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  1. Oh OK maybe the cheif justice isnt in the league of the supreme leader then. I guess the golf will have to be on hold for now. [edited] That was actually gonna be my next question. I mean getting that ice cream right is must espeacially in a country like the USA. Whats the punishment for the ice cream not pleasing the fat people? 10 lashes or just your public melting? Do they also do these CNN speacial for the ice cream trials like they do for jacko? [Note from Admin: You have been warned and passed your warning limit for insulting scholars - your banned]
  2. Yeh kind of like "The Supreme Court". Dont you call the judge of a supreme court the "Supreme Judge"? Hey maybe he knows the Sumpreme Leader. Actually I think they play golf together.... :D
  3. Arent there more Muslims in what was originally Pakistan (Modern day Pakistan and Bangladesh) then there are Muslims in India?
  4. I dont have any problem with any type of religious temple for any type of religion being set up in any nation. Unfortunatly though the government in Saudi Arabia does just like it has a problem with giving citizenship to people that werent born there. You should take note of that Satyam. Although your article does back the intolerence of the house of saud what you should also remember is that those that set up the hindu temple were not Saudi nationals thus its against the law as it would be in any nation. Non-Saudis cant legally own land or businesses within Saudi Arabia so this isnt just because of religious intolerence. This action by these guys would have been in breach of work permit contracts from any nation. So the government does technically have the right to deport them. However the involvement of the religious authority does back the fact that the Saudi government is against religious minorities setting up temples. However although the Saudi government does display such intolerence its religious authority still has double standards when 'interests' are at stake. There are many foreign military bases and compounds within Saudi arabia. And these compounds and bases offer all type of temples. Apparantly the american military base has a massive masse celebration in which even princes of the house of saud have participated in. Now you can argue that that land is foreign land because of the nations that have set up there. However because of the citizenship and land laws of Saudi Arabia legally according to Saudi law that land still belongs to the state because those are non saudi nationals thus Saudi arabia still has authority yet they do not destroy the temples or stop the celebrations within them. Makes you question the 'religious' justification (which they have yet to offer one since the justification is that there are no non muslim saudis in saudi arabia so there is no need for temples of other faiths) of this intolorent law. But of course the Iranian government has no problems with religious minorities setting up their own temples: http://www.iranchamber.com/monuments/histo...urches_iran.php http://www.farsinet.com/iranchurches/ http://www.vohuman.org/SlideShow/KermanMod...of%20Kerman.htm http://www.kosherdelight.com/Irankosher.htm Let me ask you something Wisken. Of course it is quite common knowledge that Saudi arabia doesnt offer temples to other religions then Islam. However did you think the same about Iran?
  5. Wow im quite impressed. You have actually returned. I thought you had run awa crying like a little girl, again. Its nice to see that you have proven me wrong. The links are about the genocide commited by Asoka when he was a hindu. His convertion to Bhuddism came after he realised the evil in his ways. Try reading the information available. Come on you can click on a link right or do I need to run you through that, again. But if you dont like that one here another, just for KK(K): http://www.geocities.com/pak_history/buddhists.html LOL all of this realisation came after I challenged your stupid notion that the Iranians knew nothing about Islam which you raised prior to any invasion by the arabs. Now you are singing a different tune once your stupidity is shown to everyone because how can a neighbour not know anything about those he lives next to. Yet even after all of this you still have the audacity to claim to know how much one needs to know about Islam before one can convert. So how about you answer your stupid claim instead of resorting to such child like tactics. I mean you do have an answer right? You see you seem to live under two very base and idiotic impressions. One is that you believe there were no Muslims in Iran prior to invasion of parts of it, because there was no ONE full invasion that took all of modern day Iran. Actual Iranians who had converted or even your Muslim trader from neighbouring areas. And two, you seem to believe that they all converted over night after one big invasion that you seem to believe took all of modern day Iran. Your an idiot. Your base version of history has no place among the intelligent. Go to school and try to work your way up because your not wise or educated enough to play with the big boys yet. And thats not just because your a midget.. :D LOL yet all those people in India that are Muslims are