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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am glad this happened. Hopefully this will reduce Iran's meddling in Syria and supporting vicious genocidal tyrants shamelessly.
  2. https://theintercept.com/2018/04/19/dear-bashar-al-assad-apologists-your-hero-is-a-war-criminal-even-if-he-didnt-gas-syrians/ Very poignant and methodical deconstruction by a fellow shia who refreshingly doesnt blindly support Assad because hes shia but employs human reason and morality.
  3. If the inspectors deduce that it was chemical weapons would you believe it? Probably not and claim its a zionist plot or claim the rebels used it on themselves. If the inspectors claim it was the rebels or it never happened, will you believe it? Most definately Hence circular logic and arguing with your ilk is an exercise in futility...
  4. What makes you think people havent called out this supposed doctor and his claims? What makes this doctors claims have any merit? He has no corroborated evidence but because he says what you and other Assadists desperately want to hear, you will believe it. I came to realise long ago that arguing with an Assadist is an exercise in futility. Any evidence you bring, they will rubbish as a western or wahabi fabrication. They will never come to their senses and accept that they are rooting for a genocidal tyrant. Imagine if in Yemen there were 6 chemical weapons attacks over a long stretch of time. All of those attacks happened in a Houthi controlled zone. I and others keep claiming that Saudi is innocent and the Houthis have a secret stash unbenownst to the world that they only use on themselves as false flags. That although the means of deployment of this weapon and capability which Saudi has and Houthis dont, and the fact its hit Houthi territory, the likely explanation is that its the Houthis themselves doing it, not Saudi. This is akin to the absolute absurd proposition that people here have lmao. Maybe, if by some miracle the Ayatollah came out and said, yes Assad is a tyrant who has committed this, then I can see *some* Assadists here come to their senses. The fact remains, many here are completely unaccepting of this very blatent fact and will believe everything and anything but that which is obvious for all to see. it truly is amazing to see grown men and women be in such a pitiable state...
  5. Check out @Brian_Whit’s Tweet: **Countless evidences over 7 years from every kind of recognised or independent body exposing Assad's heinous crimes. Assadist: "Its all a plot by the NWO, the zionist jooos, wahabis and the west in general." **unnamed Doctor tells a known dodgy pundit Fisk that there was no Chemical attacks. Assadist: "Look bruvvv, case settled, I told youu enett." This is what delusion does to you...
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/16/syria-chemical-attack-inspectors-unable-to-access-douma-site If Assad is so innocent, why are inspectors denied access to assess the chem attack in Douma. Why does Russia veto an independent investigation? Do you expect the rest of the sane world to believe that the numerous instances of chemical weapons use in Syria are not done by Assad, who has a proven fact has chemical.weapons access and Russia, who has used it in the UK just last month? That rather, the rebels who have no known air capabilities and no known chemical weapons access actually do have this in secret but only use it in their own strongholds as false flag operations? Really? Either yall must be deluded or this is one of the poorest attempts of taqqiyah and obfuscation I have ever seen. You can put on your tinfoil hats all you want and scream about reptilian NWO freemason conspiracies but all this shows are desperate folk who are clamouring to find any justification to support a monster because of their pitiful sectarian mindset.
  7. Check out @damuskus_’s Tweet: Pfft this Sara is a reptilian NWO agent wahabi zionist trying to slander the name of the glorious Bashar...
  8. If you are more upset now than 7 years of heinous crimes by a tyrannical regime, you need to take a long hard look at yourself. What was the world meant to do when insurmountable evidences kept pouring down about the unspeakable crimes of the syrian regime and its allies? Assume it was all a plot by the NWO reptilians and all fake news by the jooz and zionists, and wahabizz? When independant bodies throughout the years confirmed the torture, starvation, village cleansing, airstrikes, gassings by Assad, what were they to do? When Russia vetoed an independant investigation into the Douma chemical attack, what was going to be the response? Only allow investigation by Russians, sayyid Khamenei, [edit] and Iranians? I am underwhelmed by the response of the west. They shouldnt just target chemical weapons sites. They need to obliterate the rabid dog that has committed untold horrors. You can put your fingers in your ear and scream conspiracy theories and watch The Arrivals all you want, but your vile stance is no longer fooling anyone.
  9. If you are more worried and concerned about an Assad airbase being bombed then civilians being gassed, bombed and slaughtered as demonstrated over the last 7 years, you need to have a long hard look at yourself. Think of that as you viciously self flagellate during Matam at an ancient atrocity and how your willing to overlook and support the tyrant of your time today simple because of sectarian bias. How the alleged tyrant of that ancient time also had people in his ranks like you justifying his acts and denying his atrocities like you are....
