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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A responsible government needs to be seen as respecting international law. Since the Iraqi government has not presented them as mercenaries (people who receive payment in order to carry out terrorism), they have certain rights. Furthermore, they usually provide more info alive rather than dead. It's that simple. .
  2. Islam has a full-fledged economic theory and is not confined to 'general principles' such as 'charity' or 'theft' With that said, Islam opposes Socialism, Capitalism and Communism for the simple fact that it is based on classical economic reasoning i.e. economic materialism. Islam does not presuppose material interests to be a prominent component of human action and development.
  3. Notice how he claims one of the greatest scholars in the Shi'i world is 'sugarcoating' with his ijtihad. What a black heart and waste of mind.
  4. Ridiculous. Music is not prohibited in and of itself. Rahimpour Azghadi states that among most scholars, there is no clear-cut fatwa stating that all music is haram. Iranian Basiji women are known to sing in public choirs. They sing for Al-Quds, anashid, etc. Back to the real subject please. .
  5. Music not allowed? What kind of strange policy is this? Let people decide for themselves if they click the play button or not. And learn how to spell before you impose your (unidentified) marja's views down everyone else's throat. Absurd censorship.
  6. Lyrics released by Al-Mayadeen can be found below: الحق سلاحي الحق سلاحي وأقاوم أنا فوق جراحي سأقاوم أنا لن أستسلم لن أرضخ وعليكِ بلادي لا أساوم بيتي هنا..أرضي هنا البحر السهل النهر لنا وكيف بوجه النار أساوم سأقاوم ******************** عدوّك يا وطني اندحر..عليك الكون ما قدِر قاوم شعبي جنون الريح..تحدّى الخوف والخطر يرحلون ونبقى..والأرض لنا ستبقى ها نحن اليوم أقوى..أقوى من كل الملاحم بيتي هنا أرضي هنا البحر السهل النهر لنا وكيف بوجه النار أسالم سأقاوم Like us: www.facebook.com/monitormideast http://www.youtube.com/user/MMEMonitorMideast Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/MonitorMideast Read us: http://www.monitormideast.com
  7. Nusayri and Alawi are not the same nor is Nusayri some negative term used to denote Alawism. This stupified and dumbed-down neo-Salafist and Wahhabi logic has found its way into the mainstream media. Alawis are Shi'a and Muslims but with views that are Enheraf. Nusayri are not Shi'a nor Muslims for most Twelver scholars.
  8. A country can be any configuration it wishes, as long as the Wali al-Amr has the power to limit decision making bodies. Any government that lacks this component is unislamic, obviously. With that said, the way a republic can be modified to integrate Islamic influences makes it appealing and favourable over monarchies.
  9. During the Prophet's (s) life, there were already differences in aqidah among the flocks of hundreds of thousands. To deny the diversity and dissent of those times and of today is to deny history. With that said, it should also be said that nothing along the lines of 'Sunni' or 'Ahlulsunnah' existed during those days, and that Shiism (Shi'a of Ali) is one of the most recognized and best-documented movements of early Islamic history.
  10. Sunni denotes the movement supporting Mauwiyah during the year of Jama'a (fully written: Ahlul Sunnah w'al Jama'a) which was a year when a civil war was unleashed by this man. Shi'ism denotes the movement supporting Ali during the Prophet's (s) life and later supporters of Hassan during the insurrection staged by Mauwiyah's supporters. In more recent decades, Sunni has come to mean 'one who follows the Sunnah'. This is problematic for a number of reasons, one of which is that narratives endorsing Muslims to follow the Sunnah instead of Ahlulbayt (Kitaballah wa Sunnati) are Ummayad revisions, and considered weak. .
  11. Shi'a Islam always had continuation. Here's some of the people absent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIiPTM_ITus
  12. Absurd. There is absolutely no historical evidence that any group, movement or current referred to as Sunni (or anything along those lines) existed during the life of the Prophet Mohammad. The entire idea of Sunnism as a homogeneous group is actually recent, and dates back to the Saudi reaction to Nasserism. The first proven record of any group known as the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jama'a emerging dates back to 41AH, about 30 years after the death of Mohammed. The Ahlul Sunnah was a political movement that sought to re-establish old feudal lords from the Ummayad family. The four schools have little in common with that era or that movement. .
  13. The first usage of the phrase Ahlul Sunnah W'al Jama'a was used to denote a group that emerged during the year of Jama'a. This militant faction was initially not concerned with the rule Abu Bakr, Uthman or Omar, since they had died. Instead, they sought the (re)installment of Mauwiyah I to power. Keeping in mind that the traditions emphasizing "Quran and Sunnah" are in fact weak, now dismissed as Ummayad revisions (see video), the phrase "Ahlul Sunnah" (people of traditionalism) in that period may very well signify a return to pre-Islamic aristocracy, which is exactly what ensued after the overthrow of Hassan bin Ali. .
  14. And how many of those 'organizations' have a reliable record of being outlets for regime change?
  15. I love how a VOA story, which is a state-run American propaganda channel is being used to make surreal claims about Iran's president. Any sensible person woulf immediately detect that: 1) Rouhani does not have 400.000 2) Rouhani has no authority to just give away 400.000
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