Indian. Actually they are more Indian then you so you have no right to call them foreigners just because of the faith that they adhere to. Once again this base right wing Hinuduvaati concept raises its head again. I mean how can you justify such a thing while knowing that Hinudism spread from region to region of India and wasnt just everywhere one day like you seem to believe. Only because modern day maps draw up nations like they do doesnt mean India was always united nor does it mean that India was always the one nation that it is today. The many kingdoms that made up India before the world was curved up in a more universal way was was the nationdom and boundries and soverignty that was adhered to just like we accept modern day nations. So taking this into consideration the spread of hinudism from one region and kingdom of india to another was just like the spread of Islam from one region to another. So Hinduism too could be deemed 'foriegn' too to the many regions that it has spread to. But of course you would never acept such a notion because, well you are a hindu and hypocrits dont like there stupid concepts working against them. Well it does buddy, weather you accept ot or not. According to modern day maps which you seem to accept when you want and when it backs your argument. Yet that doesnt mean that that part of the world belongs to only that religion in question. Yet you seem to believe it does, deeming other religions as foreign. Theres is a difference between a region being known for something then it being catagorised for being only for something as you done. I mean your notioin is espeacially silly because you yourself would be a 'forigner' in Christian america so you shoud thankgod(S) that the american majority or the governemnt doesnt adhere to such right wing stupid notions as you do. Otherwise you would be on the first boat back to the 'homeland'. And you remeber what happened last time you were there dont you midget man. :D Please a link. I mean no offence but I dont believe you because, well, you have a tendecy to argue against anything I say. What school of thought says such things? What is the point of being a hindu if it is not the only religion to offer salvation? What about the 'levels' of reincarnation? Please a link. Yet many of your people expect those that are born from Hindu perants to become Hindu. Or even those whose ancestors were Hindus to become hindu once again. That was once the defence used against the creation of Pakistan, a Muslim nation for Muslims. This is no goal. This is just a prophecy that is a sign of the end of days. I mean there are people that want a 'muslim world' just like there are people that want a only hindu India or Hindu Indian sub contienant. But just like in Hinduism, in Islam these people are not the majority. In the, end in one form or another, all religion need converts to survive and go on. Not even you can argue against this. Weather that convert is the newly born baby or the atheist in the street. LOL idiot boy you have only now put forward this stupid answer now one you were punked/called out on your stupid notion before. It does take abit of time for you to answer questions doesnt it buddy. You dont like quesrions do you? If you dont want to be asked any then raise stupid notion. Fact of the matter is that there may not be any true representative of your faith but for ours it is our beloved prophet. And second you can believe that OBL and co are the true reps of Islam all you want but in the end that only shows your ignorance of Islam. Actions can be deemed as representative or not. And kept that short and simple just for KK. :) Well unlike you I would rather stick to reality. You do know what that mean dont you or did you miss english class, again. You see it is more accurate to use reality i.e what is actually happening rather then some fanatasy made up scenario from some midget that hate islam more then he hates his own pathetic little life. Reality, try to sticking to it. You havent addressed anything little one. All you have done is miss it out in you next post or quoted it then not even addressed it in you 'reply' (if you can call it that) below what you quoted. Dont worry its probably just your selective coincidental amnesia and you forgot to reply. Maybe its hindi classes that are stopping you from comprehending (you know that that means right?) what I post. Or maybe its another delsuion taking hold in where you thought you provided an answer. Which one is it KK? Do you actually know what hypothetical means because I've got a few questionnaire forms right here: http://www.uga.edu/isiw/vcisiw_quest_web.html http://soundvision.com/info/women/masjidsurvey.asp http://people-press.org/reports/display.php3?PageID=795 So tell me how small do you feel right now? :D Your the one that needs abit of education on the Prophet, among alot of other things. Atleast know abit about what you hate pal. I would respect you abit more for that. Actually I have but not because they were christians but because they bombed my house while my family was still in it. Its called revenge but you can believe yours little stupid prejudices all you want. Did I hit a nerve? LOL once again the mohdi lover make another stupid claim against Islam. You see