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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Don't Understand, Please Explain
    Gypsy got a reaction from iCenozoic in LEBANON EXPLOSION   
    Most Middle East experts in the Arab and Muslim worlds believe Israeli hands were at work in the killing of former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Harriri.
    America quickly pointed the finger at Syria, as did Israel, which was tantamount to convicting themselves because they are the only two countries that would gain by creating unrest in Lebanon. President Lahoud and Hezbollah, who represent two of the important factions of the Lebanese government both condemned the bombing and their own experts said the blast had all the earmarks of the bombing that was carried out by Israel against former Palestinian leaders in Beirut in the past.
    Remember, as I stated earlier, in criminal acts, one must always look to who has the most to gain—in this case, it was clearly the Bush team and Israel. And, as Rime Allaf said, this was the work of “an intelligence agency.”
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    Gypsy got a reaction from OrthodoxTruth in Ayatollah Shaykh Hossein Al-Mo'ed Becomes Sunni   
    So, he was a closeted Sunni?
    Thank God his true nature is exposed. Good riddance.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from TryHard in Exposing Yassir Al-Habib   
    This is off-topic comment. There is a medical condition where worm can live in human gut, muscles or brain. The main cause is consuming uncooked pork.
  4. Completely Agree
    Gypsy got a reaction from Flying_Eagle in The Term 'ghina'   
    Can we refer this as "seductive voice" :unsure:
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    Gypsy got a reaction from TryHard in Imams Age When They Got Married   
    It would be interesting to know at what age the ladies of ahlul bayt got married (e.g Sayyida Khadija (as), Sayyida Fatima (as), Sayyida Zayneb(as), Sayyida Umm Kulsum (as) and others).
    It would also be interesting to know the age of Imams wives' when they got married.
    16 or 17 year old boys are no exactly young. This is not even a controversial age in the 21st century.
    There is an interesting story about Imam Ali al Redha. Ma'mun (the Abbaside caliph) saw the Imam in his court when the Imam was nine. He was so captivated with the Imam that he offered to wed his daughter to him there and then. The Imam got married to the Abasidse princess few years later.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from TryHard in Imams Age When They Got Married   
    I am listening to a lecture by Sayyid Muhammad Rizviabout perfect age for marriage. According to him none of our Imam got married right after baligh. This I found very interesting. The following are the ages of our Masumeen when they got married.
    Accurate age
    1. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) - 25 years old
    2. Imam Ali (as) – 24 years old
    Proximate age
    3. Imam Hassan (as) – Mid twenties
    4. Imam Hussein (as) – 30 years old
    5. Imam Ali Zayn al Abidin (as) – 20 years old
    6. Imam Muhammad al Baqir(as) - 25 or 26 years old
    7. Imam Jaffar Sadiq (as) – 20 years old
    8. Imam Musa al Kadhim (as) – 19 years old
    9. Imam Ali al Redha (as) – no exact date (early twenties)
    10. Imam Muhammmad at Taqi – 15-17 years old
    11. Imam Ali al Hadi(as) – 16 years old
    12. Imam Hassan Askari (as) – 23 years old
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    Gypsy got a reaction from Aflower in Are There Any Syrian Alawites Here?   
    Alawites are Jaffari Shia? :huh:
    Are you kidding?
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    Gypsy got a reaction from HusseinAbbas in Agnostic Reverts?   
    For me it was the question of Soul and Death.
    However much we know about human body, we just can't explain the soul and death. I couldn't find any decent/reasonable explanation about soul. I needed to know if I can exist without my body and where did the soul originate. I also needed to know what will happen to me once I die. Science doesn't even try to go there. Only Islam has given me a very satisfying answer.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from shia farm girl in Liquid Soap Najis   
    From my limited knowledge about chemistry, the process for making the soap is actually a complete chemical change. This is true for most of the soaps produced through industrial factories. Don't really know about liquid soaps.
