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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. - If I was in a better mood, I'd laugh at that. Waslaam, and thanks for the excellent post and great reminder.
  2. Realize who you are stood in front of: the most powerful one, the great- the one who has the power to forgive your sins or send you towards Hell, the one who can remove your doubts and allow you to be free. Realize that you are standing in front of the master of the universe, the creator of all men and women, the creator of your parents, your homeland, your house, your bedroom, the trees you walk beneath and the roads you walk upon. Realize that Allah has summoned YOU to his presence- imagine what an honour that is!
  3. I know how you feel brother. And sometimes, the way that everything is, it can make you realize what Imaam Ali (a) meant when he said, "The life of this world is not worth the snot of a goat" ... I laughed when I first read that hadith. It sounds so absurd on face value, but then you live a little and realize how ... grimy, gritty and grey this world can be. It is very much like goat-snot. They also say that this world is like the sea, the more you drink, the thirstier you will become. But Imaam Ali (a) was also asked where he prefers to stay: in this world, or the hereafter. And Imaam Al
  4. Walaikum Salaam, (Sorry, it's late here in England and I am drowsy yet attached to the SC website atm. So forgive me if this is a stupid response to the question.) EVERYTHING is created by Allah. Including attributes. He is the creator of not only said attributes and divine names, but also the creator of anything capable of perceiving the attributes. He is the creator of that which is seen, and the creator of those who see. He is the creator of that which is heard, and the creator of those who hear.
  5. We are all Muslim, and there shouldn't be divisions which prevent communication and marriage... Marriage would be fine between the schools of thought, sure. It would be cool.. until you realize your spouse pays allegiance to Abu Bakr, Umar and Othman... *Shudders* I'd run a mile from that relationship, marriages are difficult enough as it is without adding such complications as these. But for some people, this wouldn't pose a huge issue. It varies from person to person, and honestly it could have good or bad effects.
  6. Yes, sister, it is absolutely normal. And it's ok and good to feel afraid when the Shaitaan whispers in our ear. Be thankful that you recognize it as a whisper of Shaitaan. But be positive: When such thoughts occur, it is often a chance for you to re-think and ponder some more about it. How could we ever possibly have strong faith if we never question it in the first place? It is asking these questions which makes our faith stronger, so it may even be that Allah (swt) himself wants you to have stronger faith and so he himself placed these doubts inside you- not to turn you away, but to make
  7. The flesh will grow anew, and burn. And every time the flesh is burnt, it will be replaced so that it can be burnt again.
  8. Honestly felt a pang in my heart as I heard that... Woah...
  9. Sin is anything which ultimately leads to pain/torment (or hellfire). For example, -lying will lead to someone discovering that you have told a lie: which will lead to them mistrusting or punishing you. -Theft will lead to someone else being angry at you having stolen from them, so they will want their property back and want to punish you. -Murder will lead to someone else (someone who loved the murdered person) to want to find you and kill you for the crime you have committed Obviously, sin exists. It's just a question of how far we believe in the punishments. For example, an atheist mi
  10. Both of them are amazing, amazing men, who are a gift to the 21st century. I was in the taqlid of Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani and changed to the leader, Syed Khamenei later on. Why? Well, both were highly intellectual and both are great Marjas, but I changed my taqlid because of Syed Khamenei's fatwa against cursing the sahaba and wives of the Holy Prophet. It was this fatwa, which I believe is an amazing way of bridging the gap between Sunni and Shia Muslims today. This fatwa truly amazed me and I embraced it immediately because (although many Shia brothers and sisters would disagree with it
  11. Thank you for this, very thought provoking... If one should focus on these stages step by step, it would certainly be a huge benefit.
  12. Beautiful, thank you very much for sharing this, it has helped me and inshallah we will all gain this nearness to Allah.
  13. I am here to stay, 'til God takes me away.

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