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  1. There is no consensus on that. Some people claim that Iran, US and Europe also contribute towards making all those countries into failure. But i guess, the article is about Saudi future vision and perhaps to keep the stoy short the contributor didnt going off on a tangantiel fact finding mission.
  2. It's not western influence that's driving these girls to reject joint family system. It's the rejection of hindu culture that treat daughter-in-law like a servent or someone that needs to brought over in. the first thing a man need to think about before marriage is find a place to live for his wife and children. His parents can visit them just like her parents can visit them.
  3. You say you like your husband. But he falls short of your expectation. the best is to openly and honestly talk with each other about habits that can potentially bothers each other and cause friction in the household.
  4. Absolutely. Thats how things should work in theory. But a lot of time, not everything works according to theory.
  5. I read FT sometimes, they dont reject contributors that have utterly positive view about the most negative event/person. for example when FT had an article about the largest corruption scandal in the world involving the Prime Mnister of Malaysia...almost the next week Malaysian ambassador from UK wrote how great the Malaysian economy s doing under th PM "leadership"
  6. Women dont like sharing house with their in-laws or with other women just like men dont like to live with their in-law. Your wife should have as much to say in where you both stay after marriage. Your parents shouldnt interfere and demand what will fit their lifestyle.
  7. Not me, i dont get embarrassed or shy talking about FGM or female circumcision. To me these are just matter of fact or factual stuff. But i maybe older than the average shiachat.
  8. The French are so silly sometimes. They need to change their thinkng style. This is very bad.
  9. There's nothing wrong with Indian girl or Iranian/Syrian men. If a genuine relationship has developed then it's possible for two people from different culture to get married despite all the hardship.
  10. Saudi and Kuwait is a real possibility. Iran and UAE has diversify their economy. Iraq, Yemen and Libya are sort of failed states so no suprise.
  11. Nope. I think in your case they were probably trying to find a way out of their own country. It's best not to entertain random marriage proposal. Also, some men and women like to flirt, so dont take it seriously.
  12. (Salam) A few things you may consider having in the marriage contract, for girl - right of pursuing education - freedom to work outside if desire - right to be in a monogamous marriage
  13. Are you insulting me? What a terrible question to ask someone.
  14. It's generally a bad idea to be someone second wife. You should be worth more to him than a part-time spouse. If he needs someone other than you, then you are not very important and why waste the one life you have with such man.
  15. Are Pakistani even allowed to disagree with anything islamic? Can you proclaim your hatred/dislike against Islam without being labeled a traitor or a kafir? My understandung is that unlike Iran and Turkey, Pakistan doesnt have freedom from religion for the Muslim. In Iran and Turkey, they will tolerate your non-confirmity.
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