    Someone else may have additional or supportive info.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from HakimPtsid in The true teachings of Ahlul Bayt   
    mainly because there were 2 major factions. One factions was followed by ppl who supported the Goverment and another with the ahlul bayt
    The one who supported the Goverment was : Abu bakr(caliph), Umar, uthman, muawiyah, yazid, khalid al walid, abdullah ibn Umar, Ayesha, hafsha
    The one who was with the ahlul bayt were : Imam Ali(as), Hassan, Hussein, Fatima Az zahra, umm Sulaym, Amar, Miqdad, Abu dhar, maysam ..etc
    And the goverment was in control of money/baitul maal and ppl and so they presented a version of Islam which was favourable to them.
    The ahlul bayt was granted with wisdom and leadership and despite all the propaganda from the goverment, the bad goverment could not estinguish the light of Islam.
  11. Haha
    Gypsy got a reaction from shia farm girl in Soul mates...! - Two questions...   
    *Sorry for some interruption*

    Can we stop thinking & talking about Hoor's. Don’t forget we could also end up in hell.

    *End of interruption
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    Gypsy got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Musings Of A "sunni"   
    Thanks for writing up your thoughts. It seems that you have been critically thinking about Shia-Sunni differences.
    The same reasons why we have soo many Muslim sects; when the community started splitting into different factions due to differences in opinion.
    Zaydis believe in the first four of the same Imams as us. Ismails believe in the first sixth of the same Imam as us.
    When you were a Sunni, how do you guys justify the presence of four Sunni Imams and a variety of ideas and split within Sunnism?
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    Gypsy got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Loan Interest And Niyyat Of Istinqaz   
    This is according to Sayyid Seestani http://www.al-islam.org/laws/contemporary/muamalat1.html
  14. Completely Agree
    Gypsy got a reaction from Isaam in Double Eclipse in Ramadan...dates from NASA!   
    I pray that this could be one of the awaited sign
  15. Disagree
    Gypsy got a reaction from funklebits in Ismaili's Don't Believe In Hazrat Ali's Imamat?   
    The current Aga Khanis or followers of Aga Khan, if they are even religious, have mostly adopted the Sunni fundamentals. But you can still find some of his followers who still holds Ali (as) in high regards and deemed him as the rightful heir to the Holy Prophet (pbuh). But it is hard to figure out what their religious belief is in the 20th and 21th century because most of them or a very significant number of them are very secular. Even the Aga Khan and his family do not appear to be holding to some of the traditional Islamic values that are heavily emphasized in Islam.
    Their practices are quite different, not only from us, the Shia, but also from other Muslims. I remember seeing a cultural video of them performing arts and dances wondering if they have been heavily influenced by the cultural aspect of other religion.
    I don't know what you mean by they are claiming themselves as being Shia? We don't really consider anyone other than us as Shia. Unfortunately, we cannot stop people using the label Shia.
    Think of this way. The Sunnah wal-Jamaah claim that they are living and following the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and even refereed to themselves as Sunni. But we know that isn't true.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from TryHard in How To Find A Wife(help From The Sisters)   
    Try online matrimonial websites like ShiaMatch. Enrolled in match making activities like heavenly match. Get in touch with your local mosque. Ask them if they knows unmarried and unattached girls/women.
    Did you ask your family to look for one?
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    Gypsy got a reaction from shia farm girl in Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Shia or Sunni?...   
    He has written and translated many shia books and documents. He praised and blessed the ahlul bayt in preface and in his writing. I am 100% sure that he is 100% Shia Ithna Ashare. He has also translated and written alot of thing about Iranian Sufism and Irfan, but not sure him being a sufi or Sunni :unsure: Interesting. :huh:
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    Gypsy got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe in Need confirmation on Shia Hadiths Books   
    Anas Ibn Malik bear a false witness against Imam Ali(As) in Kufa. Imam Ali(as) cursed Malik with a skin disease as sign of a liar.(refer to http://www.ai-islam.org) in the section tahrif of Al Quran

    I dont know what happen in later part of his life. Did he become more sober? I know that he regret what he said to Imam Ali(as) and He told everyone that his disease came from a dua of an honest pious believer (I think this is in the Sunni sahih)
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    Gypsy got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Any Ex-Catholic Shia's?   
    Nothing at all.
