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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Neaver realised how beautiful Iraq is , so different to what we see on tv here in the west . So sad to see it in such a state nowadays .
  2. Divide and conquer . I am looking into that book however.
  3. Hezbolla is not in Lebanon ? Syria is not sectarian ? The ISIL don't want a Caliphate ? Really , then what do they want.
  4. I won't lie , but I struggled to understand all that . The Empire was already on it's knees and the war just finished it off . The victors installed puppets . Now it's a huge mess and the Shia are even worse off now. Is that pretty much what your saying ?
  5. I wonder was the fall of the Ottoman Empire good or bad for the Shia ?
  6. There is a proxy war going on between Saudi Arabia and Iran. They are fighting it out in Syria and Iraq where the Sunni are trying to re establish the Calphate . Why they choose Iraq is beyond me as it has mostly always been a Shia majority , perhaps that is exactly the reason why . Other than that the 2 sects have been at each others throats for centuries and we're all aware of what it dates back to .
  7. Hitler was the second world war CLynn . Turkey was neutral for most of ww2 then Joined the Allies towards the end . The Ottomans only mistake during WW1 was chosing to side with the team that lost . If it had sided withe the Allies the Caliphate would probably still exist.
  8. Never really thought about it that way . I guess it's like a test from God (Allah) . You are who you are , and you are what God wants you to be. Just because you are gay doesn't stop you from being a pious Muslim , It's acting out on those temptations that determine your faith or your fate. Does that sound about right ?
  9. Until modern times I really get the impression we had more similarities than differences in core principles . Now I get the impression we have both strayed from them , proly more so us Christians though . I won't got into specifics , just my thoughts really .
  10. It's obviously not the ROOT of all evil but clearly has a played in part in or even been the actual reason for alot of evil acts . Take Jerusalem for example ,the 3 monotheistic religions have been at each other's throats on and off for centuries over control of this city and all sides have been resposible for wrong doing to one another in the past and even present. All three worship the same God "Allah" but some where along the line the waters got muddied and and ended in conflict . We kill each other in the name of the same God but different prophets . This is why some people make statement
  11. Crisbernie


    If Malala had died in a suicide bombing in Iraq then no one would know her name .
  12. Almost a thousand dead last month and over 100 so far this month already ! Who is the leader of Alqaeda in Iraq ? Surely someone so dedicated to orchestrating this campaign has to have a name and a face . How do you even find , manipulate ,fund, train and deliver an infinate number of individuals to carry out so many suicide bombers ? They have to be coming from somewhere , originating from the same place .
  13. Nothing new here , was only 17 years ago since the last shutdown. Conspiracy addicts are getting their hopes up again no doubt .
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