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In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. excuse me i have one question ,do you know who is your photo?how do you know him? he is a big mystic in Last century.it's yummy know himit's so

    1. TheIslamHistory


      His name is: Ayatollah Sayed Ali Al-Tabrizi.

  2. hi brother,it's the law of god coming imam mahdi, Insha'Allah you become one of his Fellowships,

    1. TheIslamHistory


      Inshalla'ah. Much appreciated.

    2. TheIslamHistory


      Inshalla'ah. Much appreciated.

  3. i like so much to join you, in Iran we participate in ceremonies of first decade of muharram , it is so animator but there is a problem that the facebook,youtube and twitter is blocked in Iran so is there the other ways to join you? l just know your website but it is not enough because i can't get to know the other persons,how can i do that? please respond me if you like. thanks. :shifty:
  4. the prophets did n't do mistake because what they said is lie s revelations is lie so what god say is false so..........
  5. hi i am mohammad110 if you recieved my message please respond me if you like

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