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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Imam al-Baqir (AS) said, ‘Perhaps you think that Allah has only created this single world, and you think that Allah has not created anyone other than yourselves! Nay by Allah, verily Allah has created a million worlds and a million Adams and you are in the last of these worlds and of the last Adams.' الإمامُ الباقرُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : لَعلّكَ تَرى أنَّ اللّه‏َ إنّما خَلقَ هذا العالَمَ الواحِدَ ، وتَرى أنَّ اللّه‏َ لَم يَخْلُقْ بَشَرا غَيرَكُم ! بلى واللّه‏ِ ، لَقد خَلقَ اللّه‏ُ ألفَ ألفِ عالَمٍ ، وألْفَ ألفِ آدمَ ، أنتَ في آخِرِ تِلكَ العوالِمِ واُولئكَ الآدَمِيّينَ. Touhid Sadouq, P. 277, No. 2
  2. Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) says, "The example of this world is like the example of [salty] seawater; whenever the thirsty drinks from it, he gets more thirsty, until it (the seawater) kills him." (Al Kafi)
  3. "Nay, seek (Allah's) help with patient perseverance and prayer: It is indeed hard, except to those who bring a lowly spirit" [Holy Quran 2.45]

  4. (salam) For Blocked noses, Place a dessert spoon of honey in a basin of hot water and inhale fumes after covering your head with a towel over the basin.
  5. "There shall every soul realise what it hath sent before, and they shall be brought back to Allah, their true Lord, and what they did fabricate will vanish from them." Holy Quran [10:30]

  6. (salam) "If a person omits or adds one Sajdah intentionally, his prayers become void. And if he omits or adds one Sajdah forgetfully, the rules regarding it will be explained later." "Two Sajdahs together are a “Rukn” (elemental), and if a person omits to perform two Sajdah in one Rak'at of an obligatory prayers, whether intentionally or owing to forgetfulness, or adds two more Sajdahs, his prayers are void." Source: http://www.al-islam.org/islamic-laws-ayatullah-al-uzma-sayyid-ali-al-husaini-seestani/rules-salat-part-iii-iii (wasalam)
  7. (salam) Jazaka'Allah khairan for opening up this thread! It has been mentioned in the book, Balad al-Amin and the Misbah of Kafa`mi that Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon him) related from his father from his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) that this supplication was taught by the Angel Jibra’il (prayers be upon him) to the Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) during one of the battles.It was in one of the wars that the Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) had taken part in which he had a very heavy and expensive coat of armor on to protect himself. It is related that the coat was so heavy that it was hurting the body of the Prophet (prayers of Allah be upon him and his family). In this state,the Angel Jibra’il (prayers be upon him) came to the Prophet (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) and said: “O’ Muhammad! Your Lord conveys his salutations to you and has said to take this coat of armor (Jawshan) and to recite it as this is a protection for you and your Ummah. Dua'a Jaushan E Kabeer Dua'a Jaushan E Sagheer "Sayyid ibn Tawus in his book Muhaj al dawat have narrated that Imam Kazim (a.s.) used to recite this dua when he knew that the Abbaside caliph was planning to kill him" From the book Siffin of Abdul Aziz al-Jaludi from our companions (r.a.) that he said: When we returned with the flag, Imam Ali (a.s.) said the following prayer, which resulted in victory against enemies of Islam and peace. Please recite and share this prayer
  8. (salam) I have Jami ' al-Tafasir 2 Noorsoft installed on my computer a couple of years ago. The software can be re-installed using the Noorsoft CD and a card which contains the password to in-stall it. I'm not sure if it can be downloaded.
  9. Subhan'Allah! A Man Filmed Heaven For 7 Days! http://www.snowaddiction.org/2014/06/a-man-filmed-heaven-for-7-days-what-he-saw-took-my-breath-away.html "I have set my face firmly towards Him Who brought the heavens and earth into being”. [6:79] “And He sent down rain from the sky And made every kind of species grow on the earth”. [31:10] “… He created everything and determined them in exact proportions”.[25:2] "And it is He who spread out the earth, and set thereon mountains standing firm and (flowing) rivers; and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two; He draweth the night as a veil over the Day. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who consider." [13:3]
  10. "Surely you cannot guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He pleases, and He knows best the followers of the right way." [Holy Quran [28:56]

  11. وَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ ۚ وَكَفَىٰ بِاللَّهِ وَكِيلًا Put your trust in Allah: Allah is sufficient as Guardian. — Qur'an 33:3

  12. (salam) Drink 3 sips of water every time after you do wudhoo (ablution) with the intention of decreasing anger. Recite Ya Wadudo 360 times on any sweet thing for 40 days and then eat (can also do it for someone else and give it to them to eat). Source: http://www.duas.org/healthremedies Imam al-Baqir (as) said“….whosoever is angry with someone let him sit down immediately if he is standing; for, indeed, it would repel from him the uncleanliness of Satan. And whoever gets angry with his kinsmen, let him approach him and pat him; for the feeling of consanguinity, when stimulated by touch, induces calmness.” [Al‑Kulayni, al‑Kafi, vol. 2, p 302, hadith 2] Imam Ali (as) said“When a person gets angry, and if he is standing, he should immediately lie down (sit down) on earth for a while as this removes the filth of Satan from him at that time.” [Al-Rayshahri, Mizan al-Hikmah] The Prophet (SAW) of God said“Anger is from Satan and Satan is created from fire. As fire is extinguished with water, whenever someone of you gets angry he should perform wudhu (minor ablution) at that time.” Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) said:“A Mo’min (believer) is the person when angered, his anger doesn’t lead him away from what is the truth...” [Al-Kulayni, al-Kafi, vol. 2, p. 186,]
  13. (salam) There's a saying that goes " Beauty gets attention, but personality captures the heart" “The adornment of the inner self is more beautiful than the adornment of the outer.” ~Amir Al Momineen (as)
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