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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

    Happy birthday Brother, hope you have a good day.

    And may we all hold onto the rope of guidance of Allah (S.W.T)

  3. Jazkallah Khair for the reply, sorry for the delay in responding but my shift ended at work and I was heading home. You said and I quote, Mirza Muhammad Amin al-Asterabadi,2 a traditionist who in his work al-Fawaid al-Madaniyah maintains that the traditions contained within the four books should be deemed as authentic and the existence of permissibility of adhering to them due to the fact that the traditions are continuous (mutawatir) in their transmission from the authors to their compilers. He goes on to mention twelve reasons in support of his claim. Astarabadi's views were supported by a
  4. you need to read the post again, this is just one example. Al-Tabrassi said: “Al-Kafi among the four Shia books (Al-Kafi, Al-Tahzeeb, Al-Istibsar, Al-Faqih) is like the sun among the stars, and who looked fairly would not need to notice the position of the men in the chain of hadiths in this Book, and if you looked fairly you would feel satisfied and sure that the hadiths are firm and accurate.” (Mustadrak Al-Wasa’el, vol.3, p.532) Not one marja to my knowlodge has declared this, if you have fatwa's pls do supply them. also pls note Sayyid Mahdi Modaressi has to say
  5. I found this article quite interesting...I would appreciate members comments and refutations if the claim is untrue. Jazkallah Khair Imam Al-Kulayni is to the Shia what Imam Bukhari is to the Sunni. Imam Al-Kulayni is one of the most respected figures in Shi’ism and he is referred to as “Thiqat al-Islam” which translates to the “Trust of Islam.” His book, Al-Kafi, is referred to as Hujjat of Islam (Proof of Islam). ”Here, Imam Al-Kulayni is stating that the only way to discern the authenticity of the Hadith is by applying the following principle: “Test the various reports by the Book of God
  6. I guess then this quote makes perfect sense.... And words of Jafar Subhani in Kulliyat Fi 'Ilm ar-Rijal . æÞÏ ÚÑÝÊ Ãä ÇáÊÖÚíÝ Èíä ÇáÞÏãÇÁ áÇÌá ÇáÚÞíÏÉ áÇ íæÌÈ ÓáÈ ÇáæËæÞ Úä ÇáÑÇæí¡ áÇä ÃßËÑ ãÇ ÑÂå ÇáÞÏãÇÁ ÛáæÇ ÃÕÈÍ Ýí ÒãÇääÇ ãä ÇáÖÑæÑíÇÊ Ýí Ïíä ÇáÇãÇãíÉ http://www.alkadhum.org/hawza/doros/alderaeh/01.htm "You've known that the mechanism of weakening based on the Creed among the early scholars does not necessarily deprive the narrator of his trustworthiness. This is because what the early scholars have considered exteremism (Ghuluw) [in the past] became in our contemporary time an indispensibl
  7. As Salam Alikum I'm sure many of you remember when TahaSyed posted an article on why he left the shia faith and he quoted some classical shia scholars on tahreef. Well I took the liberty to ask for an ifta from the Grand Ayatollah and about four months later he responsded back which I am very excited about. I really thought he just ignored it and wouldn't respond. I will post it for others to see too, its a very detailed response to the accusations of tahreef in the Qur`an. If someone has time please translate it for everyone to read. Jazkallah Khair.
  8. As Salam Alikum After seeing the various reasons Shias give for rejecting the marriage of Umm Kulthum, Daughter of Ali and Fatima, to Umar Khattab i decided to look into the matter myself. I inquired regarding it and now i shall present my views. I request ALL to read everything present in this thread. I have included the Isnad and sources etc to prevent any confusion. MISREPRESENTATION OF HISTORY ( For all those who are new to Shia/Sunni issues) A major part of the edifice upon which Shiism has constructed itself is its idiosyncratic portrayal of the early history of Islam. It is especially
  9. The event of Ghadeer Khum in Quran, Sunnah & History By Seif As you know that the Shi`a say that Ali (rah) is the one who should have been the first khalifa and not Abu Bakr (rah) (or Umar (rah) or Uthman (rah)). They bring some evidences from the Sunni books (Bukhari, Muslim,..) and one of them is the hadeeth of Ghadeer Khumm. Before we start, we should Say that Ali (rah) is the husband of the daughter of the prophet (peace be upon him), Fatima (rah, the best woman of the people of the Jannah), he is the cousin of the prophet (peace be upon him), and he is the fourth of the rightly-guide
  10. their is nothing wrong with the fact with what he (ra) did, infact if it was wrong the Prophet (saw) himself would have said something. The reason I did was to clarify the error in translation.
  11. common sense would dictate that someone who believes in tahreef of the Qur`an to be a kafir yet many shia's and the Ulema hold opinion to the contrary? does it not sound absurd? Secondly this is only your understanding of the verse something even which your most eminent Ulema disagree with :0 If your ulema can't even form an IJMA on this issue why would u accept anyone else to blindly believe in it?
  12. it is well known that it is custom and in some cases permissible to hit your child (such as not praying as per hadiths of the Prophet saw). Secondly these events have passed so what would be the use of discussing them? We are aware the Companions are not infalliable but it is IJMA that they are the best community and the best people.
  13. true perhaps to the Shia it means infalliability but under our Usul it refers to something different, but I not addressing that issue, nor am I asking for your opinion with all due respect. It would be interesting to see what the Marja's think of poiuyt claim, I have never seen an fatwa from a Marja stating this, so please do present me with a fatwa or else take heed of the Prophets saying in regards to these matters. And with Allah is all Success.
  14. Could u please furnish me with a fatwa from a Marja stating whoever denies 33:33 (infallibility of the Ahl-Bait) is an apostate. If that is what u mean. Jazkallah Khair
  15. the english translation is incorrect, please read the original arabic.
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