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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Al-Sistani's On Insulting The Wives And Companions   
    Although these sahaba and wives weren't good in our opinion, I see it very important to preserve unity with our brothers and not cause this fitnah. I know many shias who don't understand how important this is. For example, a friend of mine always curses them and when we mention the sunnis as our brothers, they get all sarcastic and all. I'm sure you know the type. 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Mansur Bakhtiari in To Those That Publically Curse, Or Make Up Lies   
    Have you read the Dua of Sanam e-Quraysh which is narrated by Imam Ali(as)? The prophet told the people to curse the symbols of bida'ah that come after him. The imams on many occasions cursed Abu Bakr and Umar, and their daughters. Have you read the hadiths on the first two caliphs? No fatwa can overcome this. So for me, these fatwas mean absolutely nothing. It's only a way to try to make us look good in front of the 'sunnis', while in reality loving these 2 makes you kafir according to one hadith. Do you have tafaseer of the ayat you're giving? The rope of Allah is the Quran and itrah. Not what you're implying. 
    My advice to all: Do it the Yasser Habib Way!  :P 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from osmanamg in Mujtahid Fatwas Vs. Imam Hadiths: Chess   
    I will now present to you a major fatwa-hadith conflict. 
    Chess: Permissible or not?!
    Let's take a look at the some Mujtahids' fatwas on this issue:
    Fatwas of Mujtahids: 
    S. Khamenei:
    Q1109: Playing chess has become commonplace in most schools. Do you sanction it and organizing courses to teach it?
    A: From the mukallaf’s perspective, should it not now be considered among the instruments of gambling, there is no objection to playing it provided that no betting is involved.
    Q1111: What is the ruling on chess in the following situations?
    1. The manufacture, sale, and purchase of chess instruments [chessboard/chessmen].
    2. Playing chess with/without a bet.
    3. Establishing centers at public places where it could be played, taught, or promoted.
    A: Should the mukallaf be of the opinion that chess is not considered now among gambling instruments, there is no objection to their being manufactured, sold, bought, and played with — but without betting. The same rule is applied to its teaching.
    S. Fadlallah:
    Q: Is it permissible to play chess?
    A: It is permissible to play chess just for fun without betting, and it is an recommended precaution not to play it.
    1) Is it permissible to play chess as a game of mental exercise provided no gambling is involved?
    1- If there is no condition of losing or winning, there is no problem to play with both gambling tools and even non-gambling ones. If not so and it is not for entertainment, it is absolutely Haram.
    Let's now see what our prophet(saw) and the imams(as) have to say about this issue:
    Ahadith of Imams(as):
    وسئل الصادق (عليه السلم) " عن قول ال عزوجل: " فاجتنبوا الرجس من الوثان واجتنبوا قول الزور " قال:
    الرجس من الوثان الشطرنج، وقول الزور الغناء
    Imam Al-Sadiq(as) said: "Almighty Allah has said: ‘Therefore avoid the
    uncleanness of the idols and avoid false words’, Imam said the Verse means:
    ‘stay away from the filth of chess, singing and telling Lies.
