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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. For me so far all the Sunnis are the same since I haven't personally met a religious Sunni who showed tolerance towards Shias or any other religious beliefs. Sorry to say but its true, congrats on becoming a Shia.
  2. Why we Shias are all the time trying to make peace with these Sunnis while they are killing us? Why? Al Sistani shouldn't have made no such fatwa, these Sunnis totally deserve to be treated the way they treat us, no offence. Or at least these Sunnis should come out and protest on the killings of Shiites all around the world by their Sunni brothers. This is ridiculous.
  3. Sunnis hate Shias, they call Shias kafir, they kill Shias yet they claim that it is Wahhabi and Salafis who kill Shias but personally I've never met a Sunni in my life who kept the same attitude towards me after finding out I am a Shia. Their attitude towards me changes a lot and they see me as evil and tell me that my beliefs are wrong etc etc. Why so much hypocrisy? Being a Shia, I've never called Sunnis a kafir or heard of fellow Shia calling Sunni a kafir when sharing their information. I've seen many indirect Anti-Shia post on Pakistani facebook pages and there were many many Sunnis sa
  4. I am very sorry to hear this. It literally brought tears to my eyes. May Allah give hidayat to these extremists hypocrites.
  5. Ever heard of daily bomb blasting in Iran, a Shia majority? Or heard that in Sunni majority Pakistan? What about beheading culture? In a Sunni majority, everyone lives in fear unless it is a Shia government. Sunnis have no tolerance towards people from different beliefs.
  6. Could you please provide me a link to those people that they follow? I need in-depth historical details on them. It'll be really appreciated.
  7. What about Salafis? They've carried out many attacks in Syria Exactly what I was thinking, Taliban Sunnis in Pakistan have killed many of their own Sunni brothers by blowing up themselves.
  8. Bro I don't think you should consider or not consider something if those people themselves consider themselves something. Wahabis or Salafis, both consider themselves as Sunnis and in Pakistan, Sunni terrorist from different fiqh has been caught, not just wahabi and salafis. If you don't mind, can you please expand on teachings of Umar, Abu Baqr and etc or provide me any links where I can read it. That'll be very helpful.
  9. You are right. An Ahmadi girl told me that they consider themselves as Sunnis and they follow Hanfia sect and I seriously don't even know what Hanfia sect is. Never heard of it. Maybe she meant to say Hanafi sect? Doubt it
  10. Who are they than? Do they not belong to Sunni sect? Or they belong to Shia sect? Please enlighten me. Lol come on lets be realistic. It is not just that. It is definitely got to do with some teachings and historical amounts.
  11. What is the main reason that the majority of the Muslim terrorist belong to Sunni sect? I'm very curious. One of my friend told me that some of the companions left a legacy(Such as Umar attacked Persia and committed a Persian genocide when he converted them into Islam) and their teachings are extremist teachings. Is it true? If so, please go in-depth for detailed knowledge on their legacy. Thanks a lot brothers.
  12. As far as I know about Hezbollah, that organisation was once praised by the Sunni world and still praised by the Palestinians. According to Wiki, Mahdi Army doesn't exist any more & I can't find any official info for Iraqi resistance militia. Could you provide me a link? Thanks :)
  13. Lol it is only one sheikh. What I also meant is that if there are any terrorist Shia organisation like Sunni terrorist organisation such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban etc.
  14. I don't know if that is true but I have given the video link to YouTube. Those are Ahmadi people in the video reading out their shahada.
  15. Before anyone says that they are kafir or non-Muslim etc, this cannot be true because their shahada is same as any Sunni Muslim. To be a Muslim you have to agree to this shahada: لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله (lā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadun rasūlu l-Lāh) There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. Only difference is that they believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Mahdi. I believe that technically the Ahmadiyya Muslims are Sunni Muslim, it is one of the branch of Sunni sect because it inherits majority of its teaching from Sunni school. Bear in mind that te
  16. Thanks a lot brother, this stuff is very helpful specially the link you shared as it has most of the names of the Sunni terrorist organisation. I also learned something new which is Islamic state of Iraq - Takfiri. I never knew about this. All I knew was that Saddam Hussain killed many Shias but did not know about this all !!
  17. It is only a pic. Stop crying and get over it anti-shias
  18. Tell them in a way that is acceptable. Say "Brothers, please don't mind me say this, I don't wan to hurt anyone's feelings but because you are talking, it becomes harder for me to concentrate and I hope it is okay with you if you can please keep it quiet". Simple.
  19. Brother I believe that this is just going very extreme because you are worrying soo much. We all are human beings and Allah tests our reaction to those intentions and thoughts we get in our mind. As long as your heart and niyaat is clear, Allah is all forgiving. Don't think about it too much. Salam :)
  20. Salam. I am doing a research and making a report. I need my Shia brothers to give me a list of Sunni extremist terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, FSA, Al-Nusra etc. I only know these four. If you can please provide a link to a site that has these terrorist group names then I'll be very thankful to you :) Thanks
  21. As the title says, is this halal in Islam? If not then why do Wahabis and Salafis practice it?
  22. Salam brothers, I hope you all doing good. This is my first topic. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me if there are any extremist branches in Shia sect like there are extremist branches in Sunni sect such as Wahabi, Salafi etc. Can you please list them, it would be great of you. Thanks
  23. mashallah. I love it when Shias prove sunnis wrong with proof. I love to see them all get shut lol:)
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