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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thank you your reply really has helped. also thanks to everyone else who replied. I have done some sinning this year that has probably hardened my heart but I will definetly be doing the forty days thing. So far its been a week and in sha Allah Ill make it. thanks for your advice it helped alot.
  2. thanks everyone. I talked to him and we got everything sorted out. hes been working alot and the time zones are very different so when we talk its usually after midnight his time which might be why hes been so grumpy. I thought it would be magic because weve been good all this time and these fights came out of no where so whats why. Alhamdillah we talked about everything though so everythings back to normal.
  3. Guys I need an opinion! So alhamdillah Im engaged to someone I love back home in Iraq and weve been engaged for a year. Ive come back to America to finish studying and his visa is almost complete in sha Allah. We talk on facetime every day. Alhamdillah we usually never argue and when we do its about tiny simple stuff that can be resolved quickly. Its just this past week has been so different. every little thing I do or say has been making him mad and causing arguements. Its the first time in a whole year weve ever argued more than three times a week. just last week I was noticing how we haven
  4. Guys please dont judge! Im in need of serious help. I used to be so religious. I used to pray all my prayers and even wake up in the middle of my heavy sleep for fajr. I used to do tasbih all the time. I had firm belief in Allah and islam. I used to feel bad for people and get hurt when I hear bad news. And now A year later I am a complete different person. My heart is so hard. Its literally rock solid to the point I can watch videos about syria and not get hurt or feel any emotion AT ALL. I know the old me wouldve been crying my eyes out and wishing I could help. Ive been neglecting my praye
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