    وروى لنا عبد الواحد بن محمد بن عبدوس النيسابوري رضى ال عنه قال: حدثنا على بن محمد بن قتيبة، عن الفضل
    بن شاذان قال: سمعت الرضا (عليه السلم) يقول: " لما حمل رأس الحسين (عليه السلم) إلى الشام أمر يزيد لعنه ال
    فوضع ونصب عليه مائدة، فأقبل هو وأصحابه يأكلون ويشربون الفقاع فلما فرغوا أمر بالرأس فوضع في طست تحت
    سريره وبسط عليه رقعة الشطرنج وجلس يزيد لعنه ال يلعب بالشطرنج ويذكر الحسين بن على وأباه وجده (عليهم
    السلم) ويستهزئ بذكرهم، فمتى قامر صاحبه تناول الفقاع فشربه ثلث مرات ثم صب فضلته على ما يلى الطست من
    الرض فمن كان من شيعتنا فليتورع عن شرب الفقاع واللعب بالشطرنج، ومن نظر إلى الفقاع أو إلى الشطرنج فليذكر
    الحسين (عليه السلم) وليلعن يزيد وآل زياد، يمحو ال عزوجل بذلك ذنوبه ولو كانت بعدد النجوم
    Abdul Wahid bin Abdus Niashapuri has narrated to us, who has heard it from Ali
    bin Mohammed bin Qatateebah, who heard it from Fazal bin Shazan, who says:
    Imam Ali Raza said: ‘When the ‘Sacred Head of Imam Hussain came to
    Syria, Yazeed used to ask his servants to lay a food-table over it and he used to
    eat food and drink wine with his friends over it and after finishing with the food and
    drink he would ask his servants to put Imam‘s ‘Sacred Head’ underneath his
    throne and ask for a chess table to be laid on this throne and start playing chess
    with his friends. Yazeed used to crack jokes and mock Imam Hussain’s
    father and grandfather while playing chess with his friends. He would
    continue to drink wine while playing chess but after drinking three times (from his
    glass), he would pour down the remaining wine unto the floor, next to the wine
    pot. Therefore, our staunch followers would neither touch wine nor play chess
    and if one happens to see either of these he should better remember Imam
    Hussain and send ‘Laan’ on Yazeed and progeny of Ziad. For this, Allah
    will forgive all his sins even if they are more than the stars in the sky.
    ويأتي في حديث علي بن رئاب عن أبي عبد ال (عليه السلم) في الشطرنج قال: المقلب لها كالمقلب لحم الخنزير. قلت: وما على
    من قلب  لحم الخنزير ؟ قال: يغسل يده.
    Ali bin Raib narrates from Imam Abu Abdullah that Imam talked about chess
    and said: Touching it is as turning the pork. I asked: what would be on that that
    turned the pork? Imam replied: he has to wash his hands.
    My father has told me that he has heard it from Saad bin Abdullah, who heard it
    from Yaqoob bin Yazaad, who narrated from Hassan bin Mahboob, who from
    Khalid bin Jareer, who has learnt from Abu Rabah bin Shami, who from Imam
    Jafar-e-Sadiq that Imam was asked about a game called ‘Nard’ and Chess.
    Imam replied: Do not go near either of them’. I asked what about ‘Ghina’
    (song), Imam replied; ‘There is nothing good about ‘Ghina’ do not listen to it’. I
    asked again about the ‘Nabeez’? Imam replied: Rasool Allah has
    forbidden all those substances which produce drowsiness and all drowsy
    elements are ‘Harram’.... Mane Al-Akhbar, pp. 271, tradition, 223.
    For further proof from the ahadith on the prohibition of Chess, see: http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/06/chess-is-haraam.html
    Now, some might come and say that there is a context to these ahadith, and that it was only for that time, or that it is only forbidden when used for gambling. However, one who pays close attention when reading the narrations will notice that this is not the case. Furthermore, I would just like to point out this:
    علي بن إبراهيم، عن محمد بن عيسى بن عبيد، عن يونس، عن حريز عن زرارةقال: سألت أبا عبدالله عليه السلام عن الحلال والحرام فقال: حلال محمد حلال أبدا إلى يوم القيامة، وحرامه حرام أبدا إلى يوم القيامة، لا يكون غيره ولا يجيئ غيره، وقال: قال علي عليه السلام: ما أحد ابتدع بدعة إلا ترك بها سنة
    From ibn Ibrahim, from Muhammad bin Isa bin Abid, from Yunus, from Hariz, from zurara, he said: I asked Abi Abdillah(as) about halal and haram, so he said: "The halal of Muhammad is halal until judgement day, and his haram is haram until judgement day, there will be no one other than him(saw) and no one will come other than him, and (Imam) said: Said Ali(as): "None followed bid'ah(innovation in religion) but that he abandoned from the sunnah."
    [i do not intend to offend anyone or attack any particular marja', I am only showing that some fatwas in fact are incorrect, and that we must hold onto the Sunnah when we see these contradictions, could anyone not agree with that?].
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Al Hadi in [Closed/Review]Ayatollah Muhammad Hussain Najafi   
    Lol..I'm surprised they say that. Astaghfirullah.
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from 090078601 in Evidence That Aisha Repented?   