  10. Hahaha This is exactly what I meant when I said many of the pro Assad shi'ite contingent cannot be reasoned with! How can any reasonable person debate someone of this mindset? "Its all conspiricies brooo. Watch da Arrivals on youuutube enet! The freemasons are behind it fam" Pathetic
  11. Ahhh you assume I support Saudi. Unlike your ilk who are simpletons and support evil genocidal tyrants simply because it benefits your sect, I am objective. I can totally condemn Saudis actions in Yemen and dont pretend its all a conspiracy and do taqqiyah.. sorry if that hit home..
  12. That is hilarious. The fact you felt I ran away and got destroyed truly makes me chuckle. I most probably gave up trying to reason with fools who shamelessly supporting a horrific tyrant because it benefitted shiite hegemony in the region. Then these same fools go berserk and emotional every year languisihing and self flagellating over an alleged tyrants actions in Kerbala. Although coming from your ilk who claim all the irrefutable evidence against Assad, Hezbollah and Iran in Syria is a conspiracy and a lie....it doesnt surprise me if i 'ran away'to escape the blinding hypocrisy and stupidity..
  13. No point reasoning here. Their heads are in the sand and they will blame anyone but Assad and are deluded. In fact even if they knew Assad did it, they wil support him. It is blantantly obvious why this is and it sad that a vast section of this sect are terrorist sympathisers... **Bahrain protest quelled (c.90 or so dead) Shiachat:- unspeakable.. horrible crime!! Ya Fatima! **Syrian protests quelled with massacre (death count massive) Shiachat:- bro this is a plot by the zionists and the west. **Yemen foreigin intervention by Saudi and airstrikes Shiachat:- oh the inhumanity!!! These sick wahabis are dping airstrikes and intervening in foreign lands!! Ya Hussain!! **Russian airstrikes and Iranian intervention in Syria. Shiachat: roarr, the lions of Ali in Iran are saving us from the terrorist syrian rebels .Praise Russia!! **Baathist tyrant in Iraq, Saddam Hussein Shiachat: lanat on this dog!! Horrible man, ya Zainab **Baathist tyrant in Syria, Bashar Al Assad Shiachat: What a glorious lion! May the imams bless him... I can keep going on but this is the pathetic nature of the people you are dealing with.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/26/syria-assad-forces-carried-out-sarin-attack-says-french-intelligence Cue ; * Teh west... * Teh Wahabis * Teh Zionistss * Teh report is Lies * Why would glorious Assad do it? He was winning teh war.. * It was the takfiriz doing a false flag * Check Alex Jones, RT, Press TV, Al Masdar news bro [insert obscure source] Ad nauseum ...
  15. 'Bahrain is a shia majority country' - Well as you reference later, Syria is a sunni majority country. Yes the public was so supportive and totes happy that regime had to resort to shooting protestors in 2011 in cold blood sparking a civil war! But I imagine you have a conspiracy about the zionists/wahabis causing that... You want to talk about polls now? Saddam's approval rating was unprecedented but that didnt stop many shias absolutely deploring the man and cheering and gloating over his death... Hmm im sure you will make some distinction here as well... Yemen's somehow different because the leader fled and the government requested help from Saudi against houthi rebels. The president *fleeing made the government totally illegitimate and that is the reason why you are against Saudi & Yemen in regards to their rebels and why you a take a 180 when it comes to Syria. Totally believable there! What a rousing argument! -"Saudi asked him to bomb his own people to gain back power"- This is so blinkered and laughable because this describes Russia/Iran & Bashar in Syria, yet you are oblivious and in denial of this... "they can have whatever arguments they want to have, their opinion, and I'll have my arguments. The difference is.." Ahh so the difference is your tyrant is secular and doesnt blow up white people and others all over the world. Rather he obliterates his own civilians to desperately cling on to power. Meanwhile his opponents are are all seemingly savage daesh types who do indiscriminate attacks all over the world. Its their ideology hence we must take wildly different stances to these global events which mirror eachother..... Hmm The fact that your support has aligned perfectly with where the shias are to gain from is merely a coincidence. Its those evil sectarian wahabis and you are not sectarian at all! To cariacature all opposition to Assad as daesh & terrorists shows how basic your line of reasoning is. The reason why Syria has proven such an incubator for these extreme groups is due to the savagery and desperation caused by the Assad regime. Let me remind you daesh didnt come up a few years ago in a vacuum. They didnt storm through swathes of Iraq in a vacuum. They were handed that land because the sunnis disenfranchised and desperate from oppressive shia/alawite governments from Maliki/Bashar had no one to resort to. They didnt know the extent of these extreme groups. Similar to shias In early-mid 2000s supporting death squads in Iraq or Hezbies in Lebanon/Syria. Because your beloved groups and oppressive regimes dont maim people all over the world and concentrate their oppression where it is politically beneficial, it makes them worth supporting! everyone against your beloved group is a sectarian wild beast bombing everywhere which conversely justifies your sectarian views on these conflicts as they perfectly align your support with the shiites in these wars. How quaint! "says a lot about your ability to reason." Sure does...
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