it is this type of stupid pretensions that you put forward that have earned you the title of shiachat idiot. I mean if Islam actually talked about killing infidels, which you havnt backed with anything, then wouldnt most muslims being do that right now. Yet in REALITY this is not the case. And once again KK shows how much he really wants to be the first Indian Hindu Klu Klux Klan memebr by believing he is superior because of his religion. When they do allow you to join up though KK, dont lift that white hood up, because you wont be welcomed with open arms. You'll be lynched up buddy. Try taking some of Satyaban's advice buddy. Dont worry he/she is not a muslim. I think Ummee and papa have been telling little KK a few more horror stories. And once again you have whole heartedly believe them. But please to entertain you little stupid notion, provide a quote from the Quraan about this global conspiracy which you have knowledge about yet no Muslim does. Dont worry KK they cant tack you from your ISP, your safe. Paranoid little midget. :D Once again another episode of where Midget man quotes but doesnt actually answer that which he quoted. Why dont you actually answer the quote and provide material from the qaraan about that idiotic notion you have raised. Please, one quote from the QURAAN which you believe backs everything you say. You see the problem is that you cant because it doesnt say that. Its called blind hate, and you suffer from it. Only because your a little man doesnt mean you need to havea little brain. Try thinking on your own instead of adhering to what ummee and papa say, what the local pundit says, what is said by other family memebrs or what those voices in your head say. Go on give it a go, i promise it wont hurt. Yeh me punkin/callin you out on you wanting to give some midget loving to some guy called 'Akhbar' really shows that you have hit a nerve doesnt it. LOL you really are one delusional little man aint ya. But hang on a sec, someone called Akhbar shot up a school in the name of Islam? Please a link to this news? You do have a link right. I mean you wouldnt be joking about such a thing in light of the recent events in Columbine and even one last week, was it, where 9 people were killed before the gunman (or gunboy in his case since he was just a kid) turned the gun on himself. You wouldnt be joking about such tragic events would you KK by putting forward this made up or true event? You wouldnt be inspired by such events as these to take a stab at me becasuse I have hit a nerve on several occasions within this thread, would you KK? Thats below you, right? I think your putting forward one of your 'hypothitical' scenario again. I dont do that kind of thing KK. I mean do you actually dress up as a school kid hoping a guy will take advantage of you? No wonder you know so much about this type of thing. Thats just on a whole new level of sick. I mean these kids are the victims in such cases, yet you want to be the victim. Has the 'dry season' been so long that the only action you can expect is from the local pedophile in the street that you hope will notice you. Even if that local pedophile happens to be you uncle Raaj. What the hell is wrong with you? First mohdi doesnt answer your calls, emails, faxes and now this. You really are one sick little midget. Im just trying to help you get out of your fall of being such a loser. I mean all you have is the hate for 1.4 billion people to help you get up out of bed. You should thank the Muslims because atleast you can focus your life, like you have, on hating us. Atleast that will stop you from being the pedophile's victim to making a victim of your own you little horny midget. As anyone can see all you have done is missed all the replied I have put forward to you idiotic notions. You have yet to provide links or quoted to most notions you raise. Your posts are just pathetic. All I have is the comedic value left now because you provide nothing with any substance or even anything abit challenging. Try reading and you will soon see that is not case. Come on give it a go. I have no hate for gay people. I just dont like you, and I dont like you hitting on me as you have tried to. And its not an accusation against you KK, its plain for all to see. Just look at this thread, everyone can see it. Even your own Hindu bredrns can see it within your stupid little posts. And if you could read, you would see they are all caling you out on it. Stop denying it, wear it with pride just like you do the Kafir thing. Not at all. Unless you label your little lines as assualt. I bet you do. :D LOL I think your confusing me with you. I know it must be hard for you to bring your perants round on you being a homo. It must be hard being a closet homo with your perants who have traidtion anti gay views and prinicples. They want you to marry Pooja, yet your too busy looking at Pooja's brother. But dont worry Im sure they wont find anything serious for a wirey midget man who cant even get a job at the local 7/11. I bet Pooja can do much then you. And Im sure you hope she feels the same way :!!!: LOL you think my head looks like a yellow little ball with dots for eyes and a thing on the face which I can only assume is a beard. Sorry to disspoint you but those are just