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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you - exactly what I was looking for I was also meaning to ask what is the recommended portion of intake / best method? In our household:= 1) if we fall unwell this is usually given in a count of 7 seeds + a half teaspoon of natural honey - each morning. 2) Black seed "oil" usually added to salads (occasionally). Is there a more strict method to achieve maximum benefit as prescribed by Masoomeen?
  2. For years my mother has encouraged the intake of black seeds/oils. Her primary reason: "its recommended by the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) informing it helps with all types of conditions". I don't doubt the benefits but recently I began looking into whether there are hadith from Shia sources which make mention of the same. Couldn't' find anything. So off I go on my endless search and who better to turn to... my shiachat family!
  3. "Why do you not accept Sunni Islam?" The Sunni approach is romanticised and everything is supposed to be fine and dandy. History and it's celebrities get a green card and the learned referees simply can't see red. Worst of all, the Sunni narrative for the Ahlul Bayt spells out hypocrisy like you've never seen and the general consensus amongst Sunni authorities is to push their inquirers away from healthy Shia thought provoking discussions. So it's a unhealthy and romanticised path, a fashionable mind-set, but at the same time at the individual-level one cannot judge their intentions unles
  4. 72 pages of 1420+ virtuous blessings we shall not cease we shall not slumber Allahumma salli `ala Muhammadin wa Aleh Muhammad, wa ajjul farrajahom
  5. As polite as I can be, and moving on swiftly: "linking worshiping to ritual is a common misconception" is misappropriating a very simple question which makes no mention of practice being the means of worship alone. Nor is any challenge appointed to discredit worship in the absence of practice. I would prefer if we can stick with the topic at hand. Inshallah!
  6. I believe you have misunderstood. The question is intrinsically based around whether the Imam (as) has been witnessed in any form of practice in worshipping a single deity (monotheism) or surrendering to any form of rehearsed submission which pre-dates Dawah Zhul Ashira (the first public announcement). Prior to the first public address, for several years (or couple of years) the Message remained concealed only within trusted quarters (immediate family and trusted friends/companions). Besides the above, we believe Imam Ali (as) was always a believer in Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى an
  7. Aslaam-o-Alaikum, I have a quick question - Was Imam Ali (as) a practising Muslim before Islam was publicly declared. Practising denotes to - prayer, fasting, etc If yes, can you provide supporting reference in order to share with the inquirer (a friend) The purpose behind the question: I was asked "if the Imam was born Muslim and remained infallible throughout his life, with such level of consciousness, was he aware of his religious practices (prayer, etc) prior to the first dawah (when the Prophet (SAW) declared the religion of Islam)? If yes, was this through the teachings o
  8. Thank you!! Though I was aware of the 4 but failed to draw the line with Ammars agenda. I recall a lecture during the days of Muharram, where Ammar was clearly on one side praising the Mujtahids and at the same time leaving bomb shells questioning their integrity. It was masterfully produced, well thought out and almost perfectly clandestine....almost a perfect inkling to give the audience some post-sour taste. During those 10 days of lectures several times Ammar attacked the process of these Learned men acquiring Khums and as to what purpose with eyebrows raised with a probing smile. He,
  9. Sorry, that's just an ambiguous and far-fetched theory. No supporting evidence whatsoever, not even a trace of 'less evidence' to pass it as probable. A valid theory is an undisputed one, which can be observed and tested in every regard until disproven. 'Likeness' and 'similarity' do not form the prerequisites which substantiate facts (or proof) but only open doors to investigation. So far, such experiments or means of seeking observable evidence have FAILED, and miserably continue to FAIL. Assuming the animal kingdom was non-existent - the universe theoretically contains all the ingredi
  10. Depends really! I'm sure there are people (or men) who carry the worlds problems on their shoulders and depending on their situation they may have greater claim on 'letting it all out!'. Nothing to be ashamed about, it's Man being a Man and not resembling a hollywood hard-man stereotype. Then, there are some, whose claim for emotional distress is just off my radar of appreciation. For eg, 'Someone scratched my new Ferrari (with titanic tears)'. Nah mate, check yourself and don't wreck yourself! Personally, all Praise to our Merciful Lord, (generally) I have never encountered emotiona
  11. Can we all just agree pls! Honestly, it's baffling enough to create currency out of nothingness and that too with hefty invested block-chained regulatory beginnings to add value. If this was a religious argument, the atheist has already won - 'see i told you so, nothing creates something'. I do not for a second believe the digital madness has any association with 'per chance'. I don't believe it's a couple of goggled-eyed script writers who one day whilst picking their noses and scratching their bums, suddenly had a lightening light-bulb moment and kaboom, what seemed rebellious at f
  12. Haven't played hardly anything much....recently got BF1 on my first PC build and I'm literally blown away. Can't get enough If you're on it, lets key up and make the world a better place.
  13. lol That's how I feel when my goals don't materialise. I think you're onto something. How about I pinch myself, you slap your wrist and just so Hasanhh doesnt feel left out, we'll put him in a mid-air collision imminent MIG lol
  14. thanks Starlight.... A part of me was wishing it wasn't lol The enthusiasm just got stronger
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