    The imam(as) and his companions insulted her. Why do you have a soft spot for the enemies of AhlulBayt? Her being the wife of the prophet(saw) does not earn her respect. Prophets Lut and Nuh(as)'s wives were also disbelievers, mentioned in the quran. Aisha and Hafsa were warned in the quran in surah tahreem. Go read it. She went to war with imam ali(as). She used to backbite the prophet and Umm Salama. She used to lie to the prophet and spy on him. She threw arrows at the funeral of Imam Hasan(as). She used to plot things with Hafsa to do to the prophet. She accused the prophet of being bewitched. She accused him of listening to singers. She insulted Sayyeda Khadija(as). What other crimes can we narrate? (She and Hafsa poisoned the prophet by the orders of their fathers.)........... And them we have a Shia of Ali(as), respecting her and not insulting her?! No offence brother, but you really should rethink this. 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from 090078601 in Evidence That Aisha Repented?   
    عن عبد الصمد بن بشير عن أبي عبد الله قال: تدرون مات النبي أو قتل إن الله يقول:{ أفإن مات أو قتل انقلبتم على أعقابكم } فسّم قبل الموت أنهما سقتاه قبل الموت فقلنا إنهما وأبوهما شر من خلق الله
    From Abdul Samad b. Bashir from Imam Abi Abdullah(as) who said: "Do you know whether the Prophet(pbuh) died (a natural death) or was murdered? Indeed Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì says (in Qur'an 3:144) ["If he (pbuh) dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)?"], he was poisoned before death, the two (women) both fed it (the poison) to him before death." We (narrator and his companions) said "Those 2 women and their fathers were the worst creation of Allah."
    Source: Tafseer al-Ayyashi Vol.1, p.200, H152
    قال المجلسي إنَّ العياشي روى بسند معتبر عن الصادق : أنَّ عائشة وحفصة لعنة الله عليهما وعلى أبويهما , قتلتا رسول الله بالسمِّ
    Allama Baqir Majlisi wrote: "Indeed Shaikh al Ayyashi (in his Tafsir, Volume 1 Page 200, Hadith 152)* reported by an authentic sanad from al Sadiq (as) that Ayesha and Hafsa, la'nah of Allah upon them and their fathers, murdered the Prophet (pbuh) by administering poison to him."
    Source: Hayatul Qulub by Majlisi, Volume 2 Page 700, section "Account of the death of the Prophet")
    On what basis are you adding  (ra) after her name? 
    [i am not the one cursing them, it is Allamah Majlisi(ra). If you have a problem with his tabarri, that's too bad for you.]
    وقال الصادق ـ عليه السلام ـ :  من شك في كفر أعدائنا الظالمين لنا فهو كافر
    Imam Ja'far al Sadiq(as): "Whoever doubts in kufr of our enemies (and) the oppressors of us then he is a kafir (disbeliever).
    Source: Bihar al-Anwar Vol.8, p. 366.
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Md Nur Asad in Question About A Certain Book   
    A magic book? My father has this book, it's called "Shams al-Ma'arif al-Kubra", right? I remember going past the pages quickly, it seems mostly filled with the 99 names of Allah and ayat, with strange interpretations and calculations. Probably just some Sufi garbage. 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from NaveenHussain in What Is The Shia View Of Sufism?   
    Sufism is haram. Our imams(as) very harshly condemned Sufism and the likes of it:
    المولى العلامة الأردبيلي في حديقة الشيعة قال: وبالسند الصحيح عن أحمد بن محمد بن أبي نصر البزنطي، ومحمد بن إسماعيل بن بزيع (١)، عن الرضا عليه السلام، أنه قال: " من ذكر عنده الصوفية ولم ينكرهم بلسانه وقلبه، فليس منا، ومن أنكرهم، فكأنما جاهد الكفار بين يدي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله
    Allama Ardbili wrote in Hadiqat al Shia: And by a sahih (authentic) sanad (chain of narration) from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. abi Nusr al Bazanti, and Muhammad b. Ismail b. Bazi', from Imam al Redha (as) that he said: "One in whose presence the Sufis are mentioned but he does not denounce them with his tongue and heart, so he is not from us. And the one who denounces them, so he is like the one who fought the kuffar along the Prophet (pbuh)."