comptuer graphics not actual real heads. Have your delusions over come you so far? And by the way stop fanatasising about what I look like midget man. Did you try the thinking excercise we went through before? I dont think you have. Well look lets try and dumb down the process further. Try reading what i say first. Just read, dont think (or try i guess in your case), just read and try and comprehend. OK. Did you get that or shall I reapet it? Why do you bother KK. You provide nothing with any substance or, well, anything that makes any sense really. Or have things with Mohdi got you down so bad that all you have to offer is the poor excuse for a post that you have provided? Im sure the school bullying doesnt help does it midget man. But dont worry im sure you'll get lucky like this fellow miget of yours, damn forgot your a closet homo:
  6. Not at all. I am just trying to reiterate to you that their are divisions within society and that they cannot be ignored. And that those differences take on many forms. All Islam tries to do is honour a number of those forms to make the judicial process more fair. On the whole I do agree with you. But there are still cases of racsim that exist within the US courts: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2000/dec2000/mcph-d12.shtml http://www.quixote.org/ej/moratorium_now/broch_race.html http://www.blackleadershipforum.org/articles/ronwhite.html http://archives.cnn.com/2000/US/09/21/us.r...m.ap/index.html Come on now Satyban dont be that naive. You know better then I I do that many legal battles cost thousands for both civil parties involved. For a court to be more case sensitive, as Islam tries to produce, those costs would only go up. I think your system so far tries to use the basis of your constitution and the united rule of law which is for every citizen. All I am saying is that I dont beileve that is realistic and it definatly wasnt in the Islamic societies of the past with the many numbers of religions and the need for religious autonomy. But then again the strong basis of citizenship wasnt present within the islamic countries as it is in America. Correct me if i'm wrong but isnt it up to the judge to grant or deny a retrial?
  7. Satyaban I'm sure you will agree that there are all types of divisions present within any country. Gender, race, religion, creed and personal beliefs and convictions are all forms of division present within any society. All Islam tries to do is honour and acknowledge those differences rather then ignore them. Now What you are saying is practiced in America and does have all types of problems. Let me try and use an example of where ignoring those differences has been a major mistake but one you can relate to. I'm sure you have heard of the Michael Jackson trial. I havent been following the case too closely so I dont know the technicalities. But I do know an outline of the case against him and, of course, who he is. Now there can you honestly believe Michael jackson isnt prone to the prejudices of the non-black person? The prejudices of those that arent as wealthy as him? Or the prejudices of the proactive mother that would readily believe the child over some grown man? Yet because such things are not really considered a jury could use such prejudices thus ensuring justice does not prevail in his case. Isnt that why there has been the option of the mis trial ready for him. All Islam tries to do is lower the chances and make the justiuce system more fair by giving such an option. Obviously being a Muslim and adhering to some type of religion I would cite the case against the French as more relevent and more adverse then the case against Iran. Although I do think that it is quite absurd that the Ayatollah dictatorship doesnt allow neck ties to be warn. :huh:
  8. Yeh I would agree. So you dont believe in any type of religion based state? I disagree with that. There will always be racism and prejudice. To have something legislated is to ensure that those ills of society do not impede the rights of others. I mean your rights are legislated in a fully secular state (as you percieve it to be). Does that mean you do face some form of repression in america? Legilsation is a safe guard of what could happen and a deterrence against it. I dont believe it is there to underline some consistent problem within a state. The whole point of courts for different religions is to further the notion of religious equality in an islamic state. The religious court can only pass judgement on an individual that adheres to the same faith and has chosen the court from his/her free will. Therefore if any intimidation is felt then it would be from the minority towards the Islamic court. Which is the whole reason to have religious based courts in the first place. To get rid of any percieved wrong doing and ensure the full rights of the minority. Do you not agree?
  9. Yes they do. Does that mean that they dont qualify as being Muslim states in your eyes? The tendency (from people, the media and governments) seems to be that a Muslim nation is any nation in which the majority of the population adhere to Islam, regardless of the type of government. Did you mean an Islamic nation in where the government also aheres to some Islamic model? Let me know.
