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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree, of course. However, this article is incomplete; the cause is not mentioned, namely the media. You cannot possibly grow up to be a man when your knowledge of life comes from the horrible, absolutely horrible, figures of the media. And, guess what, you cannot possibly grow up to be a woman as well in this case. Do you have any idea how women are not how they used to be as well nowadays? I live in a problematic neighborhood, I know so many females that are everything but what they used to be, that I started to think that that's all there is to it, but I changed my mind because I know that there are plenty of decent women out there as well. Not all males are like the boys from One Direction or the so-called rappers, there are plenty of real manly men out there. And not all females are like Kim Kardashian, there are plenty of real women with high self-esteem out there as well. Be the person you wish to meet; the rest doesn't matter. In any case, times are getting worse, as the prophets predicted.
  2. ''Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted, decreed a good life in this world for the one who follows the path of success, He said (interpretation of the meaning): “Whoever works righteousness — whether male or female — while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter)'' - Qur'an 69:25-29 If Muslims would obey this commandment, the Islamic world would be as technologically developed as Japan; working hard by using their intelligence to advance the world. This is absolutely encouraged by Islam. However, throughout the years in Islamic empires, Islamic law wasn't correctly applied because of greedy governments that altered the meanings of certain Islamic teachings, and due to this, the Middle East is not quite like Japan or China, even though it could be, easily.
  3. This is a sensitive question. After a non-Muslim converts to Islam and his/her relatives end up not converting before their deaths, what follows according to Islamic teachings? Will his/her parents go to Hell for not being Muslim, while he/she goes to Paradise (if he/she would turn out to be a good Muslim, of course)? Or, will his/her relatives be saved from Hell thanks to him/her choosing for Islam (I remember someone telling me something like this)? It's such a horrible thought that the parents of a converted Muslim cannot join their child in the afterlife.
  4. Thank you all for the replies. I do believe that not all types of music make one stray from the right path. After all, if traditional Middle Eastern music is considered halal, should we really throw the 'yes, but that's a matter of culture.' card? If you do your prayers and all the other things you have to do and once in a while wish to sit on your couch and enjoy a relaxing piece of musical craft that truly isn't meant to have negative impact on one's mind and for this reason doesn't have negative impact on your mind, why would this act be considered haram? Why would you have to be punished for this in the afterlife? Are you really doing something wrong? I would say no, you are not. As for alcohol, it doesn't come with any positive effects on mankind after consumption whatsoever, in contrast to some music. Alcohol and music cannot be compared. After all, music remains to be one of the most creative creations of mankind. If we can enjoy it in a decent way, why shouldn't we? Again, alcohol is a different story. It just is.
  5. What I've heard from many Muslims, is that music is haram according to Islamic teachings because it has negative impact on one's mentality. If the latter is right, then I partly agree with this teaching. What I don't agree with, is that all music is bad. Let's just say that 85% of the popular music produced in the West since the '60s is what could undoubtedly pass as haram, of which the music of this century is absolutely the most sinful. But, I don't consider most songs coming from non-Western parts of the world as haram. For example, traditional Middle Eastern music played at weddings etc. (that even Shah's and Sultans used to listen to, as conservative Muslims), or even modern popular Middle Eastern songs that are such gentle songs about love and romance, forgiving etc. I don't think such songs cause one to stray from the right path, in contrast to the Hip Hop garbage that so many youngsters listen to; frankly, I don't consider that music. How can an intellectual consider that music? HOW?! You can't. Anyway, I mean, music has been around for a long, long time, and was even played in Islamic empires, like the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic Persians empires (zurna/surnay, davul/dohol etc.). Weren't they scared of being punished by God for doing so, or do modern Muslims have a wrong concept of the teaching considering music? How should one understand the concept of music in Islam? Thanks!
  6. ''Many don't care about being good hearted, pious and honest. At least not from what I have seen. And ofcourse, I'm sure the same goes for men.'' When you say I don't care about the media, you must know that the media is the biggest cause of people being like that. Of course, good men are hard to find as well, but it's usually the women being naive and ignorant, and men taking advantage of that. It really does come from two sides, we must agree on this. As far as expectations go, there's a lot expected from males as well, in fact, the word 'expectation' is a word that's been written on our foreheads. Frankly, men have the very same expectations that you mentioned as exclusively for females (it sounds like that), except for the housekeeping (but you don't hear most women saying anything about men and housekeeping, you just don't). Anyway, from the Islamic perspective considering this subject, as far as I'm concerned, men and women are equal. So, why are both genders oppressing each other? This world is just messed up, period. Everyone's depressed, except for the ones worshiping the media.
  7. If you ask me, it's the women having endless lists of demands and expectations from themselves as well as from men, not the other way around. I believe that feminism plays the biggest role in this. Aspect of love: men aren't looking for a woman that can cook and clean the house all day, no. We don't quite have those expectations when we think about women. All we want, is a good-hearted, honest woman. And they are extremely hard to find. But women, they want a lot more than just a good-hearted man. And if they can't find the one, there's a high chance that they will get into situations that will cause depression. Also, the female brain is less sharp with stability, which causes a lot of depression at the end. They just want to do what their friends do, and that will mess up their lives eventually. High negative influence from the media plays a huge role as well. Men tend to be more stable, and less influenced by the media, at least in a different way; the media doesn't 'possess' men, but it does have this impact on young females, as far as I'm concerned. Leads women to the wrong path, and nothing but depression can forth come from that. But even so, I would say men are more depressed than women nowadays. Who can agree with that?