    عن احمد بن محمد بن أبي نصر البزنطي، عن الرضا عليه السلام، انه قال: " قال رجل من اصحابنا للصادق جعفر بن محمد عليهما السلام: قد ظهر في هذا الزمان قوم يقال لهم: الصوفية، فما تقول فيهم ؟ قال: انهم اعداؤنا، فمن مال فيهم فهو منهم، ويحشر معهم، وسيكون اقوام يدعون حبنا، ويميلون إليهم، ويتشبهون بهم، ويلقبون انفسهم بلقبهم، ويأولون أقوالهم، الا فمن مال إليهم فليس منا، وأنا منهم براء، ومن أنكرهم ورد عليهم، كان كمن جاهد الكافر بين يدي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله
    from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Abi Nusr al Bazanti, from Imam al Redha (as), that he said: A man among our companions said to Imam al Sadiq Ja'far bin Muhammad (as): "A group has appeared in this period, they are called sufis, so what do you(as) say about them?" Imam(as) said: "Indeed they're our enemies so whoever is inclined towards them so he's not from us and would be resurrected with them and people would come (in the future) claiming to love us while they would be inclined to them (sufis) and would imitate/emulate them(sufis), adopt their titles and interpret their sayings, but then whoever is inclined to them (sufis) so is not from us and I(as) dissociate from them and whoever denounces their teachings so he's like as if he did jihad against the kuffar  along the Prophet(PBUH)."
    روي، عن الإمام الرضا لا يقول بالتصوف أحد إلا لخدعة أو ضلالة أو حماقة
    It has been narrated from Imam al Redha (as) that: "None professes by Sufism but for deception, deviance or idiocy."
    عن علي بن الحسين بن بابويه القمّي في قرب الإسناد الذي صنفه عن سعد بن عبد الله عن محمد بن عبد الجبار عن العسكري عليه السلام أنه قال سئل الصادق عليه السلام عن حال أبي هاشم الكوفي فقال : إنه فاسد العقيدة جدا وهو الذي ابتدع مذهبا يقال له التصوف وجعله مقرا لعقيدته الخبيثة.
    From Ali b. al Hussain b. Babuweh al Qummi in Qarbul Isnad, who wrote it from Sa'd b. Abdullah from Muhammad b. Abdul Jabbar from al Askari (as) that he (as) said: Imam al Sadiq (as) was asked about the state of abi Hashim al Kufi. So he (as) said: "Indeed he has an extremely corrupt belief. And he is the one who started the religion called Sufism and made it the basis of his evil belief."
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Hameedeh in Are You Addicted To Shiachat?   
    Haha I guess so. I'm on shiachat whenever I'm on the computer. So, I'm on a lot. I enjoy reading older threads and debating. 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from guest2k16 in Are You Addicted To Shiachat?   
    Haha I guess so. I'm on shiachat whenever I'm on the computer. So, I'm on a lot. I enjoy reading older threads and debating. 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from maes in Who Is Your Favourite Companion?   
    Excluding Ahlul Bayt....Salman al-Farisi, Ammar ibn Yaser, Bilal ibn Ribah....etc.
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Hameedeh in Who Is Your Favourite Companion?   
    Excluding Ahlul Bayt....Salman al-Farisi, Ammar ibn Yaser, Bilal ibn Ribah....etc.
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from peace seeker II in Will Imam Mahdi Kill Most Mullahs?   
