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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. i m totally agree with u but incidents made me to think why muslims acts so hard . we muslims is minority in west suppose take uk as a example . we muslims asking for sharia law in uk . we r messing with christians on the streets of london called muslim petrol and lots of other examples i can give u . So i think thats making situation more wrose and provoking others to be more aggressive towards muslim community.Media is playing a devil role in all this
  2. its judicary case not religious.every individual act is not reflect on any religion.
  3. i m posting comments on topic started even 7 or 8 years ago lolx

  4. topic tu acha ha lakin zaiyda behtar hota aggar app pochtein kay yah MUSALMAN ajj kaal miltay kahan hein ? ajj kaal kay zamanay main koi accha insan mill jayee tu bari baat ha musalman kidher say milay ga ... dosri baat mussalim is like jasay murg e mussalim tu suna ho ga na matlab pura murgha lolx
  5. salam . wasay yah main nay pehli dafa suna ha kabi yah rawayat nahi parhi . main wasay b un ko bura bala nahi kahta kyonkay humaray aeima nay gali daina nai sikhaya aur baki jo loog gali daitay hein un ka yah fail jazbati ha islamic nahi .
  6. i love farsi accent and really want to learn. its really polite language. ki haal chal nay wadiya o ? ki ho raya way ajj kaal ? kithay rainday o ? hoor sunao koi nawi tazi ?... its punjabi language do u understand it lolx
  7. if i dont belief on creator then how can i wish to go his own created place ? SO i think belief on one creater is main key to enter the heaven .
  8. imran haider shah


    every sin is wrost when u do with arrogant
  9. because india is too big u cant see every rape in media otherwise rape ratio in india more than pakistan and bangladesh
  10. Now i understand why i dont like to eat tomotes. i am true muslim dont eat christian tomatoes lolx
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