such practice didn't acknowledge anything the whole thing was spread by a secularist Tunisian minister who based it on the fake fatwa which al-arabyia is reporting the whole thing has absolutely no evidence as proven by journalists on the ground and the Tunisian minster who didn't provide anything either Shia takfir is the worst right now, sunnis is bad but overtaken by hezbollah and irans takfir on syrian and iraqi sunnis for rising up against a tyrant who ruled for himself and his clan alarabyia is a saudi puppet force they back the secularists not Sunnis but some shias are too caught up in there takfir to realize that you go back few years al jazeerah was all pro-Hezbollah while Arabyia wasn't probably might find the forum post on this forum acknowledging that
  12. sex jihad is fake the fatwa was fake, there's absolutely no evidence for it either its funny Shias and Sunnis want to believe in the lies perpetuated about each other which only feeds those who hate Islam takfir on each other will be the end of Islam not just Sunnis if that's what you think
  13. Assad is the single biggest cause of Sunni-shia conflict after maliki anybody who calls himself a Muslim and supports the Assad clan really has to be questioned on his faith in islam I know many are ignorant others are not the overwhelming shia support which I know is not all shias as former leaders of hezbollah and some iranian MPs have come out against supporting Assad this Nutty theory about Zionist conspiracy on Assad who murdered mugniyah and was a month away from breaking of with "axis of resistance" is used to justify the mass murder of sunnis in syria wonder when sunni and shia conflict will stop when takfiris on both sides learn to recognize each other as muslims before hugo chavez even a Truce will do better then this conflict you wont get this though as nasrallah has declared takfir on all sunnis never mind the takfir on the so-called wahhabis so have a laugh by supporting those alawites who are all atheists but believe in some weird alawite identity, sunnis are people who actually believe in one god and the quran should be hated and declared non-muslim before people who hate islam and want to eliminate all traces of the religion
  14. pretty lame considering they are Muslims who only rose up against a tyrant who ruled for himself and his clan, who was only months away from abandoning the "axis of resistance" let me ask about your grand anti-shia conspiracy what is the difference between Assad and Qaddafi though Iran supported Qaddafis overthrow while NATO directly intervened to topple Qaddafi while Syria its just been statements even after a chemical weapons attack which human rights watch and the UN say Assad did it they still haven't intervened this utter nonsense is whats destroying Islam this pointless Sunni-Shia war when actual enemies who want to destroy Islam are succeeding because all they want is Muslims to kill each other declare takfir all you want it wont the poor people in the middle in iraq or syria instead think about actually negotiation for peace with people who actually consider themselves muslim
  15. there you have it then perpetual reason for conflict, only sunnis even among them it is a minority who actually consider "wahhabis" or salafis as out of islam are sufis for rest that is ridiculous salafis today among sunnis are mainstream, they are only differentiated by the fact they tend to not stick to the four orthodox schools thats all now a days there is a known wahhabi group that supports Saudi and west but this is a minority now a days declare takfir on them all you want most important to consider "wahhabis" realy termed salafsi are diverse among Sunnis, majority of them hate Saudi and gulf monarchy but shias that go with khamanei have declared takfir on all of them and in syria and iraq this is playing out people are dying in iraq and syria for the basic reason you people cant even think about negotiating for a truce because you have declared takfir on all well done
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