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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Indeed brother it was the zionists, wahaabis, the freemasons, the CIA, ISIS and the reptilians at Bohemian Grove who orchestrated this to besmirch the standing of the infallible Ayatollah. My theory is it was one the secret stray FSA rebel jets after launching a false flag chemical attack in Idlib, it flew past Iraq and into Iran to kamikaze crash into the Ukrainian airliner. I think the admins need to have a long hard look at some of these users uttering unflattering statements towards the glorious light of the Eronian regime.
  2. Indeed brothers. Iran, the glorious regime of the Ayatollah and any shi'ite leaning entity cannot commit any wrongdoing and anything to the contrary is evil zionist wahaabi lies. We must dismiss any evidences and suspend logic and certainty if the conclusions are not what we want to hear. Sadly now, the spell of the dajjal has meant 'Iran' supposedly has claimed responsibility but again this is a plot by the Illuminati and we cannot know for certain unless we are in the presence of the glorious Ayatollah and he says it with his powerful lips. We must continue denying Iran has done an
  3. I am glad this happened. Hopefully this will reduce Iran's meddling in Syria and supporting vicious genocidal tyrants shamelessly.
  4. https://theintercept.com/2018/04/19/dear-bashar-al-assad-apologists-your-hero-is-a-war-criminal-even-if-he-didnt-gas-syrians/ Very poignant and methodical deconstruction by a fellow shia who refreshingly doesnt blindly support Assad because hes shia but employs human reason and morality.
  5. If the inspectors deduce that it was chemical weapons would you believe it? Probably not and claim its a zionist plot or claim the rebels used it on themselves. If the inspectors claim it was the rebels or it never happened, will you believe it? Most definately Hence circular logic and arguing with your ilk is an exercise in futility...
  6. What makes you think people havent called out this supposed doctor and his claims? What makes this doctors claims have any merit? He has no corroborated evidence but because he says what you and other Assadists desperately want to hear, you will believe it. I came to realise long ago that arguing with an Assadist is an exercise in futility. Any evidence you bring, they will rubbish as a western or wahabi fabrication. They will never come to their senses and accept that they are rooting for a genocidal tyrant. Imagine if in Yemen there were 6 chemical weapons attacks over a long stret
  7. Check out @Brian_Whit’s Tweet: **Countless evidences over 7 years from every kind of recognised or independent body exposing Assad's heinous crimes. Assadist: "Its all a plot by the NWO, the zionist jooos, wahabis and the west in general." **unnamed Doctor tells a known dodgy pundit Fisk that there was no Chemical attacks. Assadist: "Look bruvvv, case settled, I told youu enett." This is what delusion does to you...
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/16/syria-chemical-attack-inspectors-unable-to-access-douma-site If Assad is so innocent, why are inspectors denied access to assess the chem attack in Douma. Why does Russia veto an independent investigation? Do you expect the rest of the sane world to believe that the numerous instances of chemical weapons use in Syria are not done by Assad, who has a proven fact has chemical.weapons access and Russia, who has used it in the UK just last month? That rather, the rebels who have no known air capabilities and no known chemical weapons acc
  9. Check out @damuskus_’s Tweet: Pfft this Sara is a reptilian NWO agent wahabi zionist trying to slander the name of the glorious Bashar...
  10. If you are more upset now than 7 years of heinous crimes by a tyrannical regime, you need to take a long hard look at yourself. What was the world meant to do when insurmountable evidences kept pouring down about the unspeakable crimes of the syrian regime and its allies? Assume it was all a plot by the NWO reptilians and all fake news by the jooz and zionists, and wahabizz? When independant bodies throughout the years confirmed the torture, starvation, village cleansing, airstrikes, gassings by Assad, what were they to do? When Russia vetoed an independant investigation into the Dou
  11. If you are more worried and concerned about an Assad airbase being bombed then civilians being gassed, bombed and slaughtered as demonstrated over the last 7 years, you need to have a long hard look at yourself. Think of that as you viciously self flagellate during Matam at an ancient atrocity and how your willing to overlook and support the tyrant of your time today simple because of sectarian bias. How the alleged tyrant of that ancient time also had people in his ranks like you justifying his acts and denying his atrocities like you are....
  12. Hahaha This is exactly what I meant when I said many of the pro Assad shi'ite contingent cannot be reasoned with! How can any reasonable person debate someone of this mindset? "Its all conspiricies brooo. Watch da Arrivals on youuutube enet! The freemasons are behind it fam" Pathetic
  13. Ahhh you assume I support Saudi. Unlike your ilk who are simpletons and support evil genocidal tyrants simply because it benefits your sect, I am objective. I can totally condemn Saudis actions in Yemen and dont pretend its all a conspiracy and do taqqiyah.. sorry if that hit home..
  14. That is hilarious. The fact you felt I ran away and got destroyed truly makes me chuckle. I most probably gave up trying to reason with fools who shamelessly supporting a horrific tyrant because it benefitted shiite hegemony in the region. Then these same fools go berserk and emotional every year languisihing and self flagellating over an alleged tyrants actions in Kerbala. Although coming from your ilk who claim all the irrefutable evidence against Assad, Hezbollah and Iran in Syria is a conspiracy and a lie....it doesnt surprise me if i 'ran away'to escape the blinding hypocrisy and stu
  15. No point reasoning here. Their heads are in the sand and they will blame anyone but Assad and are deluded. In fact even if they knew Assad did it, they wil support him. It is blantantly obvious why this is and it sad that a vast section of this sect are terrorist sympathisers... **Bahrain protest quelled (c.90 or so dead) Shiachat:- unspeakable.. horrible crime!! Ya Fatima! **Syrian protests quelled with massacre (death count massive) Shiachat:- bro this is a plot by the zionists and the west. **Yemen foreigin intervention by Saudi and airstrikes Shiachat:- o
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