    Yes, this is true. Imam Mahdi(as) will face the scholars:
    1- Imam Al Baqer a.s said:"If the Riser emerges from Karbala intending to go to Najaf while the people are around him,he will kill between Karbala and Najaf 16,000 Faqeeh(Islamic scholar,jurist)and the people around him from hypocrites will say: He is not from the son of Fatima or else he would have been merciful to them,and when he enters AlNajaf while he stays there one night he will then emerge from the door of AlNukhaila intending to go to the grave of Hood and Saleh(pbut),70,000 people from Kufa will encounter him because they need to kill him,so then he(Mahdi)will kill them all and no one will survive out of it."Noor AlAnwar p.345 v.3 Bihar AlAnwar v.52 p.389
    2- Imam Hassan Al-Askari a.s he said to Abi Hashem Al-Ja'afari:"O Ibn Al-Jaafari O Aba Hashem, there will come a time to the
    people, their scholars are the most evil creation of Allah on the face of the earth, that is because they lean towards philosophy and aesceticism but they misguide our Shias and the ones who have our Wilaya, so if they reach a position they will not have enough of bribery,and if they betray that is because they worshipped God in fakery, by God they cut the routes for the true believers,and they call forth to the contribution of infidelity".Safeenat Al- Bihaar Wa Madinat Al-Hukm Wal-Athaar v.2 p.57 p.58 v.4
    3- In the Jofr from the Prince of believers a.s:"Woe unto the day from the Mahdi and his soldiers,towards men who held the seats of a kingdom,and bit on it until their death,and for the Persians there are leaders,Woe unto them if they did not give the Mahdi(the right to rule them)" What Imam Ali (a.s)said in the end times
    4- Prince of the believers a.s in Khutba mentions the ending days"The jurists"fuqaha" will lean towards lying and the scholars will lean towards misguidance" Ilzaam Al-Naaseb Ithbaat Al-Huja Al-Ga'eb v.2 p.195
    5- Prophet of Allah pbuh said:"O Ibn Mas'ood!Their scholars and jurists,are betrayers and sinners, they are the most evil creation of Allah and also their followers from the ones who come to them and take from them and love them and sits with them and asks from them,they are the most evil of the creation of Allah where he shall enter them hellfire "Mute,Def and blind, and shall not return"Makaram Al-Akhlaaq p.450-451
    6- Bihar Al-Anwar v.52 p.115 From the Prophet of Allah pbuhap he says about the Ending days The Messenger of Allah(pbuhap)said:"There will come a time to my nation where there will be nothing left from the Quran except its calligraphy,and nothing left from Islam except its' name,they label themselves with it but they are far away from it,their mosques have been built high but its a ruiness of guidance,the religious jurists of that time are the most evil religious jurists under the shade of the sky,from them the choas has started and to them it will return"
    7- "When Al-Mahdi emerges he will not have any enemies except the scholars,if it wasn't for the sword, the scholars would have issued fatwas to kill him" Bayan Al-A'ema a.s v.3 p.99
    8- Ayan AlShia Sayed Muhsin AlAmeen v.2 p.54 Ayaan AlShia
    "The first of his enemies are the followers of the scholars(religious jurists)they will enter under his rulership,in fear from his sword and power,and a want from what he has,those who will give allegiance to him are people of truth-hood who know Allah swt by testimonies and by revelations from the unseen(Kashf),and he has men who spread his call(dawa)and support him for victory."
    9- Prince of the believer a.s "And he shall avenge from the Fatwa issuers(scholars)in religion from what they don't know about, so Woe unto them and who followed them,was religion missing so that they can make it upright?Or was it bent so that they can straighten it? Or did the people ask for what opposes it and agreed to its opposition?Or did it force them to do righteousness so they sinned against it? "Bayan Al-A'ema A.S V.3 P.298/I lzam Al Naseb v.1 p.196
    ....And more. 
    Yes, he will be wise, but he will fight the scholars. There's no such thing as ''Imam of 21st century''....If you mean he will accept LGBT rights, embrace democracy, secularism, then no. That's not to say all scholars, but the majority. There will always be some good scholars.  ;)
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Proof Ali Is 1St Khalifa [Arabic]   
    Yes, Ali is the first caliph. Sayed Kamal Haydari has made this quite clear. In fact, he has basically destroyed the Sunni belief 100%. I'm thankful we have this man to show us the truth this clearly. 
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Abe in How Excited Is Haydar Husayn About Being A Mod?   
    I better just back off before you start copy pasting articles and throwing links from Al-Islam, huh? 
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Haydar Husayn in How Excited Is Haydar Husayn About Being A Mod?   
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Abe in How Excited Is Haydar Husayn About Being A Mod?   
