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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam un Alaikum, If you have a facebook account, there's a group which you need to join and from there you can download any book in any language for free. :) :) Here's the Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shiabooks4free/ I hope it helps.
  2. Salam Brother, Firstly,I tried my level best to find the solution, but I couldn't, secondly, my parents are very Clever, I tried this excuse, but they said that I can continue with my career after my marriage, I told them that I don't want to marry anyone, but again they started blaming "him" for this reason, they just want to get rid of me, and all these stuffs. (they don't know about my breakup, they think that I'm still in relationship with him, I made it clear many times, but they don't trust me) And one more thing, they are not allowing me to get job outside the city, it would not be wrong if I say that I'm living in a Golden Cage, they will never allow me to go to another city. Is there any Islamic org. or NGO, for people like me, in India??
  3. Wa Alaikum Salam sister, Thanks for understanding my situation sister, the answer of your first question is, that they always say that if I'm having any intention of marrying that boy, they would commit suicide (I know they are just trying to hold their full control over me, by hook or by crook). http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235017109-will-it-be-sin-if-a-shia-man-marry-a-revert/ (this is my very first post, I have written everything here) your remaining answers: - He left me because he thinks that it was all haram (we were in the relationship for more than 2 yrs.) and by leaving me he would be able to please Allah Swt. -I cannot answer this question because its his Imaan, only Allah knows what is there in his heart, he left me for Allah and for the sake of society. -My parents HATE ISLAM, and therefore they'll never allow me to marry him, and they threat me so much, so that I forget that person, and they fear that I'll marry him secretly, so they always try to threat me that if I'll not stop thinking about that boy they would harm him or file a fake complaint against him in police (because my parents think that they can do ANYTHING) -No, there isn't any muslim community to help me out. And I don't have friends also who can help me out in this thing.
  4. Shukriya Brother, If you want to know my whole story you may read my very first post, and my parents will never understand me, everytime they threaten me, for committing suicide or harming that boy, and every now and then they try to blackmail me emotionally, as well as source-fully. My condition is getting worse day by day because there is No solution to my problem. Do you know anyone who can do it?
  5. Sorry sister, I don't have Tasbeeh, can you do it on my behalf? I'll be thankful to you.
  6. ok, so would you perform Istikhara for the above said question? I think this question is more meaningful. I'm frm India, and have very strict parents, they are very powerful too, they'll somehow manage to stop me from getting out, they threaten me for causing harm to that boy.
  7. Then what should I do now? I read Ziyarat e Ashura, Dua e tawassul, perform namaz, now the only thing left is Istikhara. Or the second option left for me is to marry the guy of my parents choice(who would be a non-muslim, who'll obviously stop me from following Islam) Or one more option is there, that I run out from my house.
  8. No, not yet, and if I'll tell them that I'm have reverted, they'll try to harm that boy for whom I'm waiting, my condition is really worse, that's why I need an answer.
  9. Brother, you are right, but the thing is that time is running out, and my parents are looking for a hindu boy for me, I've been waiting for him since 4 months, and now I think that the last option is Istikhara. I really want to find a way out.
  10. OK brother, I'm a revert, and I don't know the proper way to perform it, Please perform it for me. OK brother, I'm a revert, and I don't know the proper way to perform it, Please perform it for me.
  11. As Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I'm surrounded by a number of problems, and cannot find a way out, I want to perform Istikhara to know that the person who left me will return back to me not? If there is any positive sign, please let me know, if not, then what should I do next? I would be really thankful to you all. I'm worried so much because, if that person will not return to me, my parents would forcefully ask me to marry a hindu boy, I don't know what to do, is there any other solution? JazakAllah Khair.
