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  1. Are you seeing improvements too? (refer above)
  2. Cant be my system... i just realised 8-9 months ago I upgraded my CPU, mobo and memory with a fresh installation of Windows. Since I raised the query, for some reason things are moving a lot faster... in some cases lightening fast which is what I usually experience on other forums/websites. Maybe the SC tech guys sorted something out? Also why do you have a crown icon on your display pic and i got stuck with a leaf. If me and you ended up in a digital war those crown prongs will easily rip holes in my leaf... thats not fair! Can i get a tree trunk instead.. or a branch! LOL
  3. Weird! its working fast today. The above reply posted up instantly. Come on Mods... help us unravel this baffling mystery.
  4. I take no joy in the troubles of others but hearing that gives me some relief. I was seriously thinking it might be something wrong with my account or an issue at my end. Its not just the delays but dead-end pages.
  5. Only once and then "edited" twice... 8+8+8=24 seconds total wait time (roughly). Is that normal? Is everyone experiencing the same or could this be potentially something linked to my account or at my end?
  6. Salaam, Why is the site so slow to load pages? I browse the web daily for both work and personal reasons and visit a ton of sites online and 99% of them load up instantly. Shiachat.com is not trailing "instantly" by a small margin but a huge snail-slow margin. It was the same 2-3 years ago. Possibly averting traffic or returning members? I can imagine the cost involved in hosting these services online... if picking up the pace demands excessive additional funds, maybe turn to the community? A donations page? EDIT: eg. just now when hitting submit topic it took 8-9 seconds to post up this thread (felt like a life time)
  7. Salaam I always found Nakshawani a little flaky with his odd comments towards the scholarly hierarchy / allocation of Khums / downtrodding on others with a smirky grin / using the podium for constant controversial material / etc etc etc. A few years ago he was banging on about "unity" and how the effects of speakers/Aalims indirectly highlighting Sahabas/etc is one of the causes for the Wahabi attacks on Pakistanis in Pakistan. Now we see Nakshawani "directly" (not indirectly) and aggressively targeting the same and the content usually brought forward is deliberately designed to stir the pot (you don't need an expert to tell you that). The obvious sling shots towards the Aaalims hasnt gone unnoticed too... usually minor negatives slipped in alongside the heart-warming positives in a very crafty manner. I've always given him the benefit of doubt as his material is usually great, primarily under the assumption he's just being a little liberal in his views. Occasionally, at times his character and the manner in which he speaks his hardly warming. More of a ego-load-up repellant attitude but again side lined for some potentially useful material during his lectures. So i guess the suspicions were there at the start. This Muharram I watched all of his material (primarily the first 10 days) and completely and utterly at my own discretion came to the conclusion Nakshawani (regardles of his claim to be a follower of Ay. Sistani) is 100% deceitful. Unquestionably, Nakshawani has an agenda and not one that represents the vast majority of Shias in the UK... IMO, he completely cocked up with his Shirazi leanings and mispresenting Khamanei's statement. Moreover, he's using the podium in the name of the Holy Imam (عليه السلام) to forge the Shirazi'ness of modern times as just a mere justifiable difference in opinion and blinding his listeners to assume it's a venerated authority which deserves shoulder-2-shoulder appraisals, alongside our recognised, learned and highly respected Marjas. Its utterly dispicable!!! Sorry Mr Nakshawani, I'm a Shia in the UK and know a little better to fall for that malarkey. "let's dissect this topic in complete depth" ... So he says! Didn't do a good job with the British Shi'ism contribution. I won't be subscribing to his future content -PERIOD!
  8. There's always a smarty-pants lurching somewhere in the shadows to pull up a needlessly inflated party trick for a bit of a laugh. I get it, im not against it! I love a good laugh. Here's the problem... maybe it aint a party trick to turn heads but a slow beans disorder which begs for some enlightenment. I love to help there too. So here goes... nope, the query was not designed to vet whether we should eat something or not. Moreover, it was a means to establish whether the benefits are truly enormous by design and proven (hence the reference). Come one mate, how often do you hear "ere son, take this, a remedy for all types of conditions other then death". Yep, it begs for some citation. I'm hardly a foody pro to keep tabs on health benefits. Imagine an appointee of God suggesting "an apple a day keeps the doc away".... damn right you'll want some reassurance there and in it's absence obviously let's not prohibit the blessing. Some advice: This type of banter can be dangerous too. Your statement can be misinterpreted to discouraging the idea of seeking references. Although I'm certain thats not the case but you should take caution in public forums.
  9. great list of high/low FODMAPs... i love the fact they've got all the food types listed too, useful for making dietary plans. I only do deserts if they're placed infront of me hehe otherwise i'm a lazy sod when it comes to cooking and cooking ideas. I'm trying to keep off sugary food or most processed/packaged food types (thats a tough task in itself)
  10. I'm just wandering if you guys have fruit before the main course meal. A few years ago an Aalim who is also a Dr by profession advised not to eat fruit immediately before or during or immediately after a main meal. He gave a pretty convincing and well-researched speech on it. Essentially something along the lines, if having fruit first allow around 30 mins for the fruit to digest before pulling in other heavier types of food to avoid digestion/delayed digestion problems (something like that anyway). Since i started following the advice, I did notice one thing... no more bloated tummy. I like tips like these and would appreciate if anyone could add similar health awareness plans... yep i'm becoming a health freak "again" (still fancy my dominos pizza onice a weekl with a can of coke - i deserve that much)
  11. this is exactly what I was looking for... thats so odd, in all my years I've never known our Imams to suggest the above. Right, i'm adopting the above routine in a JIFFY (PERIOD). Now it makes sense why the salah is always held first at the mosque and why some family members skimmy away for a quick prayer. I hope dates and milk at the same time make for a healthy choice too... let's face it, its bloody YUMMY (i bite+chew dates and sip small bursts of milk to get that maximum milkshake sorta deliciousness - yeah thought i'd add that too lol)
  12. For a life time we've been opening our fast with a date and then some water (occasionally with a pinch of salt). Then Maghrib salah... then main course meal, for me usually something healthy and light. I'm just curious how others open their fasts and is there a better method for maximum health benefits or even better a traditional method which was best practiced by the Prophet/Imams?
  13. Thank you - exactly what I was looking for I was also meaning to ask what is the recommended portion of intake / best method? In our household:= 1) if we fall unwell this is usually given in a count of 7 seeds + a half teaspoon of natural honey - each morning. 2) Black seed "oil" usually added to salads (occasionally). Is there a more strict method to achieve maximum benefit as prescribed by Masoomeen?
  14. For years my mother has encouraged the intake of black seeds/oils. Her primary reason: "its recommended by the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) informing it helps with all types of conditions". I don't doubt the benefits but recently I began looking into whether there are hadith from Shia sources which make mention of the same. Couldn't' find anything. So off I go on my endless search and who better to turn to... my shiachat family!
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