  10. LOL this is golden coming from you. Most of what i stated on this thread I have had the courtisy of backing up with links and other things that I have said are general knowledge. Yet you, for some reason, do not have the ability to click on links or to read material that is posted. Or know of events going on in the world around you or you just simply reject it because if you accept it then they would deter the delusions that you rather live within. It is you who adheres to hearsay or sudden friends to back up most claims you make. I mean you cant even back the basis for this thread with the article that you claim existed on Yahoo. You have been on this site for a very long time KK. You can try to deny that, but I and most other users know of your previous aliases. And, well, if you werent willing to beeducated then, then not much will change now. But the least i can do is to shut you up over the bs that you post on this site. :D You see this all very funny because this was only propped up by you after I challenged your silly notion, that the Iranians knew nothing about Islam before an invasion, with logic and rationale, which your posts seem to lack. And now you make silly claims that the Iranians did know something about Islam but enough to convert. So please answer the question, since you seem to know by the notions you present. How much does one need to know about Isam before one converts? Why dont you actually try clicking on the links and reading them instead of taking any link I offer with hostility. You wont be 'losing' some battle by educating yourself KK. Can you not get over such trivial and base thinking? LOL that is why you believe that Islam is a 'foriegn' in India. That is why much of your bredrins stand by the notion of hindustan. That is why you have repeatedly stood by being better then Muslims. By catagorising the world according to faiths i.e India=Hindu. You live in your delusion. You yourself contradict everything that you have stated above. I dont really need to even present an argument because your posts themselves contradict what you stated above. Hinduism too, like any other faith, claims it is the one true faith otherwise what is the purpose of following it? Every faith claims to give you salvation because that is how you attract followers. If a faith claimed it didnt offer you that or some sort of enlightenment why would one follow it? They wouldnt. This notion isnt elitist or totalitarian at all. It is a way to attract people to your faith, to make your faith distinct and to differantiate it from other faiths. Funny thing is you havent even answered the argument I put forward to your original claim. You seem to be suffering from amnesia so let me remind you. Which was what are true Muslims or true hindus and true representatives of each faith. You havent put forward any challenge so maybe that has started to sink through. Atleast something is. LOL. Im not talking about some crazy wahabbi that you have made up. The fact that 'he' is crazy would deter many from listening to him. Im talking about REAITY. I put forward to you an exact profile of an individual that you would claim is Muslim based on the fact you believe any one with a Muslim name is Muslim. You put forword a made up person that doesnt exist. You need to live in relaity, this is exactly the type of hearsay that has me and most others not taking you seriously. Can you not comprehend that your argument has no basis? :huh: For which faith? Who were they fighting? Which region? Wheres your link to back this information? Much of what you say would put you in the same catagory as your secret lover Mohdi. You make claims about what areas belong to which country yet you live in a 'Christian country'. You would rather adhere to supporting India over your own nation. You only challenge this when you are punked out over it. You would rather carry on learning Hindi even as it comprimises you english as one can see many examples within this thread. You are the 'anti' integration KK. A true example of what one must NOT do when coming to the USA. :D Then please clarify what you meant? Yet most of these Shia are from the same region of the world i.e the west. Most of them are youngsters. Even if you put up a question to them you wont get everyone on this site answering, just those that that specific question would appeal to. So your talking about the opion of not thousands, but hundreds. And of course there is no way you can varify that the person posting is a shia at all. If this seems to be an accurate sample to you then you should retake the class that explained to you what a sample is because you dont understand. Most of the time if you go to the right source you can find a questionarrie much more reliable then anything produced here. Even here users have tried to pass off as a Muslim to create bias in a thread that asked a question. They still seem to be hitting a nerve, so no I dont. :D What caravan and what story. One refernce please. Or is this just what you heard on the Hinduvaati website? Huh? :huh: These verses are in the context of war and show that there is a limitation to those that you may attack i.e innocent people cannot be attacked. And the degree of punishment of what happens if you do break this law. And, if you could read, they also clearly show the basis for attacking i.e self defence. Oh so being a Muslim make me backwards does it? You see the ugly head of prejudice raising its head again as you resort to your delusions of reglious 'superiority' once again. The most pathetic part will be when you resort to national 'superiority' because I have again shown your hate for all 'foriegn' religions because of your ill made comment. So when will you and Mohdi be skipping down the plains with would in one hand, lighter and fuel in pocket, holding hands on your way to a Muslim burning. Or hasnt he replied to you letter yet? So you believe that Muslims in masse are being treated like animal and are being deported in masse? LOL you really are living