    So that's how you classify the members, Pro-Ali Madad and Anti-Ali Madad?  :huh:
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Muslim2010 in Prayers Led By Abu Bakr   
    As others mentioned, Abu Bakr and Umar were both ordered to join Usama's army. 
    Plus, leading prayers is not a sign of caliphate. And, if leading prayers meant that Abu Bakr was the caliph after the prophet, then why did they even bother doing the shura elections at Sakifah anyway? Don't they say this is evidence that Abu Bakr is caliph? 
    They have no real argument for their false creed. 
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Umm Fatima in Should We Call Upon Ali?   
    The Quran is clear that supplication is to be made to Allah only. 
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Abe in Qur'an Vs Ahadith   
    You seem very inconsistent when it comes to studying religion. The infallibles explained things in that way, what gives you the right to question what they said? 
    Religion is not always in agreement with the rationality of a fallible guy on ShiaChat. May things in Islam can seem irrational, can you reject it all outright? Of course not. (Unless you would take it to that level, then that isn't Shi`a Islam, it's PureEthics' innovated sugarcoated portrayal of "God's perfect system" which was infused into your brain via the 1000s of Rajabali lectures). 
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Abe in Authenticity?   
    The first narration:
    أبوعبدالله الاشعري، عن معلى بن محمد، عن الوشاء، عن حماد بن عثمان قال: جلس أبوعبدالله (عليه السلام) متوركا رجله اليمنى على فخذه اليسرى فقال له رجل:جعلت فداك هذه جلسة مكروهة، فقال: لا إنما هو شئ قالته اليهود: لما أن فرغ الله عزوجل من خلق السماوات والارض واستوى على العرش جلس هذه الجسلة ليستريح فأنزل الله عزوجل " الله لاإله إلا هو الحي القيوم لاتأخذه سنة ولا نوم (2) " وبقي أبوعبدالله (عليه السلام) متوركا كما هو.الحديث الخامس : ضعيف.Grading: Da`eef (By al-Majlisi in Mer'atul `Uqul Vol. 12 pg. 563) The second narration: علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عمن ذكره، عن أبي حمزة الثمالي قال: رأيت علي بن الحسين (عليهما السلام) قاعدا واضعا إحدى رجليه على فخذه فقلت: إن الناس يكرهون هده الجلسة ويقولون: إنها جلسة الرب، فقال: إني إنما جلست هذه الجلسة للملالة والرب لايمل ولا تأخذه سنة ولا نوم.(الحديث الثاني : حسن.Grading: Hasan (By al-Majlisi in Mer'atul `Uqul Vol. 12 pg. 563)  (wasalam)
    The Hadiths don't say that that is how Allah sits. It's stating that the imam [a.s] sat that way, but that Allah [s.w.t] does not need to rest and sit. That doesn't necessarily imply him having a physical form.
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Ibn Al-Ja'abi in Authenticity?   
    A correction the first narration in the first Hadith is actually Abu Abdullah Al-Ashari (أبو عبدالله الاشعري) not Abu Ali Al-Ashari. The first Hadith is weak and the second Hadith is Hasan as per Allama Majlisi (ar).
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    robbenmessi1010 got a reaction from Al-Hassan in Examining Extremism And Ghulu' In Islam   
    LoLL I gave 10 hadiths, and the link I shared has even more narrations(maybe 20 or so) which tell us that the prophet did forget in prayer. How is that "solely my opinion"? "Without any proof given"...again, much proof was given. Maybe you missed my first post. 
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to ShiaHashmi in Why Is Allah Swt So Violent?   
    for some reasons I always  skip listening to lectures of this rajabali and one more dude who is really modern in look, I dont know but I just  dont feel to hear any thing islamic from them, I mean look at his face he is so well groomed and artificial, hearing any thing from him about Ali or Hussain just doesnt feels right.
    any ways its just my opinion, sorry for this post but I had to put my thought on thiss guy some where.
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    robbenmessi1010 reacted to Abe in Why Is Allah Swt So Violent?   
    I feel the same about some of the lecturers that most people are obsessed with nowadays. They hide a lot of information from the listeners, which they probably would not like if he mentioned, so they only say what the general (western-style) audience would like to hear and find comfortable, and make out the religion to be like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.  :!!!:
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