    We don't have a pope. We don't have vatican city. We don't have priests molesting young boys. We don't have celibacy. We don't celebrate Christmas.We don't worship man as god. We don't believe bible is authentic. We don't believe Jesus died on cross. We don't believe Jesus resurrected on the third day. So, no easter. We don't need to go to a priest for confession.
    I could go on and on.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Akbari n Usooli   
    Disclaimer : This is my personal opinion
    Akhbarism is a two-edge sword. They have been very successful at confronting The Sunni School of thoughts. But at the same time some of their argument are against Shia school of thought (they call it Ussuli). Their arguments are very attractive and very rational for a lay-men.
    But if you look at their arguments through the eyes of a scholar, it is not so rational because the key of their argument is that people dont need scholars because they are smart enough to understand everything by reading the hadith of Ahlul Bayt (Akhbar ) hence their sect name Akhabris. I dont agree with their argument because people are not smart enough to be their own marja.
    Now, why do I call it a 2 edge sword. We had a supposedly Sunnis (on shiachat) who claim to have converted to Shia and started to attack Shiaism using arguments from akhbaris work.
    Akhbaris have tons of interesting material written to attack Usuli Shia. Sunni on the other hand has lame materials to attack shia (Just look at KFC :squeez: )
    That is why, if anyone wants to destroy the SHia school of thoughts, then Akhbarism is the backdoor /Trojan horse.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Akbari n Usooli   
    12ver shi'ism was more or less evenly divided between the two schools of Usulis and Akhbari. 3 Major differences separate the 2 schools. Whereas the Usulis rely on the Quran, the Sunna, consensus, and reason to understand doctrine, Akhbaris only permit recourse t0 the Quran and the Sunna;whereas the Usulis give broad latitude to ijtihad, the Akhbaris reject ijtihad; while Usulis distinguish between the category of mujtahid and muqallid , the Akhbaris believe that all people are Muqalid of the Imam. These and other subtler differences allowed the Usuli school to rely heavily on 'ulama and mujtahid', who could use a range of tools and resouces and had broad license to interpret and pronounce decisison on virtually all aspects of life. In contrast, Akhbari ulama were far more restricted in their resources, tools and interpretative authority. The Usulis school was therefore far more favourable to the mujathids, and the marji'iyya system came into full flowering in the eighttenth century when Usuli school won decisively in its rivarly with the Akhbari school.
    reference : The Arab Shi'a : The Forgotten Muslims - Graham E Fuller and Rend Rahim Francke, St Martin Press NY, 1999 ISBN 0312221789
    edited : I have about 30 page of Akhbari vs Usuli materials sitting idle in my PC :)
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    Gypsy got a reaction from SirajDin in Celibate In Islam   
    Please don't stop yourself from becoming a Muslim just because you think you are not ready for marriage. They are unrelated. You can be a Muslima first. Then when/if you are ready you can get married
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    Gypsy got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Mutah Experiences   
    Marriages are not private and secretive things that need to be hidden. If people feels that they are educating the rest of us by sharing their stories so be it. Not even a single reply in this topic is crude or vulgar. Everyone is mostly telling their general experience and not sharing their bedroom secrets.And we are all anonymous here.
  24. Completely Agree
    Gypsy got a reaction from Ageng Bagus Bima Pambudhi in Is Ahmadiyya A Branch Of Sunni Sect?   
    Yes they are a branch of Sunnism. But some people have doubt about them even being Muslim since their have some doubts about the Prophet.
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    Gypsy got a reaction from HezbiTruth in God Is Not Attributed With Lieing   
    I would start by explaining that If God lies then he would send false Prophets. And we have seen false Prophets who are nothing but scammers.
    The Holy Prophet (saww) represented the message that he received. Everything was the truth from his God. If God were a liar then it would be apparent from the quality of the revelation and the messenger (his Prophet). But the Prophet of Islam was the most truthful person in the world. He was known as Al-Amin, someone who never told a single lie/falsehood in his life. And there is no doubt in anyone minds how amazing and glorious the Quran is.
    That is probably your argument. Someone else may add more.
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