in a delusional state. Things are bad but not that bad. And if you really want to know about self deserved inhumane treatment then you only need to look at you hindu people in Sri Lanka. But of course I dont believe they should be treated like dogs (khuteh) and face prejudice because of the actions of a few. Too bad you do about Muslims. But then again you need justifications for Gujraat, dont you buddy. You should let the Mohdi thing get you down KK. Im sure he reply to you love letter, eventually. This is not a healthy way to blow steam over that little love tiff of yours. :D But then again in your little KKK mind that is what gives you superiority over all other people doesnt it you little hinduvaati. Whatever helps you get a boost little buddy. because you aint gonna get one litterally unless you ge up on papa's shoulders. But then again last time you did that, you just tried humping the back of his neck, again. :D Yet you cannot point these hate filled violent passages out. All you have is hearsay about the QURAAN because you havent even read the QURAAN. All you say is inignrance. Not even your cut and pastes back what you say because you are unable to read. LOL there is no need to speak arabic and dont worry there is not global Muslim conspiracy to get you. Damn your paranoid. Have ummee and papa neglected your midget ass so much so that you must now lie in the paranoia that 'dem muzlimz' are coming for you. LOL how pathetic and deluded of you. You actually think we care that much for you. LOL I guess you have to tell yourself someone cares, huh little buddy. LOL every religion in the world claims other are wrong because of the mere fact of why how else are you gonna get people to join your faith? You cant blame islam alone for this, well YOU can because you have nothing but blind hate to back what you say. And by the way you havet please show me where Muslims are meant to blindly hate Kaffirs or Islam was spread by war as I have repeatedly asked you. You cant you. Think before you posts, remember. Think, just think midge. Uncle Akhbar? Again delusions. You didnt go up to this strange man and try and get some more information on me did you? Im not interested KK, dont you understand I aint a queer like you. Stop trying to pull me faggot. Stop bothering strange people. Or did this guy also bundle you into a locker and you think because he's my 'uncle' I might have his number. Look I dont think he's into midge loving ewther way. Yet your blind posts here say otherwise. You hate Islam and you hate muslims in masse, even your own hindu bredrins point this fact out. Because this hate gives you some sort of salvation from your abuse filled wirey indian midget life you live. You need something to blame your down falls on so why not unjustified hate towards a religion andits 1.4 billion followers. Its like the uneducated hicks in the south that would lynch up black people and blame them for their povert stricken unemployed lives. Its just sad. But whatever helps you look in the mirror, i guess. Im just pointing out your abused filled life. It must be hard getting bullied by little girls, yet they are bigger then you, because you have to earn a few bucks. Must be very hard indeed. Kind of explains your blind hate and rash outbursts as exhibited on this thread. I think it is relevent. You need to live in the real REALITY not YOUR rality where your delusions dictate. This is one of the reasons you are such a big joke. Admitting your downfalls and what holds you back is the only way to deal with the problems. Come now KK, own up and then work hard to alter them. You can do it. If you believe in you little heart (litterally) you can. :D But then again you probably lie in the delusion of being superior to other all the time regardless of your regular bullying by those of you same age and those younger. Regardless of you physcal downfall and your mental donwfalls that cause such anguish and are communcaited through you hate and rash outbursts. I guess some would rather lie in wake of made up little realities where things are better and they have 'friends' rather then face life. That is why you will carry on being punked out on this site and, well, in life in general. LOL what topic? I have countered every delusional, void of reality notion you have propped up with facts which you are unable to own up to. All you have left is 'not relevent', that is your answer to everything now. It just shows how much your 'game' (if you had any to begin with) has befallen you in this thread alone. Your posts are just sad little rash outbursts of the child that isnt getting his own way. You quote yet your replies (when you try to provide one which doesnt say 'not relevent') have nothing to do with what you quoted. Instead they just further show the paranoia of a midget that has very few people in his life and, of course, the blind hate that is a consistent theme within your posts. All you have left is the ignorant statements that one makes about another creed for the sake of having something to blame their illl upon. You lack logic and any rationale within you posts and, as you can see, I am not the only one saying this. I feel sorry for you. :D Dont be too disheartened though. Heres a thumbs up for you loser:
  11. Please make a complaint to mods if you think I have not. These pages are regularly monitored by mods. Until they point out any breach of shiachat rules and regulation within my posts, I shall carry as I am. If the mods have no problem with my attitude in communicating with the likes of KrazyKaffir then neither should you. Unless your a mod now. Well some people are more sensitive then others and may find offence when told to mind there own business, which is just a peice of advice. But I will note what you have said and be more direct with you. :)
  12. My friend I am not trying to hurt the wall. I am trying to get through it. And I dont use my head to do such things, I use a hammer. You know what I mean.
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