  8. Well said; there are people who can predict the future, at least with limited details, and surely this was practiced in the past. However, the hieroglyphs are like stories, can we agree on that? Stories about what they saw, their experiences and how they do things (daily life, rituals etc.). If it was about what they thought the future would be like, then they would draw it in a away that men could see that that's what they meant, but that's not what they meant. They meant to show what they saw. That's the point.
  9. I agree with the hypotheses of the word We proving more than one creator-entities being false on the basis of the fact you mentioned. However, what I'm really fascinated by, are the ancient hieroglyphs. We can't go around the assumption that such drawings are miracles. So, what did the Ancient Egyptians along with several other nations see at that time? What happened? This was all during pre-Abrahamic times. Islam has to be able to answer this, otherwise there's a hole because those drawings say quite a lot. Wait, are angels and jinn considered aliens? Don't both jinn and angels live on Earth as well? I've read verses that go about creatures of the heavens and the Earth, but do not refer to birds, since birds are named separately in the Qur'an: ''Allah is the one who created seven heavens and from Earth like them (of corresponding type); [Allah’s] command descends among them (heavens and earths) so that you may know that Allah is capable of anything and that Allah knows everything.'' - 65:12 Qur'an ''And from His signs He created the heavens and the Earth; and the land animals that He scattered in both of them (heavens and Earth); And He is capable of gathering them (in one place) if He wishes.'' - 42:29 Qur'an
  10. I have been watching the American television series Ancient Aliens for quite some time on History HD. The program presents hypotheses of extraterrestrials by the means of historical texts and archeology. Even though I have always believed that our planet is not the only one on which intelligent creatures exist, but I must say that, up to now, the series have absolutely mind-blown me with the information they've provided. They base their hypotheses on ancient drawings, such as hieroglyphs, as well as other archaeological findings of which the indications of alien life are nearly unquestionable. There were episodes about aliens approaching important religious figures ranging from Zoroaster to Prophet Muhammad, and notable scientific and philosophical figures, ranging from Socrates to Einstein. Now, the big question is, what does Islam say about extraterrestrials? As far as I know, there are two or three verses in the Qur'an concerning alien creatures that also believe in and worship God. The latter could prove that the creatures important religious people were approached by, were not angels, but aliens that came with the message of their God, or less marked: angels = aliens. In any case, we cannot possible deny that the archaeological findings are accurate. E.g. certain hieroglyphs evince things that were undoubtedly impossible for mankind to come up with, let alone build, in the time when the hieroglyphs were drawn, such as highly advanced aircrafts. Before you throw the imagination card: to imagine, you need reality; imaginations are at all times based on reality to a certain extent. So, obviously, they had really seen the objects and experienced diverse phenomenas. There is no doubt about this. Again, the above mentioned has to match with certain Islamic teachings because the theories really are accurate, and so Islam has to be able to prove them accurate as well, right? What are your thoughts?
  11. If you think that they are not telling the truth, then tell me the truth. Otherwise, your presence here is useless, undoubtedly.
  12. Amazing, thank-you. I'm going to reread your posts for certainty's sake. Though, up to now, I can say that I agree with the teachings Shi'ism seeing that there's proof of certain things that Prophet Muhammad has said (twelve imams etc.). I will definitely get back to you guys on this subject soon.
  13. Thank-you, thank-you very much. I honestly can't believe that you guys put so much effort in helping me with this, I'm so grateful. Yeah, I've been away for a while due to studying etc., but I've also been doing some more research on the existence of God. And I can tell you that I've decided to believe, and I've come up with the following saying: ''The Big Bang caused all to be created, and God caused the cause of the Big Bang.'' See, I've decided to believe that there's absolutely no way that nature by itself can create the universe, and everything in it. For example, the polar system is an unbelievably accurate and incredible mathematical system for planets, and I don't believe that nature can create that, honestly. Does nature have intelligence? Yes, but not in that manner. There needs to be a 'thinker', and who else but God if there was nothing before the Big Bang? Makes sense. And next to that, we may have brains that can become smarter over time, but where does that sense of what's good and what's bad come from? If it wasn't for guidelines being provided to us, we would live a lifestyle similar to apes. For example, we wouldn't be able to come up with business because we wouldn't have the feeling of trust, only greed, like apes; they are GREEDY. Nothing would come from us due to the fact that we wouldn't possess over the necessary personal qualities, even though we have the intelligence. Something provided us guidelines, and it makes sense that it's God. Plus, I've analyzed the theories people found out about certain things in a time where they couldn't possible come up with the theories themselves, which are now proven to be accurate by modern-day science. I'm not gonna make it hard for myself, clearly there's more than enough proof that there is an almighty entity above us. Of course, I'll be doing more research. It's not enough.
  14. According to Shias, the Prophet Muhammad said that there would be twelve Imams after him, which is the core belief of Shia Islam, with the first of the imams being Ali, correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong! If this really has been said, why do the Sunnites believe something else? I mean, I've been analyzing topics that go about this particular aspect of the religion, and most topics come with evidence (textures). Most Muslims are Sunnites as well, so Muslims that believe otherwise. It really is confusing, even after reading SO MUCH. And the way Shias and Sunnites (especially Sunnites about Shias) talk about each other is just inane.
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