  12. Rose: Shukriya, your welcome sister :) Irakiya: Your welcome sister :) Lets see what happens, if u need more tips, then let me know. All the best. And Yes, Henna is also very good for hair. May Allah bless you. Khuda Hafiz
  13. Wa Alaikum Salam Sister, 1.)If you have Oily hair, then try this: 1 egg 50 grams of yoghurt Apply to already washed hair and leave for about 30 mins. Then, rinse off well with warm water. 2.) Milk & Honey Hair pack for Hair loss, Dandruff, Lice, Split ends and Hair Growth Take some heated milk (but NOT TOO HOT) and put some Honey into it. The amount of milk and Honey should be according to your hair density and volume in 3;1 Ratio so that it can properly cover your Entire hair. Mix the heated milk and honey thoroughly so that you get a uniform mixture of both. Now apply the mixture properly on your Entire length of hair and then cover your head with the Shower cap or Hot towel leaving it for about two hours. The heat generated due to the Hot mixture and hot towel will work wonders to kill the dandruff and stimulate hair follicles for the Proper hair growth. It will also remove dead hair cells and split ends. Dandruff is one of the main cause of hair fall and if your hair loss is due to Dandruff then your problem will get resolved after some applications. 3.)Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair a. Vitamin B7 It can be found in food products like liver, milk, kidney, yeast, and eggs; and is counted among the best vitamins for hair loss prevention by dermatologists. b. Vitamin B3 It is present in food items like chicken, fish, turkey, and wheat germ. c. Vitamin B5 Also known as Pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 is excellent for those who want to get rid of gray hair on their scalp. Organ meats, egg yolks, and whole grains contain this vitamin. d. Vitamin B9 Also known as Folic acid, It promotes hair growth. You have no idea how much wondrous can a B complex tablet prove to be when it comes to hair growth and health. e. Vitamin E This is another most essential and important vitamin that one should consume for better hair care. Not only is it excellent for hair, it also proves to be extremely beneficial for skin care f. Vitamin C Apart from being an excellent vitamin for gum and teeth problems, vitamin C is also one of the vital hair growth vitamins. Food items like tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, pineapples, red and green pepper, and all citrus fruits contain this vitamin 4.)You could have thick mane by massaging it once in a week with coconut or jojoba oil. Castor oil can also be used 5.)Beaten Egg Yolks: Apply this whisked egg yolk onto the scalp and hair, and leave it for half an hour. Wash it with cool water. For normal hair loss, applying egg yolk once a week is appropriate. 6.)Drink Plenty of Water:Drinking adequate water (6-8 glasses per day) and healthy liquids like fruit juices, milk, soups, milkshakes, lemonade, etc., helps prevent dehydration. Scarcity of water in your body can cause hair loss. 7.)Hair treatments such as bleaching, dyeing, perming and permanent straightening can damage hair which will in turn lead to hair thinning and hair loss. 8.)Fenugreek Seed Powder and Honey for hair fall and Hair growth: Fenugreek seeds powder 5 tablespoons Honey, 1 tablespoon Olive oil, 1 tablespoon Mix the fenugreek powder with water to make a fine paste. Add the honey and olive oil to this paste and combine well. Apply this paste on your hair and allow it to dry. After 15-20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo. Please let me know if it worked for you :) May Allah Bless you, Khuda Hafiz
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHEyFLsWKf0 Watch this video, hope it will help u. Good Luck!
  15. Salam Sister, JazakAllah my age is 24. I think you are right, I'm trying to control myself a lot. And Allah knows the best, only prayers can change my destiny, lets see. Khuda Hafiz
  16. Salam TheIslamhistory : JazakAllah brother, for sharing such a great story here. And thanks for your sympathy, I hope one day I will be fine, actually it is our fault only that we attach ourselves to creations... He taught me a good lesson, that never get attached to the creation so much that your life becomes distant with the creator, and never trust anyone blindly, because then they will prove that you are blind.. Khuda Hafiz
  17. To brother ali786ali: As-Salam-Un-Alaikum, I'm feeling sorry for you, that they have banned you, and I'm sorry that it all happened because of me.... And why are you leaving this forum, you are knowledgeable, spread your knowledge, if they have problem by your predictions, stop predicting, but at least you can share your knowledge on other topics, decision is all yours... I will definitely update here that what is going on, I'm just living in a little hope that one day Allah swt will return him back to me... Let's see what happens, and if your words come true, I'll surely let you know and other people here. May Allah always bless you, and give you happiness and increases your knowledge. :) :) :) JazakAllah Khaiyr, Khuda Haafiz.
  18. Walekum Salam Brother, you are absolutely right, even I'm also not going to share my personal information, it would be better to leave it. I'm feeling sorry for you, that you were once a victim of black magic. I'm thankful for your advice, May Allah swt bless you. JazakAllah Khaiyr
  19. ali786ali: You liked my comment, but I can't see your profile nor your profile feed.. Howcome this ??? sabafatima naqvi: Salam sister, JazakAllah for your sympathy sister. I will try to recite Ziyaarat-e-Ashoora, I've never recited it. Thanks once again :) You people are supporting me soo much, I'm thankful to everyone. May Allah swt Bless you.
  20. AbuHadi: Walekum Salam brother, I do trust Allah, if this person is telling truth, its really amazing and I'm thankful to him, and if he is trying to fool me, then all I would say is Allah is watching him, and he will not get anything by fooling a broken heart girl. Don't ban him, I'll talk to him regarding this thing. And I think moderator has already banned him.., ask the moderator to unblock him. tearsofregret: Walekum Salam brother, I don't want anyone's number, you told me that she is your neighbour that's why I asked you, Otherwise, its ok. Yes, these are just calculations or sometimes their instinct, but Only Allah is 100% correct, and I have faith on him. If you get a chance to meet that lady, tell her my problem, I just wanted to know that what are the chances, she would tell you better because she already knows you, Or else its ok, Because I've never called to someone like this, I won't be comfortable in talking to her. JazakAllah Khaiyr
  21. Salam brother, I want to ask something to you.. Please check your profile feed, as here posts are limited.
  22. Brother, what happened between you two?? I have just 1 post left, that's why i'm writing here. Is it really not possible to get such answers??

  23. Ohk brother, I'm sooo thankful to you, I'll remember you in my prayers. So you mean to say that I'll get my answer in my dream?? I have deleted my previous post so as to save my post.
  24. Ohk. No problem. Just hoping for something good... JazakAllah. I'll come online at that time.or by 10 pm
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